YBI Global Forum, Monday: Welcome to the Global Forum


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  • " Bienvenidos al Foro Mundial YBI... por suerte para ustedes, este es todo el español que hablaré!
    Welcome everybody to the 2010 YBI Global Forum it is wonderful to see so many familiar faces and as well as to meet first time delegates.
    Ten years ago 20 or so delegates gathered together in London for a Youth Business Summit and created the YBI Network. A decade later we are kicking off our sixth biennial event, the YBI Global Forum.
    The theme of this Global Forum is Networking for Impact which perhaps also captures the aspirations of the first network meeting in London in 2000.
    Nobody can be unaware that the last two years has been a tough period for the world economy. Whilst a few countries have flourished most have experienced slowdowns or recession and many of you have reported difficult operating conditions for your entrepreneurs and your own organisations.
    Last month the ILO announced its latest youth unemployment data to coincide with the start of UN international youth year.
  • Here are the headline figures:
    Global youth unemployment has reached its highest level on record, and is expected to increase through 2010
    Of some 620 million economically active youth aged 15 to 24 years, 81 million were unemployed at the end of 2009 -- the highest number ever.
    The youth unemployment rate increased from 11.9 percent in 2007 to 13.0 percent in 2009 and is expected to increase further this year
    According to the ILO projections, the global youth unemployment rate is expected to continue its increase through 2010, to 13.1 per cent, followed by a moderate decline to 12.7 per cent in 2011.
    Truth is the need to help young people to create busineeses, to create jobs is greater now than it has ever been.
    The good news is that the world that the profile, promotion and facilitation of entrepreneurship opportunity has significantly increased. [G20]. I also believe that our common methodology has been increasingly recognised as an important approach.
    The bad news of course is that generally resources to support our efforts have become more scarce in both the public and private sectors and from both institutions and individuals.
    Therefore responsibilities and opportunities for each of us are greater than two years ago. We all have to strive to maximise our impact and influence and we have little choice but to work smarter
  • The traditional indicators only show the tip of the iceberg concerning young people’s performance in labour markets.
    The most disturbing trends perhaps relate to the conditions of work for young people,
    The different structure of employment in developing economies, particularly the lowest-income economies, points to the fact that the unemployment rate is not the best indicator for measuring the impact of the crisis on young people. Other ‘decent work’ indicators are required.
    Young people are more likely to be among the working poor than adults (young people account for 24% of the world’s working poor but 18% of total global employment).
    The challenge which we dedicate ourselves to is not simply getting young people into work. It is of course about creating opportunities for young people to become economically independent and productive over the long-term.
  • The opportunities for all members are increased because of this great network which was established ten years ago.
    Today we are collectively a network of 36 members with common goals and approach who have a total 273years of institutional experience and the achievement of having helped over 100,000 young entrepreneurs start or grow their businesses and having impacted through training, job creation hundreds of thousands more.
    The logic for our network is simple, we are better placed to meet our responsibilities and seize our opportunities together than we are on our own.
    With the challenge greater but also with our collective ability to meet it getting stronger ‘Networking for Impact’ is a very timely theme for this Global Forum.
    Before we take a look at the agenda I would like to publically thank everyone who contributed to developing the agenda in particular members of the YBP working group: Eleonora, Marcelo,marcia, maria, rick, Mamta, Rael, Murico, Martin ,Boris, Geoff, margaret, Harin , Azmi and Jorge
    So what are we going to be doing this week?
    Firstly let’s talk about the working sessions. Each day this week has a focus,
  • Today is about Realising Network Potential.
    We will start by hearing about how some successful other global networks operate, then consider ways in which we can and are strengthening the YBI Network.
    This afternoon we focus on how we can more effectively share our knowledge and demonstrate progress on arguably the best example of cost sharing potential, the Operations Management System.
  • Tomorrow will focus on Achieving Sustainability.
    Again we start with some external perspectives on the changing global environment with sessions to follow on resource-raising , programme strategy and pro-active communications.
  • On Wednesday the theme is delivering a quality programme and the format will be workshops with different session options covering mentoring, the YBP offering, developments in lending and building effective organisations. There is also a slot at the end of the day for regional or special interest group meetings.
  • On Thursday, a half day of internal sessions, is about the future. The primary focus will be on the network strategic plan and developments in network governance.
    Perhaps more so than in previous YBI conferences, there will be plenty of opportunity for all to contribute, space for discussion, informal conversation and brainstorming. We are very grateful that some of you have already kindly agreed to facilitate sessions and equally grateful to those who are going to, but just don’t know it yet!
    There will be the chance for programmes facing similar challenges to address them together and ample opportunities to give feedback. In short this is going to be about networking, networking, networking!
