ELEKS DevTalks #4: Amazon Web Services Crash Course


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"Amazon Web Services Crash Course: Exploring Capabilities of the Cloud" presentation @ ELEKS DevTalks #4 (Oct 2012)

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  • AWS is unique in the industry for their scale, pace of innovation and rich cross-platform support.Elastic Beanstalk release: July 2011.
  • •SOAP is deprecated over time as the services evolve.• SDKs are available for multiple languages (Java, Ruby, .NET, PHP). AWS toolkit.•Eventual consistency lets you scale much better than having hard transactions that are the enemy of scalability.•Architecture design guidelines: design for failure, consider eventual consistency, use async communications and stateless services.Example architecture will be analyzed later.
  • Amazon Elastic MapReduce uses a hosted Hadoop framework running on the web-scale infrastructure of EC2 and Amazon S3.
  • DynamoDB: instead of specifying instance type, RAM amount and storage capacity we specify the desired number of “read/write units” (1 query x 1 Kb x 1 second) and DynamoDB manages everything behind the scenes.
  • Elastic Beanstalk platform support: Java (Tomcat), .NET (IIS), PHP, Python.
  • ELEKS DevTalks #4: Amazon Web Services Crash Course

    1. 1. DevTalks #4AWS Crash CourseExploring capabilities of the Cloud Yuriy Guts R&D Engineer yuriy.guts@eleks.com
    2. 2. DevTalks #4 What exactly is AWS? A set of public cloud computing servicesthat can be used by individuals or organizations. IaaS = Infrastructure-as-a-Service PaaS = Platform-as-a-Service SaaS = Software-as-a-Service
    3. 3. DevTalks #4 What can be solved with AWS• Hosting Web applications• Running legacy apps• Massive high-performance computing batch jobs• Digital asset management• Data sharing between organizations• Anywhere access to IT infrastructure• Handling variable usage patterns
    4. 4. DevTalks #4 Key Principles of AWS• Global Regions & Availability Zones• Accessible as Web services (HTTP REST, “Query”, SOAP)• Access credentials: Account ID, Access Key ID, Secret Key.• Pay-as-you-go: machine hours, IO, free tier.• High reliability & fault tolerance.• Eventual consistency.
    5. 5. DevTalks #4 AWS Service Categories Compute Storage & Content DeliveryNetworking Application ServicesMessaging DeploymentDatabase Management
    6. 6. DevTalks #4 ComputeElastic Compute Cloud (EC2)Provides scalable virtual private serversusing Xen.Elastic MapReduceAllows businesses, researchers, dataanalysts, and developers to easily andcheaply process vast amounts of data.
    7. 7. DevTalks #4 NetworkingRoute 53 Direct ConnectHighly available and scalable Makes it easy to establish aDNS web service. dedicated network connection from your premise to AWS.Elastic Load Balancer Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)Automatically distributes Creates a logically isolated set ofincoming application traffic across Amazon EC2 instances which canmultiple Amazon EC2 instances. be connected to an existing network using a VPN connection.
    8. 8. DevTalks #4 Storage & Content DeliveryElastic Block Storage (EBS) GlacierPersistent block-level storage A low-cost backup storagevolumes for EC2. solution, ideal for archiving.Simple Storage Service (S3) CloudFrontKey-based replicated two-level A content delivery network (CDN)storage for any amount of data. for distributing objects to edge locations near the requester.
    9. 9. DevTalks #4 DatabaseRelational DB Service (RDS) SimpleDBScalable DB server with MySQL, Highly available non-relationalOracle and MSSQL support. storage for small frequent queries.ElastiCache DynamoDBIn-memory caching for web Non-relational DB service thatapplications. provides predictable performance with seamless scalability.
    10. 10. DevTalks #4 MessagingSimple Queue Service (SQS) Simple Email Service (SES)Provides a hosted message queue Provides bulk and transactionalfor web applications. email sending.Simple Notification Service (SNS)Provides a hosted multiprotocol"push" messaging for web apps.
    11. 11. DevTalks #4 Application ServicesSimple Workflow (SWF) Flexible Payments ServiceWorkflow service for building Provides an interface forscalable, resilient applications. micropayments.CloudSearch Mechanical TurkProvides basic full text search and Manages small units of workindexing of textual content. distributed among many humans.
    12. 12. DevTalks #4 DeploymentCloudFormationAllows creating and updating AWSresources in a predictable fashion.Elastic BeanstalkProvides quick deployment andmanagement of applications in the cloud.
    13. 13. DevTalks #4ManagementCloudWatchProvides monitoring for AWS cloudresources and applications.Identity & Access Management (IAM)Securely controls access to AWS servicesand resources.
    14. 14. DevTalks #4Architecture
    15. 15. DevTalks #4
    16. 16. DevTalks #4 ELEKS Case Studies• CUDA Risk Simulator• FootballIdentity• Software Statistics Service (SSS)
    17. 17. DevTalks #4Software Statistics Service
    18. 18. DevTalks #4Example: Ad serving platform
    19. 19. DevTalks #4 References & Further Reading• http://aws.amazon.com/documentation/ [Documentation]• http://aws.amazon.com/architecture/ [Architecture Center]• http://aws.amazon.com/articles [Tips And Tricks]• http://aws.typepad.com/ [AWS Team Blog]• http://aws.amazon.com/developertools [Developer Tools]• http://aws.amazon.com/code [Sample Code & Libs]
    20. 20. DevTalks #4 ?? ? Q&Ayuriy.guts@eleks.com
    21. 21. DevTalks #4Thank you!