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Click Into the Future With a Degree in Digital Marketing
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Click Into the Future With a Degree in Digital Marketing


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Each year, brands are allocating more ad dollars to various forms of digital marketing. As the marketing field is evolving, it’s smart consider a digital marketing degree. Check out our post to see what your options are!

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  • 1. Click Into the Future With a Degree in Digital Marketing uture-with-a-degree-in-digital-marketing/ Back to list 12 Mar2014By Helen Mere in Digital Marketing Please consider sharing Out With the Old, In With the New Technological advances have f ueled many aspects of society throughout history. In the modern age, the invention of numerous tech devices has exponentially improved the lives of many people. Computers, smartphones, tablets, smart watches, and smart televisions are all just a f ew of the new types of devices that are innovating the way people communicate, stay inf ormed and entertain themselves. Since its inception, marketing has always been a way to: Inf orm consmers Create awareness Generate sales The strategy behind marketing is to always be where the consumer is. As more and more consumers are moving away from traditional mediums such as newspapers, magazines, radio and broadcast television, digital marketing as become an increasingly more lucrative business. Each year, brands are chipping away more ad dollars f rom traditional mediums and are
  • 2. allocating them to the more modern f orms of digital marketing. Digital marketing is coveted by many brands because it is a way to be more ef f icient in precisely reaching a target audience, which eliminates wasted spend. As the marketing f ield is evolving, it’s smart f or students looking to choose a career to consider a digital marketing degree. Do Some Thorough Research The reason an Internet marketing degree has increased in popularity is the outcome of a trickle ef f ect. As more consumers purchase “smart” devices, the possible reach also increases, which means more brands are investing in to digital marketing, with hopes to reach more consumers. As a result, there is a demand f or more people who specialize in this f ield, which means more people are choosing to specialize in digital marketing. While there are a number of colleges and universities across the globe that of f er bachelors and masters degrees in this f ield, it’s important to really do your research before sending in an acceptance letter. Luckily research in this day and age is not too dif f icult. A visit to an educational institution’s website will provide you will a good amount of inf ormation. Some key areas to look for include: reviewing the course curriculum, assessing the backgrounds of prof essors, and evaluating the types of internships and work-experience available. Top Schools Choosing the best school can be dif f icult. A good way to narrow down your decision is to f irst decide where you would like to attend. Some of the top digital marketing programs are in America, Canada and the United Kingdom. In America, the top-rated colleges and universities include: Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, University of Texas at Austin, New York University (Stern), University of Virginia, Georgetown University and Syracuse University.
  • 3. If you would pref er to study in Canada, the schools that are worth checking out include: University of Toronto, Seneca College, Humber College, North Island College, and Ontario College. If you don´t have the time to attend college or university, then you should check out the new digital marketing course of f ered by New York University. The Certif icate in Digital Marketing – Global ref lects the latest trends in online marketing and combines a wide range of industry- relevant practical skills. Study Hard, Get a Job A digital marketing education is becoming increasingly popular as the number of digital devices sold to consumers continues to increase. In America, there are now more digital devices than there are human beings in the nation, and that is expected to increase! As a result, the number of digital marketing programs has started to grow to keep up with this budding segment of the market. There are multiple digital marketing disciplines, including af f iliate, search, social media, e- mail, mobile, and display marketing, to name a f ew.
  • 4. While a digital marketing degree f rom any of the schools mentioned in this article will be benef icial, it is also important to make sure that you engage in as many internships as possible. The experience gained while on an internship will be invaluable and will also help set yourself apart, so when it is time f or an interview you will have something to talk about. With jobs in the digital marketing f ield continuing to grow even in this tough economy, you’ll be able to secure a job in no time as long as you maximize your college education! 15 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR WEBSITE´S CONVERSION RATE” DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE WHITEPAPER HERE ” Back to list