Vodafone Workshop Social Media Update


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short presentation about the latest SoMe developments, stats but also o view on how to integrate SoMe within Customer Lifecycles en customer experiences

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Vodafone Workshop Social Media Update

  1. 1. Social Media Update
  2. 2. Social media Revolution 2013
  3. 3. Stats NL - August
  4. 4. The onlineexperience wasaboutcontent @your_social
  5. 5. Web 2.0 is aboutpersonal connections @your_social
  6. 6. Social Media is about ContextAnd also about ENGAGINGcontent ;-) @your_social
  7. 7. 10
  8. 8. 11
  9. 9. Integrate socially relevant discussions at every phase of the customerlifecycle
  10. 10. Designing the customer experience and integrate social media tools toexpress the experience
  11. 11. Worst Practices
  12. 12. Social Media workshop Princess 16
  13. 13. Best Practices
  14. 14. Carlsberg: Video content drives Sales
  15. 15. Results Campaign• More than 11 million views on Youtube• More than 16 million views worldwide• More than 1.5 million shares on facebook• 400K mentions on Twitter• 900 blogs wrote about the campaign (free)• 150 news websites• Tv Shows, newspapers and magazines picked up the story- all with a positive brand attribution of 98%Sales in Q3 and Q4 2011 were up by 4,3 % in volumes!
  16. 16. Where did it all start?• Campaign Slogan: “ That calls for a Carlsberg.”• The slogan underpins a new creative strategy, essentially making a Carlsberg the reward for an act of courage.• “Starting from this strategy, the creative team came up with some viral ideas for experiments where people have to step up out of their comfort zone and show courage,”• Campaign Goals: – Drive Sales – Increase Brand Awareness• Target Audience
  17. 17. Social Media & Sales
  18. 18. Sharing through Social. Whats the result?Eventbrite has measured it!• What is Eventbrite: • Organise your own event online • From selling to managing registrations
  19. 19. Social Commerce by EventBrite
  20. 20. Two important metrics• Visits Per Share: the amount of additional traffic generated by each act of sharing.• Dollars Per Share: the average value of the additional tickets sold through this share.
  21. 21. Two important metrics• They used a custom suite of social analytics tools that they have developed entirely in-house.• Their reporting lets them track and analyze not only which sharing options their users leverage, but also where on their site each share action takes place.• These tools also tie back into their conversion funnels, so they are able to attribute ticket purchases to the specific social distribution channel that drove them.• So, for example, they can compare not just the value created by a Facebook “Like” vs. a tweet, but also the performance of shares initiated before or after a purchase.
  22. 22. Open Graph Sweepstake for retailer XYZ
  23. 23. Briefing• Company: XYZ Leading children’s retailer• GOAL: 10.000 participants• Target audience: parents• Channels: Paid Owned Earned• Sweepstake
  24. 24. Results• More than 14 million impressions• 27.241 unique entries• Each entrant participated an average of 3,9 times• Owned media drove 22% of the sweepstake entries• Earned media of the open graph stories and direct referals drove 69% of the sweepstake entries• Paid media Sponsored stories drove an aditional 9% of the entries (budget 5,500 USD)• For every person who entered the sweepstakes after seeing a promotional message from the brand, at least three more people participated based on earned media recommendations
  25. 25. Whats even more impactful is that the brandpromotions hit only the brands fans andcustomer list. The earned media stories andSponsored Stories hit an audience of nearly 4.8million friends on Facebook—13 times theaudience of brand promotions
  26. 26. Visa Brand ID & Brand Story “Visa offers cardholders peace of mind in knowing they can use their cards with convenience, security and ease, virtually anywhere in the world, at any time -- ultimately providing greater freedom to enjoy their travel experiences.”
  27. 27. Telekom: Million Voices
  28. 28. Telekom: Million Moments
  29. 29. Owned: Delen als een baas
  30. 30. presentatie titel
  31. 31. presentatie titel
  32. 32. Giff Gaff: Telco without a callcentre and with a community
  33. 33. The Giff Gaff StoryGiffgaff is a ‘sim card-only’ mobile virtual network operatorbased in the UK. They do things differently than large mobilenetworks—giffgaff is run by its members. Members get rewardedfor running parts of the business like answering questions in thecommunity, enlisting new members, or helping to promote thecompany. This means giffgaff keeps its costs low and passes thesavings back to its members.
  34. 34. Owned: Vodafone eForum
  35. 35.
  36. 36. Questions, feedback, discussion Social Media Workshop Interpolis 55