    This week, as those of you who attended yesterday’s treasure hunt already know, will also be lots of fun. There will be plenty of opportunity to experience Mexico City and Mexican culture and cuisine.
    On Thursday afternoon, after the Global Foruml sessions will have ended Jemac, our hosting programme this year will hold their Evolucion event. This annual event will address Jemac’s achievements to date and its growth strategy all our welcome to attend.
    The highlight of the Global Forum will of course be the Entrepreneur of the Year Dinner on Thursday night at the fabulous Bosque Real Country Club. The gala event will be attended by over 250 guests where the winner of the 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year Competition will be announced. Present at the event will be the four finalists, their mentors and also the winner of the first ever YBI Ambassador Award.
  • Now before we begin I would like to quickly make a few introductions to those new to this event by asking those I name to briefly stand and identify themselves.
    Firstly there are five new members of the YBI Network who have joined since 2008,
    Representing The Dominica Youth Business Trust, John Roach representing Conexao of Brazil, Luciana Lopez and Mario Viera, representing Entreprendre er Banlieue of France Adrien Champey, representing Emprendimientos Juveniles of Paraguay, Roberto Urbeita and Maria Alejandra Arrellaga. representing the Loden Entrepreneurship Programme of Bhutan, Tashi Dorji and finally representing Youth Business America of the USA, Henry Rogers and Dina Finta
    There are seven new programme CEOs or Managers present,
    1. Deanna Gomez-Peyrefitte – Belize Youth Business Trust
    2. Everton Joseph – Guyana Youth Business Trust
    3. David Muumbi – Kenya Youth Business Trust
    4. Adedamola Ajayi - Youth Business Initiative Nigeria
    5. Joanna Pasymowska – Youth Business Poland
    6.Harin Malwatte – Youth Business Sri Lanka
    7. Wilder Folco – Emprecrea (Uruguay)
    We are also delighted to have joining us Juan Carlos Thomas from Technoserve in Chile with whom we are closely working to start a youth business initiative in that country.
  • Welcome to you and welcome again to everyone.
    Our job at YBI is to do everything we can to make this week worth your time and effort, should you need anything or have any questions about any aspect of the Global Forum just ask any one of the YBI team
    We want you to get the most out of every minute at this Global Forum so I wonder if I could ask the person sitting next to you to observe some house rules during the Global Forum!
    If you need to make or take a phone call, please leave the room to do so.
    Smoking is not permitted in the hotel’s public areas, this room (the Terraza), breakout rooms, the admin room  or the lunch venue; and dinner venues are also non-smoking.
    Please wear your delegate badges throughout the week.
    Arrive promptly each morning.  We will call delegates who have not shown up
    All the workshops are being summarised by notetakers so no need to make extensive notes of your own.
    Aim to arrive 5 minutes before transport departs for any external venues – including tonight (Monday), Wednesday and Thursday.  Meet in foyer where you will be shown to transport by YBI staff.
    We will not be able to wait for latecomers.
    All the presentation materials from the Global Forum will be distributed to all members on Thursday morning and a daily report will be posted on the YBI blog where everyone also has the chance to make comments So without further ado lets get started!.
  • YBI Global Forum, Monday: Welcome to the Global Forum

    1. 1. ¡Bienvenidos al Foro Mundial! Welcome to the Global Forum!
    2. 2. Since the last Global Forum,  Highest level of global youth unemployment on record  Largest annual change in global youth unemployment history  Global youth unemployment rising twice as fast as adult rate Source: The International Labour Organisation Jorge Alberto Noveron JEMAC supported entrepreneur
    3. 3. Unemployment is just part of the challenge Over a quarter (28%) of young people in employment are working poor (152 million) Number of vulnerable youth rose by 3% in Latin America 2008 - 2009 Almost half (49%) of all young people are economically inactive (595 million) Source: ILO
    4. 4. Monday: Realising network potential Effective networks Strengthening our network Learning from one another Making the most of your data: OMS - 2010 and beyond Plenary Sessions (with break- outs)
    5. 5. Tuesday: Achieving sustainability The changing global environment Resource raising Strategic thinking Proactive communications: the power of social media Plenary and choice of sessions
    6. 6. Wednesday: Delivering a quality programme Mentoring: beyond the basics OR expanding your services to entrepreneurs Effective organisations: the role of the board OR lending: sound management and achieving scale Open slot for network meetings Fixed workshops options & time to meet
    7. 7. Thursday: Evolving and celebrating Outcomes of previous day’s workshops Taking our Network Forward Global Entrepreneurship Week - seizing the opportunity! Evolución 2010 (hosted by JEMAC) Entrepreneur of the Year dinner Plenary, JEMAC event, celebration!
    8. 8. New faces! The Loden Entrepreneurship Programme