YBI Global Forum, Thursday: Taking our network forward


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  • In this next session we want to focus on what comes next for our network
  • In this session we will,
    1 Describe the key themes our proposed strategic plan
    2 Consider the next steps for the plan
    3 Review the existing network representatives to the YBI Board arrangement
    4 Seek your feedback
  • At this Global Forum I hope that you have encountered in some form or another all the elements that go to make up the creation of network value.
    I am sure you would agree that our strategy for the next phase of our network’s development starts from where we are, not where we might like to be. Specifically the strategy must recognise,
    That the independent nature of all members is an unchanging fact – obvious but important when considering how our network can evolve.
    That increasing collective action by all of us will bring benefits to all of us.
    The YBI core team exists to serve all members to enable and facilitate all members but also on occasion to lead. Specifically the YBI team exists to enable and lead the network in realising the value that comes from being a network.
    That all members of the network benefit from a stranger network delivering greater network value but no member has a formal responsibility to deliver network growth.
  • Let us start by recapping where we were on Monday,
    On Monday we considered what success for our network might look like ,
    Firstly scale – to be a network whose global membership each year helps a large number (i.e.100,000 per year by 2020) of young people start sustainable businesses
    Secondly – profile . Success would mean that we would be recognised as the global voice of authority in helping young people start their own businesses
    Thirdly- we want to be at the heart of a global movement. A community of programmes, with entrepreneurs and mentors that can connect with each other to share ideas and opportunities
    Fourthly in order to achieve the first three we must partner with major organisations to secure the scale of funding, access to funding and other resources required for our network to deliver scale and sustain scale
  • Finally you will recall that I described how our network is entering into a new phase, phase 3.
    Phase 3 will be all about maximising our growth through achieving growth ever more value from being a network. an ever stronger network and it follows a
    Phase 3 follows a period of capacity building where the tools and processes necessary to enable and support a rapid growth of the network have either been developed or are in development
  • Phase 3 is therefore the next big step we will take together towards collectively achieving our vision of success.
    The plan of how we take this step is our 2011-2014 Strategic Plan and the plan has five new aims that we must tackle in order to achieve .
    These aims are closely linked to our the elements of our vision of success.
    To achieve significant scale we must maximise our network’s growth rate. Growth rates can measure different things in different contexts but two stand out, we must maximise the growth rate in the number of young entrepreneurs supported to start sustainable businesses and perhaps as important in my view we must maximise the growth rate in the number of jobs created as a result of those supported businesses.
    Secondly to achieve the vision of having a global voice in the field of youth entrepreneurship we must build a global brand for this network.
    Our third theme is that we must develop more of a common community in our network making the YBI movement a powerful contributor to the global entrepreneurship community.
    The fourth aim is that we must dramatically increase the resources of the network, our future sustainability as the a leading large network depends on it.
    Finally the fifth aim, which is linked to all the others is that we must get ever better at measuring the impact of what we do, the outputs that result from our work, the efficiency of how we operate. Our ability to do that in a field where date is scarce to non existent will underpin all the other aims we will pursue towards achieving our vision.
  • Our fist aim is to maximise the growth rate of the network.
    Now you will recall from earlier in this presentation my statement that all members of our network benefit from network growth, because being bigger is a key element of our vision of success and underpins all aspects of it.
    However none have the formal responsibility to deliver it, members only have a responsibility to deliver their own growth goals. So if members don’t have the responsibility then the YBI core team must
    To maximise network growth the YBI core team is therefore required to evaluate the most efficient way to achieve growth within the network and then to allocate a significant proportion of its resources to achieving that.
    Simply put some members, which may include new members, will receive more ‘growth support’ than others from the YBI team as the YBI team pursues a strategy of maximising the network growth rate.
    This is not an exact science and will also depend on YBI’s ability to make a meaningful impact. It is most likely that YBI will especially focus its efforts on established members that have the greatest growth potential. The major emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China (the so called BRIC countries) would likely be amongst the candidates.
