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  • 1. Y Service Clubs InternationalInternational Projects
  • 2. Roll Back Malaria (RBM) &The International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies(IFRC)RBM IFRC & YMI• The RBM Partnership is the • In 2008, Y’s Service Clubs global framework for International donated funds to coordinated action against the IFRC to support the work malaria. of the RBM Partnership ▫ 188,357 CHF• It forges consensus among key actors in malaria control, • Around 25,000 nets were harmonises action and purchased and distributed in mobilises resources to fight Sierra Leone. malaria in endemic countries.
  • 3. Alliance for Malaria Prevention• YMI was invited to become a partner in the Alliance for Malaria Prevention.• 2010-15 Campaign ▫ Committed to raising 500,000 CHF
  • 4. Stop TB• Youth Global Initiative• Launched in 2010• Currently supporting 14 kids in children’s home outside Nairobi, Kenya ▫ All kids suffering TB, many also HIV positive
  • 5. Time of Fast - Global Project Fund• Created in in 1973 • A TOF project should ▫ Total contributions - primarily: US$ 5,650,000 ▫ deal directly with people, supporting various YMCA ▫ improve the receivers and community projects quality of life, and emergencies around ▫ be of the self-help variety, the world. with ongoing results, ▫ have the endorsement of the YMCA of the country in which the project is located.
  • 6. • 1973-1985 ▫ 14 projects ▫ Average of US$ 47,000 per year.• 1985-1991 ▫ 28 “Underprivileged Children” projects. ▫ Average of US$ 88,000 per year.• 1991-1999 ▫ 89 “Community Development and Family Involvement” projects. ▫ Average of close to US$ 200,000 per year.
  • 7. • 1999-2002 ▫ 25 projects dealing with “Building People’s Futures” ▫ Average of close to US$ 150,000 per year.• 2002-2006 ▫ 29 projects dealing with “Building a Peaceful Future” ▫ Averaging close to US$ 228,000 per year.• 2005-2011 ▫ 62 projects, 22 of them being under the umbrella of the Unified Global Project (HIV/AIDS) ▫ Average of US$ 292,177 per year.
  • 8. Possible projects• Fundraising activities for YMI programmes ▫ RBM, Stop TB and TOF
  • 9. “Serve the City” - Geneva• Opportunities for collaboration ▫ Carrefour-rue  Looking for groups of volunteers who have musical, theatrical or entertainment skills, to put on a show at the Carrefour Rue headquarters in Geneva for kids and adults, throughout the year. ▫ Jardin de Montbrillant  Groups of volunteers are needed to help cook, prepare, and serve meals at the Jardin de Montbrillant by Gare Cornavin during the week (8-10 people).  Potentially an opportunity for this group to take responsibility on a weekend.
  • 10. “Serve the City” - Geneva• Opportunities for collaboration ▫ Salvation Army  Looking for volunteers to provide company and conversation to Geneva residents.  Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to make a difference in your city through the simple act of friendship – join someone for a walk, a drink or shopping. ▫ Clairbois  Looking for 1-2 volunteers with creative skills, who can – on a regular basis – organize activities for kids, such as painting, dance, pottery-making, etc…)
  • 11. Strengths of this group?• Established support ▫ Geneva YMCA ▫ Geneva Y Service Club ▫ Y Service Clubs International  Full-time administrative support  Website  Funds (through TOF)
  • 12. • Possibility in time of formalising the group under the banner of YMI ▫ Access to YMI programmes  Grants for travelling  International meetings• However, not the preferred option at this moment
  • 13. • Escalade lunch ▫ Geneva Y Service Club ▫ 15 December 2011