Pitch Fest - The Next Facebook


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How to ideate and innovate a social media/networking concept of your own? This presentation helps you to do that.

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  • do i need to talk about this
  • and otherwise it feels like that it is the end of the world.
  • An interesting short video on forms, sizes, and structures. you can watch the video here.
  • a cartoon on India’s attempt to get data from Swiss bank authorities on unaccounted deposits from India.
  • He shares a post of his friend that informs that the new Indian Express newspaper is hiring.
  • A story on bookstores
  • A poster on writing and writers
  • A review of a writer that appeared in Paris Review publication
  • but what motivates is the identity that we want to build. this is consciously known or unknown.
  • and this diary?
  • Pitch Fest - The Next Facebook

    1. 1. Pitch Fest: The Next Facebook (A presentation used at Younomy’s Management 2.0, a one-day workshop on management in social era)
    2. 2. Son, you know...there’s life beyond Facebook. Really, dad! Can you share the link?! Everyone is social. All the time
    3. 3. That moment when your crush accepts your friend request
    4. 4. image: pando.com
    5. 5. Why do you use Facebook?
    6. 6. Why do you use Facebook?
    7. 7. Why do you use Facebook?
    8. 8. Why do you use Facebook?
    9. 9. Why do you use Facebook?
    10. 10. Why do you use Facebook?
    11. 11. Why do you use Facebook?
    12. 12. Why do you use Facebook?
    13. 13. Why do you use Facebook?
    14. 14. Why do you use Facebook?
    15. 15. Why do you use Facebook?
    16. 16. Why do you use Facebook?
    17. 17. Why do you use Facebook?
    18. 18. Can you guess what my friend is doing for living? What type of personality is he? What his interests are? Why does he post what he posts?... Why do you use Facebook?
    19. 19. starts with “information” Social Platform Demystified
    20. 20. a dictionary definition of information: “facts provided or learned about something or someone” Social Platform Demystified
    21. 21. grows with “friends” Social Platform Demystified
    22. 22. a dictionary definition of friend: “people with whom one has a bond of mutual affection” Social Platform Demystified
    23. 23. ends with “identity” Social Platform Demystified
    24. 24. a dictionary definition of identity: “the fact of being who or what a person or thing is” Social Platform Demystified
    25. 25. Customer Identities
    26. 26. Personal Standing and/or Personal Branding Customer Identities
    27. 27. “Identity is a "sense of belonging to a community", and is a "resource, like capital," Pro Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate. Customer Identities
    28. 28. Inspiration behind technology
    29. 29. Closed and Static (old world order) Inspiration behind technology
    30. 30. Inspiration behind technology
    31. 31. Inspiration behind technology
    32. 32. Open and collaborative (new world order) Inspiration behind technology
    33. 33. Inspiration behind technology
    34. 34. Inspiration behind technology
    35. 35. Image: Slate.com Inspiration behind technology
    36. 36. Inspiration behind technology
    37. 37. Inspiration behind technology
    38. 38. Social platforms help you share information, let others add value, and you both come together. Inspiration behind technology
    39. 39. Pitch Fest Worksheet Session Inspiration behind technology
    40. 40. Pitch Fest: Worksheet Session
    41. 41. Pitch Fest: Worksheet Session
    42. 42. Pitch Fest: Worksheet Session
    43. 43. Pitch Fest: Worksheet Session
    44. 44. Pitch Fest: Worksheet Session
    45. 45. Pitch Fest: Worksheet Session
    46. 46. Pitch Fest: Worksheet Session
    47. 47. Pitch Fest: Worksheet Session
    48. 48. Pitch Fest: Worksheet Session
    49. 49. Pitch Fest: Worksheet Session
    50. 50. Pitch Fest: Worksheet Session
    51. 51. Pitch Fest: Worksheet Session
    52. 52. Pitch Fest: Worksheet Session
    53. 53. Pitch Fest: Worksheet Session
    54. 54. Worksheet Worksheet Session Inspiration behind technology
    55. 55. Pitch Fest Worksheet Session http://www.slideshare.net/Younomy/pitch-fest-the-next-facebook Inspiration behind technology
    56. 56. Thank you sankar@younomy.com