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  • Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) • MSM have intensive sexual life (high frequency of sexual intercourse, high numbers of sexual partners) and significant numbers of MSM selling sex in Vietnam • Many MSM have heterosexual partners • High rate of unsafe sex: inconsistent condom and lubricant use due to: low perception of risk o wrong knowledge (anal sex is safe), and condoms smell and/or insufficient amount of lubricant LGBT is also a target market
  • Young Marketers 2 - GATO

    1. 1. Break the limits….
    2. 2. OVERVIEW • OK is a condom brand of Thai Nippon Rubber Industry. • OK condoms were first introduced in Vietnam in 1993. It was the first brand penetrating the Vietnam condom market. • At the time, Ok condoms were substantially subsidized and made available nation -wide. As a result, OK then became a first brand people think of when asked “Name any condom brands”. • With the support of Government and NPOs in marketing, “OK”, the brand, is now an implication of “condoms” in the Vietnamese’ mind. • However, for the time being, OK is losing its dominant position in the market with the import of strong competitors as Durex, Trojan, Okamoto, Number One, etc.
    3. 3. MACRO-ENVIRONMENT Demographic Forces Political Forces Cultural Forces • Generation Y (born between 1977 and 1994) • They are very IT literate and have created a large and lucrative teen and young adult market. • => a potential market related to sex such as CONDOM • highly supported by the Government and organisations such as • “100% Condom Use Program” in 2011 by UNAIDs Vietnam • DKT Vietnam: social marketing for healthy sexual life and contraception ( • Center for Health market innovation ( • affected by Western culture • open-minded with sex before marriage especially for those who live in the urban areas. • 36% of people have their first sex at the age of 14 - 17 • 1/3 Vietnamese youth have misconceptions about proper use of condoms and consider their use an improper conduct. • young people think condoms are for prostitutes or unfaithful partners.
    4. 4. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Brand Price/item on average Imported from Pros Cons 33 000 VND U.S - Top 10 best brand condoms in the world - So thin that looks transparent - durable condom - Non-flavoured: No heavy rubbery smell - Thermal conductivity: Quick - Spermicide contained: Nonoxynol-9 - Special design - Church and Dwight Company - Size (58mm) is far bigger than Vietnam’s average size. Non-flavoured may be not favourable all users 15 000 VND Thailand Diverse category: plain/ribbed/dotted condoms, flavoured/non-flavoured, extra lubricant, extra thin Size variety: 49mm, 52mm, 55mm Durability: 3 times than OK - No spermicide 3 000 VND Thailand, Malaysia Category: plain condom with Fruit flavoured or non-flavoured Thick condom: 0.9mm (a normal condom thickness is 0.07mm) Rubber smell with non-flavoured condom One size: 52mm (Vietnam’s average size is 49mm) No spermicide Less choice for customers: 1 category, less additional features London Rubber Company Affordable price Partially subsidised: 6.9% Thai Nippon Rubber Industry 1 000VND Unidus Corporation Korea Substantially subsidised by the Government (57.7%) Extra lubricant pack added to every condom pack Size: 49mm One category: Plain latex condom Heavy rubbery smell
    6. 6. WEAKNESSES STRENGTHS -International brand and reputation -Global corporation with consistent foundation -Low price -Strong distribution channel in pharmacies in Vietnam -High brand awareness thanks to that OK is the first brand penetrating Vietnam’s condom industry -Duration and quality of OK condoms are lower than its competitors’ - Thick condom: 0.9mm (double that of competitors) -Weak distribution network and availability to young people - The brand does not do any marketing effort to maintain their position, they rather depends on the promotion from Government or NPOs through their programs SWOT OPPORTUNITIES -Customers are more aware of the brand -Supported by Government, NPOs to raise awareness about the importance of avoidance STIs in Vietnam -Increased Internet usage leading to wider approach to target market THREATS -Barriers when target market neglects to use condoms -Competitive environment with other rivals -Perception of the youth to have sex freely without the concern of using condoms for protection -Around one third of Vietnamese youth today have misconceptions about proper use of condoms and consider their use as an improper conduct