    It is also important to remember that this aim represents a new activity, it doesn’t replace existing resourcing efforts by the YBI team and in particular is not to be confused with the aim of dramatically increasing network resources which is our fourth aim.
  • Building a network brand will be a major project. It will be a major project whose success will be dependent upon member involvement and ideas. A network brand team will be established , a global advertising agency will be appointed an the process of defining, developing and implementing a global brand strategy will be initiated.
  • Our third aim is to build a YBI global community.
    This approach in this aim will be a set of initiatives designed to strengthen our movement and drive its progress.
    The first initiative will be to create international networking forums for entrepreneurs, mentors and members.
    Secondly we will systemise and implement a system for making sure all members can easily access best practice from outside the network.
    Thirdly we will establish an international advisers programme to systematically deliver to those members with a previously identified need experienced volunteer professionals.
  • We will dramatically increase the scale of network resources through a collaborative approach to international fundraising.
    There are already some great examples of successful collaborative fundraising in the network, sadly they are few. Our aim is to greatly expand the list by building an increasingly large set of major donor relationships where several given members and the YBI core team all play important relationship building roles.
    There are new mechanisms for fundraising that present interesting opportunities for the network. There are the p2p lending platforms such as Kiva and MyC4 that have obvious applicability to our network. There is also the potential to develop funding pools of money for the network where donors grant, lend or guarantee capital which is then available for members on set terms.
    The YBI network must regard dramatically increasing network resources as a challenge where innovation and application of technology will play an important part. Increasing resources will be greatly assisted by having good data available on all aspects of performance measurement.
  • The final aim is to develop our performance measurement. This is hardly a new aspiration but it has never been given the priority that it will have under this strategic plan because effective performance measurement supports the four other aims.
    As a network we must move the measurement of what we do on from the current situation where a few members have implemented advanced performance measurement schemes but most have not. We must change the paradigm that has existed surrounding the importance of data and its priority for all of us
    Once we establish agreement about the purposes and importance of collecting data we must address key questions of what members do and what should be measured. We then need to agree appropriate definitions and metrics for impact and effectiveness and finally have a process for reliably collecting analysing and reporting data.
  • So where do the network strengthening projects fit in? You will remember that earlier this week we showed how the four projects lead us into stage 3 through being vital first steps in enabling us to achieve our aims.
    The networking brand project will lay the ground for us to begin to build a global network.
    The knowledge sharing project will be central to building a global community and the G20 project will help us begin to frame our approach to dramatically increasing network resources.
    Finally and importantly the project on developing a performance measurement approach will be the basis for achieving the aim of delivering performance management.
    Although all these projects are separate their effects are not. The results will be a vital first step towards our ability to achieve the five new aims. Of course when we move to phase 3 there will be a great deal more work.
    In all the network strengthening projects the YBI core team have worked together will the project teams – you will notice that there is no network strengthening project that leads into maximising growth. This is where the YBI core team will take the lead in identifying the areas and members where significant growth can be encouraged and developed.
  • Of course outlining a strategic direction is only the first step. The real question is ‘How do I know it’s going to happen?’. And this is where the rubber meets the road – all this can only happen with the engagement of all of you – the members. A vibrant and functioning network is central to the strategy and it can only be delivered by the members and the core team working together. The message here is quite simple – the more we all put in the more we all get out. This really is a case where one and one makes three.
  • So what is the role of the members? It is fourfold.
    First you will continue to participate in the completion of the design, we need your feedback, thoughts and suggestions to further improve what we have presented here.
    Second we believe that all accredited members should be involved in an approval process whereby the strategy is properly endorsed by those who will be key to putting it into practice. More on this later.
    Third and obviously vital is implementation. The plan is based on the idea that everyone contributes in some way.
    Fourth members should be part of the process of monitoring progress toward the strategic aims. This is not just a checking function but is a process that is about incorporating feedback as to what is working and what is not working and why. Some things will change along the way. It is a governance issue.
  • So why, in this context is network participation in YBI’s governance so important?
