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Beyond Connecting On LinkedIn


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Ever wonder what you're supposed to do after connecting in LinkedIn? Happy reading.

Ever wonder what you're supposed to do after connecting in LinkedIn? Happy reading.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Beyond ConnectingYuhannes Watts – LinkedIn Sales
  • 2. At some point you will reach the coveted 500+connections mark in LinkedIn. Confetti willcome from the sky, an applause sign willappear on the wall and a roar of cheers willmagically fill the room!YOU DID IT – CONGRATULATIONS!!
  • 3. …A few minutes pass, the confetti stops falling andyou slowly start to realize that all you’ve done isCOLLECT 500+ names in a database… You have fewREAL relationships, NEVER been referred, CAN’T findopportunities and gained NO new sales from LinkedInYour goal must go BEYOND CONNECTING…
  • 4. 3 Keys To Success With LinkedIn1. Engagement Are you creating opportunities to engage prospects?2. Information Finding key information that puts you in “the know”3. Target Market Finding them
  • 5. #1 Engagement - Following Up
  • 6. •Simple follow up message to all new connections•Personalize•Think about how many connections have actuallyfollowed up with you…•Stand out in a good way… become memorable•Develop a follow up strategy•Tip – Set up a separate email folder and filter fornew connection messages from LinkedInKey Points
  • 7. Proof
  • 8. #2 - Information
  • 9. •What you do isn’t as important•What your prospects and clients do is important•Instantly tap into information•Be in “the know”•Get into your “prospects world”•Tip – How well do you know your prospects?Key Points
  • 10. Proof
  • 11. Goal #3 – Target Market
  • 12. •Industry•Decision maker•Company•Key words•Geo target•Auto updating prospecting list•Tip – There are a few simples “tweaks” you can do to theadvanced search to make it 10x more powerful!Key Points
  • 13. Proof
  • 14. Final NotesHave a goal beyond connectingWork the relationshipLeverage your connectionsConnect the dotsDevelop simple strategiesBe consistentEntrepreneurial approachLearn to create opportunitiesIntegrate LinkedIn as a part of your Touch StrategyLinkedIn connection -> phone call -> face to faceFOLLOW UP AND ALWAYS KEEP IN TOUCH!
  • 15. Learn2Link has worked with:
  • 16. LinkedIn Strategy TrainingOne 2 One sessionsSmall Sales TeamLarge Sales TeamExecutive TeamVirtual Training via GoTo MeetingConsulting - Wingman ProgramPrice depends on how much I like you…
  • 17. Thank You+Live Long& ProsperBeyond Connecting