4th material structure


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4th material structure

  1. 1. Yudhie Indra G S.Pd
  2. 2. STANDARD COMPETENCY This course aims at able to understand some englishstructure for their use and form correctly.
  3. 3. BASIC COMPETENCY Students understand the form and use of direct andindirect speech
  4. 4. INDICATOR  Students are able to understand the reporting verbs and direct speech Students are able to understand reporting verb and indirect speech Students are able to do the exercises correctly
  5. 5. LEARNING ACTIVITY  Students study from grammar chart and its examples Students listen to the teacher’s explanation about direct and indirect speech Students learn from the grammar notes Students rewrite the statements as indirect speech
  6. 6. REPORTED SPEECH Reported speech divided into two groups:1. Direct Speech2. Indirect Speech
  7. 7. DIRECT SPEECH Direct speech is a direct sentence from the speakerwithout a changing.Usually direct speech using cite. The sentence beginwith capital letter.Example : She said, “ Don’t leave me”. “Don’t leave me”, She said.
  8. 8. INDIRECT SPEECH Indirect speech is a sentence that not directly whichreport speech tell again what talked by the firstspeaker.Example:David said,” I write the letter”. (Direct)→David said that he wrote the letter. (Indirect).
  9. 9. VERBS FORM 1. Verb 1 → Verb 22. Verb 2 → Had + Verb 33. Is/ am → Was4. Are → Were5. Was/were → Had been6. Will → Would7. Can → Could8. Have → Had
  10. 10. PRONOUNS FORM 1. I → She / He2. My → His / Her3. Me → Him / Her4. We → They5. Our → Their6. Us → Them
  11. 11. TIME FORMS 1. Now → Then2. Yesterday → The day before3. Tomorrow → The following day4. Today → That day5. Tonight → That night6. Last week → The week before7. Two weeks ago → Two weeks before8. Next week → The following week.
  12. 12. EXAMPLESNO DIRECT SPEECH INDIRECT SPEECH1 She said,”I write She said that she the letter”. wrote the letter.2 She said,” I spoke She said that she had english”. spoken english.3 He said,” I am He said that he was going to Bali”. going to Bali. He said,” I will He said that he would4 clean the bag” clean the bag. They said, “We They said that they5 have finished”. had finished.
  13. 13. EXERCISE A. Change these direct speech into indirect speech!1. My Father said” I will go to bogor next week”.2. The postman said” The Manager was meeting the customer”3. Mr. Gugun said” My beloved wife is sick”.
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