6th group ( punctuation )


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6th group ( punctuation )

  1. 1.  Fajriatul muadibah Linda fitriani Nurul indah wahyuningsih Rahmat kamiludin Imas yulianti
  2. 2. Kind of punctuation. is a period or full stop., is a comma.? is a question mark or query.! is an exclamation mark. is an apostrophe." is a quotation mark.: is a colon.; is a semicolon.... is an ellipsis.
  3. 3. There are 3function of period
  4. 4. A period is used to end sentence. It shows when an idea is finished. a example I’m a student. Budi plays football.
  5. 5. A period can show numbers that are smaller than one. With money, For example: "Elizabeth bought a soda for $1.25." means that Elizabeth paid one dollar and twenty-five cents for her drink.
  6. 6. A period is used to show that a word has been made shorter. is called an abbreviation. For example: The words doctor, mister, and mistress are often made shorter when used with a name. "Dr. Smith" and "Mr. Banerjee" and "Mrs. Yang"
  7. 7. Comma ,
  8. 8. commaA comma looks like this: ,A comma has many uses. Some of these are shown below:
  9. 9. 1.To indicate pause insentence"Hallie, did youremember to feedthe cat?"
  10. 10. 2.To separate part ofsentence "Mimi, hungry as she was, was shy to come forward and have a slice of cake."
  11. 11. 3.To separate twosentence withcounjunction  example  "Most birds have separate toes, but ducks feet are webbed."
  12. 12. 4.To list thing  example  : "cows, horses, pigs, and sheep".
  13. 13.  A question mark?
  14. 14. ?Question marks areused when writing aquestion, to make aninquiry, or to asksomething.
  15. 15. example"Hallie, have you done your homework "? ?"Elizabeth said How are you to Hallie.""Why is the sky blue?"
  16. 16. Exlamation mark !
  17. 17. An exclamation mark looks likethis: ! roan exclamation mark is used write about a strong emotion, or to write the words a person shouted. It can be used to make a statement stnger or more forceful
  18. 18. For the example "What a bad cat Mimi has!" "Hallie, come here!" "You did a good job!" An exclamation mark can be used with a question mark, to make a question more forceful. For example: “ What did you do that for?! she said angrily."
  19. 19. Apostrophe ‘
  20. 20. An apostrophe looks like this:An apostrophe has two main uses. ownership contraction
  21. 21. Ownership An apostrophe can be used to show that something belongs to something else. If there is only one thing, the letter s is used after an apostrophe . For example: "It was the boys dog.“ Sometimes the letter s is not used after an apostrophe to show ownership. if there is more than one thing and the word already ends with s. For example: "Father put away the girls clothes" means that Father had to tidy up for several girls. "Father put away the girls clothes" means that Father tidied up for only one girl.
  22. 22. contraction An apostrophe can be used to put two small words together. For example: Cannot can be made into the word cant. It is can be made into the word its, for example, "Its a nice day today."
  23. 23. Quotation marks
  24. 24. Quotation marksQuotation marks (also called quote marks or quotes for short) are used around the words that people have said, or direct speech.
  25. 25. They are used in pairs. For example: "Hallie said, Mimi, please wash the dishes." "Today, said our teacher, is the first day of the rest of your lives." In these cases, quotation marks go after the commas and periods, not before.
  26. 26. direct speech, for example around Quotationmarks are also used in some other casesbesides the name of a song. In thesecases, the commas can come after the quotemarks. Example: "After recording "Beat It", Michael Jackson went on to record several more hits."
  27. 27. :colon
  28. 28. Colons can be used at the beginning of a list."This is a list of animals: birds, cats, insects, pigs, and sheep.". Colons can be used to replace a semicolon in between two parts of a sentence, but this is not common today.
  29. 29. Semicolon
  30. 30. A semicolon is used to connect two sentences, in one sentence, where a comma could also be used. For example: I could tell that it was getting late; it was growing darker by the second. I could tell that it was getting late because it was growing darker by the second.
  31. 31. Ellipsis …
  32. 32. It is used to show where words have been missed outwhen writing what a person said. It can also be used toshow that there is more to be said but the person stoppedat that point.  For example: ... one day all Americans will live peacefully throughout the world ... they will be at peace with all other world inhabitants ... So much more could be said ...
  33. 33. Thanks for your attention