National Newsletter                                                                              January 2010 

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January 10 YV National Newsletter


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Youth Venture’s National Newsletter provides bi-monthly updates about Youth Venture Inc, funding and award opportunities and Youth Venture teams.

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January 10 YV National Newsletter

  1. 1. National Newsletter                                                                              January 2010  Youth Venture Updates Golden Opportunities Pepsi Refresh Project @15 Community Impact Challenge  Apply now for the @15 Community Impact Challenge. 15 finalists will be selected based on the Throughout 2010, millions of dollars potential for community impact and long term will be awarded in $5,000 (10/month), sustainability.  The finalists will be equipped with  $25,000 (10/month), $50,000 camcorders and provided coaching in grassroots (10/month) and $250,000 (2/month) marketing as they compete online for 5, $5,000 grants on a monthly basis. The grants and 5, $1,500 grants to change their competition is open to US residents communities! 13 and older. Deadline: January 15, 2010 Opens: January 13, 2010 Win-a-Trip 2010 Connecting Change Video Competition Youth Venture wants to know how the internet and broadband technology helps you in your efforts to change the world. Submit a video under two minutes University students 18 and older can that addresses the question above for a chance to compete to join New York Times win a trip to the 2010 YV Summit, a Blackberry and columnist Nicholas Kristof on a more! reporting trip to Africa and have their Deadline: January 22, 2010 stories posted on NYT's blog and videos featured on The Times.   Deadline: January 18, 2010 Bank of America Student Leaders YV Video Featured on YV's latest video is currently featured on the homepage of The video was filmed Bank of America helps high school by GOOD Magazine and features Alex Lek and his juniors and seniors turn a passion for Venture Team Blockrockers Crew from Seattle, improving their community into WA. They are break-dancing to raise money and action.  Students participate in an 8- awareness for Invisible Children in Uganda. week paid internship and attend a week-long Summit in DC. Deadline: February 17, 2010 YV Holiday Celebration Pachamama Youth Initiative On December 15, 2009 Youth Venture DC held a Holiday Celebration in the North Hall of Eastern Market. The event featured a silent auction and served as a great opportunity to spread awareness throughout the community about Youth Venture's activities in the DC area. View the slideshow from The ATD Youth Initiative is working to the event.   support young people in awakening their generation and humanity as a whole to the mission of bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, Partners and Sponsors spiritually fulfilling and socially just presence on Planet Earth. l Upcoming Awakening the                 Dreamer Symposiums l Upcoming Facilitator Trainings Complete List of Youth Venture's Partners  
  2. 2. This email was sent to: This email was sent by: Ashoka 1700 N Moore St., Suite 2000 (20th Floor), Arlington, VA, 22209, USA