    7. 7. TARGET MARKET 18-24 Male, Female, LGBT Hanoi and HCMC Open-minded Non users, first-time users, potential users 66.25% of the youth having sex doesn’t use condoms  Target 66.25% of the youth population
    8. 8. CUSTOMER INSIGHT • Availability: The availability of condoms in non-traditional outlets such as hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, karaoke, massage parlors, truck stops, bus stations is still limited in VN. • Comfortability: Mostly the youth surveyed replied that the reason making them not to use condoms is the uncomfortability in having sex. • We demand for a kind of condom that ensures safety in having sex to avoid the transmission of sexual infection and also to ensure the priority of reaching more pleasant feeling as condom can be made “invisible” that doesn’t interrupt our partner. Source: Understanding Vietnam’s Condom Market: Key findings from an outlet survey (2012)
    9. 9. OBJECTIVES • IMC OBJECTIVES  45%-65% increase of demand  Raise brand awareness  Sales rise 15%  Reduce the number of STIs’ patients (including in LGBT) • MEDIA OBJECTIVES REACH: 80% of the target FREQUENCY: 4 times on average GRP: 80%*4 = 320 CONTINUITY: Pulsing strategy that spread the amount of ads unequally, focusing on Oct- Dec
    10. 10. BREAK THE LIMITS IN 4PS Product • • • • • • More sizes: 49mm, 52mm, 55mm More flavors: fruit, candy, chocolate, vanilla Spermicide added Rubber deorization: Thinner condom: 0.07mm Features:  Dots, ribs, twists : enhance sensitivity  Addition of anesthetic: prolong sexual performance Price 20 000 VND/box ( 3 packs/ box)  Enhance Comfortability of users Place Increase the availability by distribution in non-traditional outlets: • • • • • Promotion Hotels, guesthouses (mainly) Massage parlors Bus terminals Supermarkets: Coopmart, BigC, Maximark Convenient shops: Shop&Go, MediCare, K+, etc. “Break the limits” Campaign (1 Jun – 31 Dec 2014)
    11. 11. CREATIVE STRATEGY • CAMPAIGN STRATEGY • Our target market includes both male and female customers from the age of 18-24 living in urban areas and value open-minded characteristics. Their demand is to purchase a product that ensure safety in having sex and also not to interrupt their extreme feeling or make their partner unendurable OUR BIG IDEA: • “Break The Limits”. This campaign will promote OK condom as a brand that satisfies customers’ demand of providing fun, safe sex without any obstacles that prevents users from reaching pleasant feeling, thus encouraging target market to break their sex boundaries with OK. • Also LGBT community is encouraged to participate and use OK for reduction in STIs through “Break The Limits” campaign, which across the boundaries of prejudice from society.
    12. 12. ADVERTISING ONLINE MARKETING • ONLINE MARKETING VIDEO Click the link to watch the demo of initial idea for this viral video The online clip will be promoted for the new product in “Break The Limits” line of OK – TiMax condom in:
    13. 13. • ONLINE HOMEPAGE • SOCIAL NETWORK Information will be updated on social network as well as useful tips for safe sex. Also, visitors can have FAQ session online. • ONLINE NEWSPAPER Place the ads, news on online newspapers (,, giadinh,net,vn)
    14. 14. OUT-OF-HOME ADVERTISING • Printed Advertisement For product innovation of adding more flavor, we will create an ad with the slogan of “Even Ants Love It” to emphasize the new feature of OK condom not only attract their sex partner but also other creatures, to enhance the attractiveness in having sex and create a pleasant feeling for lovers. The ad will be designed with the condom putting on the table and surrounded by ants. The ad will also attach Ok’s logo, the slogan of “Even Ants Love It” and the theme “Break the Limit” and provide the new added flavors to inform the audience.
    15. 15. ELEVATOR ADVERTISING • In the front, a normal horizontal condom is designed and attached as printed ad on the doors • At the back of the elevator, a different condom with new features of ribs, knobs is attached, included the sentence of “New Look, New Experience” and the theme of the campaign “Break The Limits”  Cause effect as the elevator doors open new look for OK condom’s product line.
