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    Week7 Week7 Presentation Transcript

    • McDonalds Business in China
    • AbstractChan Shen had the first shop in China ofMcDonalds and opened in 1990. ThereafterChinese McDonalds expanded it steadily byoffering remarkable quality, service and valueto the customer.When remove U.S.A.,China has a shop of 960McDonalds; most ofthe market size is big.
    • McDonalds and Asia and ChinaAs for the sales of McDonalds in Chinaand Japan, / Pacific of Asia, Middle Eastand African (APMEA) contributed to 16% oftotal profit of the company. It entered China at the first restaurant inMcDonalds, Shenzhen in 1990. Thereafter Ihave begun to spread steadily in a country
    • conjugationChineseIn China, McDonalds became thesymbol of the modern lifestyle. Althoughthe United States stayed in a menu,service and management, the companyput them together in Chinese taste andculture and brought the change of theproduct and ingredients.
    • McDonalds RivalIt was YUM, and, in China, thebiggest rival of McDonalds runsburan Corporation Kentucky FriedChicken (KFC), Pizza Hut, arestaurant of Taco Bell (YumBrands). McDonalds had thecompetition with the local fast foodshop again.
    • QualityIn McDonalds, the standardizedoperation secures quality and theconsistency of the dish at allrestaurants of the whole land of China. Iannounced the version of "dollar menuwhich it provided a sandwich and otheritems for low price in China, and wasknown as value menu".
    • It is a strategy the fieldThe Chinese customer was faithfulto Chinese food and felt that a fastfood chain adjusted it to ones tasteand did not provide various things ofmost. China liked traditional cultureof food and a color, a fragrance,taste and various complete drinks
    • ProblemThe main product of Yum Brandsused the chicken which spread moremore traditionally than beefbetween China. It may be allowed toaccess the place except the centerof major cities, and, in comparisonwith the competitor, it has adevelopment distribution system.
    • Future Chinese McDonaldsMcDonalds which I give priority to acompanys color, and unfolds.Kentucky that took in a menu toChinese national traits. There is theboth charm, but Kentucky seems to bereceived under the present conditionsby a Chinese. I want to pay attentionto a trend of future McDonalds.
    • Referencehttp://blog.explore.ne.jp/letschina/57020.htmlhttp://www.icmrindia.org/casestudies/catalogue/Business%20Strategy/BSTR305.htm