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Solar energy
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this is a presintation about solar energy and could help save the world!!

this is a presintation about solar energy and could help save the world!!

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  • 1. by Yum.Yum.Give.Me.Gum.Gum       Solar Energy
  • 2. What Is Solar Energy?
    • Solar energy is a reuseable energy and can be used to power veicles and houses and uses light and is more better than fosil fuels and dosent make carbon dioxide at all.
  • 3. A Low Solar Wave
    • A low solar wave comes when it is raining, very cloudy or at night time and you dont have much energy and is not good at all.
  • 4. A High Solar Wave
    • A high solar wave comes when there is not many clouds and the sun is right in the air and you get lots andlots of energy and is good enough to survive the day.
  • 5. Solar Panels
    • Solar panels are a huge rectangel that is used to power your veicles or your home and it ca be used to save energy and can power,planes,houses,cars,T.Vs,boats and computers. 
  • 6. PROS and CONS
    • Pros
    • renewable
    • no pollution
    • good power saved
    • Cons
    • cant be used 100%
    • only 50%
    • very heavy to cary a solar panel
    • very hot solar panel on a hot day
  • 7. Pros and Cons of Hong Kong
    • Pros for solar energy in Hong Kong is it can stop people from using fosil fuels and it never runs out.It also saves the world from drowning or overheating.It is also better then England because it is very hot in Hong Kong.It would be bad to use a solar panel in Austrailia in the midle of the year.It will be better at Australia at the last month of the year then Hong Kong.
  • 8. Volcabulary
    • Solar
    • Solar means light,heat and  the sun.
    • Renewable
    • a thing that can be used again  and again
    Now see if you can try to use solar energy as much as yo can and try to save the world from global warming and making more Co2 and it is up to you to save the world from overheating.   A mesage from Nathan Hancock