Curriculum organisation


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Curriculum organisation

  1. 1. Yudhie Indra G
  2. 2.  Immeasurable of it view constituting development of curriculum peep out the happening of kinds in curriculum organize. At least there are six organizational manner of curriculum, that is :
  3. 3.  1. Separate subject ( subject isolated); curriculum consist of a number of separated subject, which is taught by self without there is relation/link with other subject. Each passed to certain time and do not consider enthusiasm, requirement, and ability of educative participant, all items given is same
  4. 4.  2. subject have Correlation; correlation performed as effort to lessen weakness as effect of dissociation of subject. Procedure the gone through is to submit specifics which is each other to utilize to facilitate educative participant comprehend certain Iesson.
  5. 5.  3. Study area ( field broad); that is curriculum organization which in the form of gathering some subject which of a kind and also have is same marking and correlation functioned in one instruction area. One of the subject can be made “ subject core”, and other subject is correlation with core.
  6. 6.  4. Program which is child centre on (centered child), that is curriculum program which is emphasize at activities of educative participant, non at subject.
  7. 7.  5. Core of Problem ( program core), that is an program which in the form of units of is problem of, where problems taken away from by a certain subject, and given other subject to pass/through activities learn in the effort solving problem him. Subject of Iesson becoming its analysis knife is given integrated.
  8. 8.  6. Eclectic Program, that is a[n program which searching balance among/between curriculum organization which centrally at educative participant and subject.
  9. 9.  With Reference To Curriculum Mount Set of Education, seems more tend to use organization having the character of eclectic, what divided into five subject group, that is : ( 1) religion subject group and august behavior; ( 2) civic subject group and personality; ( 3) science subject group and technology; ( 4) esthetics subject group; and ( 5) corporeal subject group, health and athletics
  10. 10.  theSubject groups is hereinafter formulated again into a number of certain subject, which adapted for by school type and ladder. Despitefully, to fulfill provided by local requirement of local payload subject and also for the sake of channeling of provided by educative to be participant enthusiasm and talent of activity of development of self.