Social Media Marketing Final Presentation


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Social Media Marketing Final Presentation

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Final Presentation By: Mingyang Yu
  2. 2. Part One: Blogger• I ended up with 9 posts.• There are 9 comments and 590 page views in total by 12/2/2012.• I got more comments at the day when Dr. Guignard asked us to comment with each other.• I got the most page views in the article “Why are Social Networks important in the marketing mix?” because there is a picture about the social media network which may attract many people to view it.• I think I will keep up the blog although it is difficult to insist because it is really enjoyable and proud when you find so many people view your articles and it is really a good memory.
  3. 3. Part 1.5: Vlog• I don’t think it is easy to do a vlog because it took me about 2 hours.• There are 6 views now which is a small number because I didn’t post the vlog address on time.• What I want to improve is the fluency of my speech and add something more interesting so that it doesn’t seem so boring. If possible, I will ask somebody to help me record my video because I had to remind me to look at the camera and not to make it shake which distracted me a lot.
  4. 4. Part Two: Facebook• Facebook is a popular and a big marketing platform with a large number audiences from all over the world. From the first day of my class I changed most of my mind. Initially I think it is just an entertainment to make friends and see what happened to my friends recently, now I find that we can category people with the same habits and then do the marketing targets easily.• I may use it as a main marketing tool because it is global and with a lot of population, more importantly, it doesn’t cost so much as the traditional advertising.• I have 38 facebook friends which is far less than my friends in RenRen, and I follow P&G because I think it is a big company which used to spend a lot on traditional advertisements and I want to know how they use the social media tool today.
  5. 5. Part Three: Twitter• Twitter is really a useful tool to express the emotion and mood in a few words, and it is also a great tool for marketing because there are so many celebrities so that we can take advantage of their fames to do the promotion.• I will continue using Twitter in the future because there is more information than other social media.• I follow Starbucks, Mercedes-Benz and Lady Gaga because I want to know how Starbucks this kind of “close to everyday life” companies advertise, and I want to know how Benz this kind of high-end products companies using a new advertising media tool, and I also want to know how a celebrity can advertise herself/himself.• I think the advantage of Twitter is that there are many famous people and brands which can attract a lot of people to follow them and this is easy for us marketers to segment the market directly because we can easily find people with the same interests.• The disadvantage of Twitter is that there are only 140 letters that I can write when sometimes I express ambiguously.
  6. 6. Part Four: LinkedIn• I never used LinkedIn before classes. Now I think LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations and it is also a good website for us students hunting for jobs.• I can connect with people in the same area and make my personal profile attractive to leverage and build my personal brand.• I only follow P&G because I really want to be a member of that company in the future so that I need to know more about this company and get some experiences from people who were or are in the company. I will continue to follow P&G even the class is finished because I also want to give my advices to others in the future.
  7. 7. CONCLUSION• Other tools: RenRen, I think this is a very useful tool, to be honest, it is better than Facebook because there are more applications and fun functions.• The biggest take-aways are that I learned a lot of professional knowledge like ROI which I cannot know by myself and the perception that social network is not just a tool for making friends but also a good tool for marketing. It’s is very valuable for my future because I can use what I learned to help my company cut the cost by a new kind of fashion marketing methods.• I think I will use Twitter because it is so amazing and really a good marketing tool, but I will not use Youtube in the future because it is really hard for a small person to make oneself popular and it will cost a lot if you want your video to be attractive.
  8. 8. Thank you my teacher and classmates!