How to Conceive and Launch Social Co-creation Projects


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How do you identify social media projects that will guarantee maximum success rate

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  • We atYounomy recommend our customers to take a project approach to social co-creation
  • Campaigns, challenges, and community are three types of social co-creation projects
  • Co-creation and crowd sourcing are two different things. If one wants new ideas, crowd sourcing is the best, whereas if one wants new ways of creating an existing product, co-creation is the best.
  • Right from Linux, all of these popular cases of developer challenges are examples of co-creation projects. There is a non-configurable base to begin with, and the community builds on it, or configures pre-defined components.
  • One has to identify which problems can be converted into co-creation projects.
  • In the case of the textile industry, co-creation is proved to be successful only in classic products.
  • Project hotspots are the project areas that promise the greatest impact and highest success rates
  • How to Conceive and Launch Social Co-creation Projects

    1. 1. How to Designa Social Media ProjectBy G Sankaranarayanan 22-23 June, 2012 Chennai Consulting Services
    2. 2. Co-creation by Projects Projects are "unique endeavors" byTwo Essential definition, and not a core, ever goingCharacteristics of projects project Projects are “temporary endeavour” undertaken to create a unique product or service. Projects have a start date, end date, and a specific goal
    3. 3. Challenges: CrowdCampaigns Community sourcing/Co- creation
    4. 4. Campaigns
    5. 5. Hero MotoCorp’s Billion Voices
    6. 6. Challenges
    7. 7. Two Types of Challenges Crowd Co-creation Sourcing • New concepts • Configuration • No components • Non-configurable base
    8. 8. Two Types of Challenges Co-creation Crowd sourcing Example: Developer Challenge Example: Idea Contest Local-Motors, which provides chassis as BMW’s Urban Mobility idea contest, a non-configurable base, and asks its which gives only some specs, but the community to build components on it community comes up with new ideas
    9. 9. Challenges – Crowd Sourcing
    10. 10. Challenges – Crowd Sourcing
    11. 11. Challenges – Co-creation
    12. 12. Co-creation UnthinkableNot everything can be co-created
    13. 13. Co-creation UnthinkableNot everything can be co-created
    14. 14. Co-creation UnthinkableNot everything can be co-created
    15. 15. Co-creation CandidateIdentify projects that are suitable for • Critical mass forco-creation collaboration • IP risks • Business risks • Appeal for participants/collaborators
    16. 16. Co-creation in Textile Industry
    17. 17. T-Shirt, a classic product
    18. 18. Shirt, a classic product
    19. 19. Jeans, a classic product
    20. 20. Communities
    21. 21. Community – Generation Benz
    22. 22. Community – Hyundai AfterMarket
    23. 23. Identifying Project Hotspots Consulting Services
    24. 24. Project Hotspots
    25. 25. Internal Priority Case Example: Starbucks "100 percent recyclable cups by 2015“ Starbucks
    26. 26. External Priority "Paper cup is number one environmental liability of our customers" Jim Hanna, Director, Environmental Impact, Starbucks
    27. 27. Project Hotspot for Starbucks
    28. 28. Starbucks’ Betacup Challenge Facts and Figures Type: Idea contest Duration: April-June, 2010 Results: 430 ideas 5000 comments 1 crore impressions
    29. 29. WorksheetIdentifying Project Hot SpotsLink to File Contact Consulting Services