TUESDAY. Strategic Thinking: Taking Forward the G20 Experience (Option B)


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Andrew Fiddaman, Managing Director YBI.
Vivian Prokop, CEO, Canadian Youth Business Foundation.
David Stewart-Patterson, Chairman, Canadian Youth Business Foundation.

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TUESDAY. Strategic Thinking: Taking Forward the G20 Experience (Option B)

  1. 1. cybf.ca 1 CYBF and the G20 YES
  2. 2. cybf.ca 2 G20 YES: Purpose • The G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit was created to provide a forum for leading youth entrepreneurship organizations in the 20 nations to help drive policy within their respective governments Theme: ‘Entrepreneurship=Jobs=Recovery’
  3. 3. cybf.ca 3 G20 YES: Why CYBF? • Canadian Summits - first time the G8/G20 leader Summits were held back to back. • Inaugural G20 Business Summit planned to be held on Canadian soil – An extraordinary opportunity for CYBF and its partners to direct policy at the government-level and to influence business leaders
  4. 4. cybf.ca 4 G20 YES: Overview • Official G20-sanctioned events included: – G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit (G20 leading YE organizations and delegates) – G20 Business Summit (G20 top CEOs) – G20 Leaders’ Summit (world leaders) • G20 YES represented an excellent place to begin a positive global discussion about the contribution of young entrepreneurs to our economies and societies
  5. 5. cybf.ca 5 G20 YES: Goals • Create the first youth entrepreneurship communiqué – Capturing the mutual challenges and opportunities – Unlocking the potential of young entrepreneurs • Demonstrate to business and world leaders the impact of youth entrepreneurship in the G20 countries
  6. 6. cybf.ca 6 G20 YES: Goals • Encourage world leaders’ to develop a youth entrepreneurship strategy for their respective countries • Continue to build on the inaugural G20 YES and its momentum
  7. 7. cybf.ca 7 G20 YES: Process • Brought together 200+ delegates from leading organizations representing young entrepreneurs in the G20 nations • Utilized a collaborative “President” and “Sherpa” process that mirrored the actual G20 Leaders’ Summit
  8. 8. cybf.ca 8 G20 YES: Delegations Argentina: Endeavor Argentina Australia: Enterprise Network for Young Australians (ENYA) Brazil: Serviço Brasileiro de Apoio às Micro e Pequenas Empresas Canada: Canadian Youth Business Foundation EU: Europena Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs (YES for Europe) France: Les Journées de l’Entrepreneur Germany: Junior Chamber International Germany India: Confederation of Indian Industry – Young Indians Indonesia: Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association
  9. 9. cybf.ca 9 G20 YES: Delegations Italy: National Federation of Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria Japan: Junior Chamber International Japan Mexico: Comisión Nacional de Empresarios Jovenes de Coparmex Korea: Young Entrepreneurship Society of Korea (YES Korea) Russia: US Russia Center for Entrepreneurship Saudi Arabia: The Centennial Fund South Africa: Raizcorp Turkey: Young Businessmen Association of Turkey (TUGIAD) UK: Enterprise UK AND Institute of Directors USA: Entrepreneurs’ Organization AND The Kauffman Foundation
  10. 10. cybf.ca 10 G20 YES: Outcomes • Summit outlined a global agenda to support young entrepreneurs • Leading experts and young entrepreneurs from 18 of the G20 countries actively participated in the development of the communiqué
  11. 11. cybf.ca 11 G20 YES: Outcomes • The communiqué saw global agreement on the following key points: – Increased access to capital – Coordinated support given young entrepreneurs – Promotion of a culture of entrepreneurship – Create an enabling regulatory and tax environment – Education and training
  12. 12. cybf.ca 12 G20 YES: Outcomes • Following the G20 YES, Vivian Prokop addressed the delegates of the G20 Business Summit (B20) – Presentation was an unprecedented opportunity to champion entrepreneurship to the top business leaders influencing the global economy
  13. 13. cybf.ca 13 G20 YES: Outcomes • Formed the ‘G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance’ – Collaborative world movement that will provide a powerful voice for young business owners – The Alliance will be overseen by a steering committee (Italy, Canada, South Korea and France)
  14. 14. cybf.ca 14 G20 YES: Outcomes • CYBF invited to represent Canada at the APEC SME Summit 2010 in Yokohama, Japan • CYBF invited to speak at the E4 Conference on Entrepreneurship, Equity and Enabling Environments in Amman, Jordan
  15. 15. cybf.ca 15 G20 YES: Outcomes World history made on Canadian soil!
  16. 16. cybf.ca 16 G20 YES: Outcomes “I believe that the dynamism, innovation and energy of young entrepreneurs are essential to the global economic recovery.” “I am confident in the months and years ahead, your organization will continue to act as a champion for business-minded youth.” The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, P.C., M.P. Prime Minister of Canada
  17. 17. cybf.ca 17 G20 YES: Exposure • National advertising campaign reached millions of Canadians – 10 million+ impressions • Social media campaign reached 1.5 million via Twitter, Facebook and webcast
  18. 18. cybf.ca 18 G20 YES: Exposure • Media relations campaign reached 32 million+ with more than 20 domestic and international media covering the G20 YES • Google search for G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit - 245,000+ hits
  19. 19. cybf.ca 19 G20 YES: Moving forward • G20 YEA meeting planned to coincide with the next G20 Leaders’ Summit in the Republic of Korea - November 2010 • G20 YES to be held in France (hosted by Les Journées de l’Entrepreneur) - 2011 • G20 YES to be held in Mexico (hosted by Comisión Nacional de Empresarios Jovenes de Coparmex - 2012