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  • 1. Bee Gee S the Bee Gees are stories in the music industry. They have made some great tunes over the yearsand won heaps of awards. There is a very distinctive sound. I can listen to there music for hours. Thishub has more about the Bee Gees and there music.Barry, Maurice, and Robin Gibb---together as siblings all their lives , and as the singing team nearlyso long. Their career began once the three gathered in a bed room in their home in manchester ,England, and began exercising the natural harmonies that today are among the hallmarks from theBee Gees sound. These people worked these out so well that their mom believed the womans sonsharmonizing was really a radio playing within the next room. Father Hugh Gibb, a bandleader in hispersonal right, and mother Barbara Gibb, an old professional singer , knew their sons had specialabilities. Maurice has stated that their dad envisioned them like a childrens edition of the millsBrothers, a united states family quartet extremely popular in England and also the US from the thirtiesthrough the sixties.The Mills siblings were recognized for their tight, beautiful harmonies. So it was then how theRattlesnakes (barry , age 9 , and robin and Maurice, age 6 ) began carrying out at the nearbyManchester, england , cinemas between films. Just a little later, these people began phoningthemselves "Wee ashton Hays and also the Blue Cats", though nobody seems to keep in mindexactly why! in 1958, Hugh and Barbara decided to look for "eco-friendly pastures" (and warmerclimates !). They moved the entire loved ones (now comprised of Hugh and Barbara, and older siblingLeslie, barry , Robin, Maurice, and infant brother Andy) to sydney , settling in the Brisbane area.Once resolved in queensland , the siblings began pursuing their singing and songwriting careers inearnest, every vowing to the other that success, together , was what they wanted. These peopleplayed at the local beach resorts, racetracks, and on nearby radio and TV, having caught the interestof nearby DJ bill Gates (absolutely no , not the Microsoft 1 ). In 03 , 1960, the Brothers were giventheir own half-hour weekly television show in queensland (remember, barry was still just 13, and alsothe twins had been 10!). It was at relating to this time, at the suggestion of Bill entrance (notice hisinitials), how the Brothers grew to become first the BGs (for Brothers Gibb), and soon after the BeeGees. In 1963, they signed their very first recording agreement with festival Records around australia.They released their very first Bee Gees-written single, "Three smooches of Love", and authoredsongs for other designers.Panama resorts