Universal Design - Course Materials
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Universal Design - Course Materials

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Universal Design for Learning - planning for course design - adapted from materials The ACCESS Project

Universal Design for Learning - planning for course design - adapted from materials The ACCESS Project

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  • Ethnicity & CultureNative languageNontraditionalGenderLearning StylesDisabilities


  • 1. UNIVERSALPrinciples of Universal Design for Learning
  • 2. Diverse studentsStudents come from different:• Cultures and languages• Mixture of ages and genders• Learning Styles• Disabilities
  • 3. Meeting needs “ Universal Design for Learning is a set of principles and techniques for creating inclusive classroom instruction ” and accessible course materials technologies.
  • 4. UDL at the document level• Search-ability• Select-ability for Copy and Paste• Bookmarks or an Interactive TOC• Text to Speech capability• Accessibility
  • 5. UDL at the document level• Consider the content • Media – is it captioned? If text, is it easy to read?• Develop a consistent structure • Use headings, lists, tables, emphasis, etc.• Presentation • Use styles to apply a consistent look and feel
  • 6. UDL - PDF creation• Microsoft 2007 -2010 • Create PDF files (print to or save as)• Benefits of Adobe Acrobat Pro Print to PDF
  • 7. UDL - Images• Label with alt text• Describe meaning
  • 8. UDL - MultimediaTranscripts • A written or text-based record of dictated or recorded speech. May contain additional relevant information, such as descriptions or comments.Captions • A transcript is timed to display with the video track, it displays on screen as a caption.Descriptive Audio • The narration of key visual elements in a video or multimedia product.
  • 9. UDL - VideosClosed Captioning• YouTube videos • Upload transcript in text format • Machine Automated captions • http://www.youtube.com• MAGpie • Works with most major video formats • http://ncam.wgbh.org/webaccess/magpie/
  • 10. Learn more• Colorado State University – Access• Universal Design for Learning• http://accessproject.colostate.edu/udl/