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Havas Media Brussels Newsletter January 2012


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Havas Media Brussels Newsletter January 2012

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Havas Media Brussels Newsletter January 2012

  1. 1. Newsletter Edition of January 2012 MEDIA SPEND January-November 2011Source: CIM MDB (Rate card price)  Split by medium : Page 1/7 31/01/2012
  2. 2. Newsletter Edition of January 2012 Top 20 : Split by economical group : Page 2/7 31/01/2012
  3. 3. Newsletter Edition of January 2012 TV 2011 status Performances evolutions between 2011 and 2010 on channels reference targets and dayparts : o Few healthy channels this year :  Vitaya which takes the benefit of the VMM back-up. The new programs are on lifestyle and wellness with cooking, beauty, health and fashion programs.  2Be continues to broadcast successful series (House, Terra Nova, Bones,…), entertainment programs (Expeditie Robinson, What als ?) and the Champions League.  AB3 thanks to the UEFA transmissions, blockbusters movies and retransmission of some key programs from France. o We can note a relative stability for :  VTM with successful programs like De nachte met de vlaamse televisiesterren, The Voice van vlaanderen or De Keuken van de meester, ...  La Une (with some top programs like The Voice, Largo Winch movie, The Mentalist, Comme Un Chef, …) and Be TV. o 2011 was not a good year for :  SBS channels (Vijf TV and VT4) which are still working on their programs (see below)  transition period.  RTL family :  RTL-Tvi which suffers of French channels competition (which were healthy in 2011)  Club RTL whose programming no longer met the expectations of its TV viewers  reaction of Club RTL in 2012 with a relifting of the offer (enlarge offer on kids, retargeting on male in the evening with sport programs and action movies).  Plug RTL which is declining from year to year due to some top programs disappearances on this station (Nouvelle Star, Pékin Express, …).  La Deux which loses ground in terms of audience share in 2011 versus 2010 … but 2010 was successful for La Deux thanks to sport broadcasts like the Football World Cup. Page 3/7 31/01/2012
  4. 4. Newsletter Edition of January 2012 Costs evolutions : Until 2009, channels gave each year to the UBA (Unie van Belgische Adverteerders / Union Belge des Annonceurs) their “promise”: a yearly fixed C/GRP on their reference target and day part. This C/GRP had to be achieved at the end of the year, taking into account seasonal variations (by month) of the C/GRP. So there was generally a catch-up at the end of the year to get as close as possible to their promise: channels increased (for good pupils during the year) or decreased (for bad pupils) their rates on the last month/weeks of the year. Since 2009 the system was over: no promise anymore, just estimation. o Comparison achieved CGRP 2011 by channel on their reference target and day part versus estimation :  North :  Globally 2011 was not a good year for all channels in the North of the country : they are all more expensive than the forecast  Only one comes out of the game : Vitaya whose programs perform well  South :  The same trend is observed in the South of the country (but on a lower scale) : all channels are more expensive than foreseen  AB3 is the only one in line with its forecast TV investments between 2011 and 2010 : o Small progression in both areas for the whole year 2011 compared to last year, slightly better in the North (+6%) than in the South (+2%). o In the North, all channels of VMM (+7%) know a good progression in 2011 (mostly Vitaya with +39%). Regarding SBS, if the figures of VT4 are positive (+15%), we notice an opposite trend for Vijf TV (-7%). The VRT closes the year 2011 in negative (-9%) mainly due to less auto-promotion advertising. o In the South area, RMB and IP are relatively stable in 2011 versus 2010 (both at +1%). Successful year for AB3 (+21%). Page 4/7 31/01/2012
  5. 5. Newsletter Edition of January 2012 New programs of VMM : “Back to Core Business”  Even if VMM’s channels are quite healthy (see above), the sales house VMMa aim to gain ground versus the competition of the VRT and SBS channels (see below) by focusing on young men with 2Be (with humour, series, films and foot), women on Vitaya (with thematical days like food, fashion, beauty, health, and more fixed programs in prime time to compete Vijf TV) and on large audiences with VTM (with 11 new programs). New programs of SBS : consolidation Following the acquisition of SBS by De Vijver (holding of production house Woestijnvis), Woestijnvis programmes will arrive on SBS channels during the 2nd semester 2012. Meanwhile, the sales house inserts 4 new Flemish programs for VT4 and 2 for Vijf TV. Launch of the 3rd public Flemish channel in May Following the new management contract concluded last summer by the Flemish government and the VRT , we announced you the birth of a third channel by splitting Ketnet (previously broadcasted until 20:000) and Canvas (previously broadcasted from 20:00) in 2 separate channels. We know now the date : the 1st May through a transition period until mid of May. Page 5/7 31/01/2012
  6. 6. Newsletter Edition of January 2012 PRINT Welcome After the disappearance of the female monthly end of year 2011, the title Glam’it stays alive through a special rubric of 4 pages each week in the Flair but also a biannual special edition : o Content : 100 pages on fashion and beauty o Target : women 18-34 years old o Periodicity : 2/year (6/3 and 4/9) o Circulation : 50.000 issues (the half sold during 8 weeks and the other half distributed under blister with Flair) Lifting From March 13rd, the financial daily newspapers De Tijd and L’Echo will adopt a Berliner format. Since January 24st, De Morgen has only 2 inserts : the 1st one “News shock” (dedicated to news, politics, economy, sports, …) and the 2nd one “M” (with around 14 pages on cultural information, versus 8 pages previously) each day and “” on Friday. New insert also for Le Soir, with “Style(s)” each Friday : luxury, fashion, beauty. Sabato becomes more glossy but the content stays the same. New sales house Following the end of the Print department of the RMB, media spaces of Le Ligueur will soon be sold by Publicarto (actual sales house of the Flemish family title De Bond  they plan national family commercial packages). Page 6/7 31/01/2012
  7. 7. Newsletter Edition of January 2012 ONLINE Advertising on Facebook’s walls  Mid of January, Facebook launched the possibility to insert advertising spaces on people’s walls (in the messages). They can’t be blocked but well limited to their own or friends’ brands/advertisers fan pages. +24% for Belgian e-commerce in 2011  According to the latest figures released by the online payments specialist Ogone (representing 85% of the market), 1.118 billion euros were spent online in 2011, which represents an increase of 23.8% compared to 2010. The average number of online paiements goes from 10,7 million in 2010 to 13,2 million in 2011 with an average amount by transaction of 85 euros (versus 84 euros previously). HAVAS MEDIA NEWS  Havas Media Belgium is glad to welcome 3 new colleagues : Vincent Zadikyan in the Insights Department, Farah Belhaj to reinforce the Digital Department and Aline Inglese our new receptionist.Havas Media BelgiumRue Maurice Charlentstraat 53 - 1160 AuderghemPhone: Fax:+32 (0)2 349 15 60 +32 (0)2 349 15 Page 7/7 31/01/