    Well since YBI is a network organisation the core team only exists to support and add value to network members therefore it is very important that network members are involved in determining what YBI does and will do.
    Firstly let us start by considering YBI’s own governance. An important part of the core team is the board of trustees.
    YBI’s board of trustees is no different from any other, it exists to oversee all aspects of strategy and of course to ensure that the institution operates to the highest possible standards.
    In addition like all our members YBI is now subject to accreditation itself. In order to be considered one of the Prince’s Charities, that is to have HRH The Prince of Wales as our President YBI will need to have a License, This license will be reviewed every three years, it is new and our first accreditation is going on as we speak . We hope we pass! And whatever the result is we will make available to all accredited members all information regarding the process that we are authorised to.
    It is also important to reflect the interests of the Accredited Members by providing Accredited Members with an avenue of feedback to the YBI Board distinct from the YBI executive – something that is currently done through the network representatives to the board.
    This is just one way in which the Accredited Members are involved in strategic decision making.
    It is also important that the board does not lose sight of the big picture so that it perform its role while keeping its own governance as simple and workable as possible.
  • So what is the members’ formal role in the approval and monitoring of the strategic plan?
    The first stage in taking the strategic plan forward will be its approval by the members. However we believe that it is important to establish that this is not the only issue or time where we will be looking for network approval. Naturally all future strategic plans should also be voted on as should all changes to network policies, procedures and standards.
    Now constructing a fair and practical approval process that includes all 37 members is not an easy thing to do. We want to create something that is both effective in representing member views but is also an efficient use of time and available resource.
    Finding a process that produces common agreement whilst allowing for debate and discussion – especially amongst 37 independent and challenging members – will obviously involve consultation. The first step in that consultation is to review the process that is currently in place.
  • So what process do we have in place now?
    As you know we have a system where the core team, based in London, reports to the board but works together with both the accredited and pilot members to achieve collective goals.
    As most of you here will remember last year we put in place a process where the members voted to elect two representatives of the network who would have direct access to the board through attendance – which could be in person but in practice was on the phone – at board meetings.
    Their role was to act a two way conduit – to represent member views directly to the board and also to feedback to the members on what they saw and felt.
  • Last January Sriyan De Silva Wijeyeratne and David Stewart-Patterson were elected by accredited members to become member representatives to the YBI Board.
    And frankly we were delighted with the accredited members choice!
    Since then Sriyan & David have been involved YBI’s board meetings, represented the views of accredited members and fed information back to accredited members of the network.
    We think that it is important to ask tough questions at this stage – has it proved a useful additional information dissemination and feedback channel for accredited members? We need to ask ourselves whether it should be continued and improved or review the process and look for a better system? Like all processes we should only continue with them if they can be seen to add value.
    We have always believed that this mechanism is an important step forward in strengthening the network, but that it was a first step. This is why last January we said that we would review how the arrangement is working at this Global Forum and make any agreed adjustments
  • So momentarily we are going to hear from each of the two representatives, Sriyan De Silva, David Stewart Patterson about their experiences. We have asked them to be as frank as possible and knowing them they will be! We will also hear from the chairman of YBI, Sir Malcolm Williamson, about his views on this process and YBI governance in general. Finally we want to throw the session open in order to hear from you in an open Q&A session.
  • YBI Global Forum, Thursday: Taking our network forward

    1. 1. Taking our network forward
    2. 2. The aims of this session are to 1 Describe the key themes of our proposed strategic plan 2 Outline the next steps 3 Review the arrangement of network representatives to the YBI Board 4 Seek your feedback Taking our network forward
    3. 3. The elements of network value • Learning quicker and more efficiently • Cost sharing • Building a common network brand identity • Value created by building a community • Members have separate governance structures • Collective action releases network value • The YBI core team exists to lead in realising network value • All members benefit from network growth but none have a formal responsibility to deliver it Recap: Reality and Network Value
    4. 4. Recap: Vision of success for our network 1 Significant size 2 Global voice of authority 3 Global and vibrant youth entrepreneurship community 4 Network sustainability To achieve one, we need to achieve all four!
    5. 5. Recap: Our network’s journey Phase 1: Pioneering, proving the concept Phase 2: Network capacity building and expansion Phase 3: Growth and sustainability by realising network value Achieving the vision of success! 2000 2005 2011
    6. 6. Phase 3: the next big step towards our vision of success - the 2011-2014 Strategic Plan 2011 2014 The plan presents five new aims that we need to achieve in order to reach our vision of success.
    7. 7. Aim: Maximise network growth rate Approach: In order to maximise network growth, the YBI core team will identify opportunities where it can intervene in order to support dramatically larger numbers of young entrepreneurs. This would primarily involve working with existing members but could also involve new members. Developing strategic aims Vision of success? This helps us address our vision of achieving significant size 1
    8. 8. Aim: Build a global network brand Approach: 1Define network brand role, values and identity 2Develop and implement global communications and brand strategy 3Build network brand team 4Engage global brand agency support Developing strategic aims Vision of success? This helps us address our vision of becoming a global voice of authority 2
    9. 9. Aim: Build a YBI global community Approach: 1Create networking forums – for members and their stakeholders 2Identify and share relevant best practice from outside network 3Establish international programme to deliver professional volunteer expertise to members Developing strategic aims 3 Vision of success? This helps us address our vision of building a global entrepreneurship community
    10. 10. Aim: Dramatically increase network resources Approach: 1 Develop multinational (public & private sector) donor relationships through greater network collaboration 2 Create mechanisms which enable donors to allocate funds according to their priorities 3Build our innovation and technological capabilities to support the above Developing strategic aims 4 Vision of success? This helps us address our vision of becoming a sustainable network
    11. 11. Aim: Develop performance measurement Approach: 1 Agree usage and dissemination of network data, including benchmarking capabilities 2Establish consensus on what a member does and what impacts we are trying to measure 3Agree meaningful measures (are existing KPIs enough/correct?) 4 Develop processes for integrating local level performance measurement with network level framework (OMS being an important facilitator) Developing strategic aims 5 This strategic aim supports the other four
    12. 12. Recap: strengthening projects lead us into phase 3 Build a global network brand Build a global YBI community Dramatically increase network resources Five interdependent aims to get us there Maximise network growth Deliverperformancemeasurement Networking branding (presenter, Rael Goodman) Knowledge sharing (presenter, Boris Tkachenko) G20 SME Challenge (presenter, Alvaro Bazan) Strengthening projects Developperformancemeasurement approach(presenter,MzwaNtlangeni)
    13. 13. How do I know it’s going to happen? • It’s not going to happen ... without engagement of all members • We can only deliver this strategy together • The more you get involved the more value we will create together
    14. 14. What will my role be? The role of members in the strategy will be to, 1 (Continue to) participate in completion of design 2 Approve (accredited members) 3 Engage in implementing 4 Monitor implementation
    15. 15. The approval and monitoring of the Strategic Plan The role of the Youth Business International board • Approve and oversee implementation of strategy • Maintain the highest possible operating standards • Maximise transparency for accredited members • Absorb accredited members feedback • Involve the accredited members in strategic decision making • Keep governance as workable as possible
    16. 16. The approval and monitoring of the Strategic Plan Approval The following will be voted on by accredited members for adoption by the network: 1 The 2011-2014 Strategic Plan 2 All future network strategic plans 3 All changes to network policies, procedures and standards We will undergo a consultative process in the coming months to determine the best voting system for the network First step: review what process is currently in place
    18. 18. • Great initial response when we launched the concept last December • How have Sriyan De Silva Wijeyeratne and David Stewart-Patterson found the experience? • Has it proved a useful additional information dissemination and feedback channel for accredited members? • Should it be continued and if so could it be improved or is there a better system? Feedback from Network Representatives to YBI board
    19. 19. Comments • Network Representatives to the board – Sriyan De Silva Wijeyeratne and David Stewart-Patterson • Chairman of the board, Sir Malcolm Williamson Questions & Answers Feedback
    20. 20. Taking our network forward