    16. 16. SALES PROMOTION POP DISPLAYS Create an outlet with the aim to let consumers experience new product features as well as to motivate them to use by designing an outlet with the shape of a huge giant condom in horizon and put under Bitexco Tower in HCMC and in Vincom Center in Hanoi. Inside the condom outlet, products and samples will be displayed and the target market can visit the outlets for more information. SAMPLING: Samples will be distributed by salespersons in 2 outlet locations in Vincom Center (Hanoi) and Bitexco Tower (HCMC). The distribution will be held in 1 week POP Display Permanent for sale at non-traditional outlets - Hotels - Guesthouses - Bus terminals - Massage parlor -clubs/pubs Vincom Center (HN) Temporary for sampling Bitexco Tower (HCMC) -Supermarkets Convenience shops Shopping centers: Bitexco Tower, Nowzone, Diamong plaza, Windsor Plaza
    17. 17. PUBLIC RELATIONS • Human Billboard for Buzz Creation • With a huge graphical billboard put in slope, human dancers are hang over with the strings holding them behind. Dancers will perform with the theme of breaking the limit of the desire to have fun and safe sex, protecting them from the infection of STI viruses and also stimulating their pleasant feeling. Dancers will also be dressed appropriately with the theme of “Break the Limits” in having safe sex with minimum obstacles with condoms. • Also this event is to encourage LGBT community to have safe sex by using OK condom, as STIs are still transmitted between gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender. • The human billboard will contain 4-5 dancers and will be displayed in Ben Thanh Market and it will be held one month before the main PR event
    18. 18. PR EVENT- BREAK THE LIMITS FAIR • Cause-related Marketing organized on 15 Nov, 2014 in HCMC as following the event of World Aids Day a. Games • OK will design booths of games with the shape of giant condoms, each booth will contain basic game such as golf, bowling, hit the STI’s heads with condoms…. b. Condom Café UNAIDS NPO • In the event, a café court is created for participants to join and find out more information of condom as well as sharing tips for having safe, fun sex among participants. • The cafe will have the decoration of a normal, original café shop with tables, flowers from outdoor to indoor. However, instead of just providing food, drinks, we will specify with a condom wardrobe at the bartender’s location, where visitors can come, have a drink and discussion for specific condom product. New product line “Break The Limits” will be displayed in the condom cafe, and useful tips for fun, safe sex will be shared by experts of OK as well as from participants . c. Final Challenge - BREAK THE LIMITS- WOMEN TAKE ALL. • There will be a significant challenge provided for female participants with the description that only 1 participant that can dress our latest condom product of “Break the Limits” line for the model of the penis in the fastest period of time will be the winner. To enhance the level of difficulties, Ok will create accident disturbance that cause annoy for participants and also to test their concentration on different situations. They will also have eyes folded. The person finishing the challenge in the shortest time will receive the finale prize of 50 mil VND.
    19. 19. EVALUATION AND CONTROL • Online Marketing Video: • Online Homepage: viewed by Access Number • Social Network: • Out-Of-Home Advertising, Sales Promotion and PR  Use of focus group (age:18-24) for evaluation, memory test for brand awareness A group of 4-5 people will be exposed by the ads and test their ability of understanding the message as well as their memory and exposure of the brand. • For the evaluation of achieving targeted sales  evaluate based on the forecasted sales
    20. 20. MEDIA PLAN Task Department Frequen Time frame (from 1 June to 31 Dec 2014) cy Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Budget (VND) Advertising Online Marketing Marketing Video PR Homepage Online advertising on Fan page, Social websites Printed Advertisement Marketing PR Marketing PR Daily ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ Daily ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ 380 million ◘ ◘ ◘ 40 million ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ 15 million Daily ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ 115 million 1 week ◘ 1 week ◘ Daily ◘ ◘ Marketing PR Daily Finance Elevator Advertising Marketing PR Finance Sales promotion POP Displays Sampling Marketing PR PR 1.3 billion 700 million Public relations Buzz Creation Marketing with Human PR Billboard Finance PR Event Marketing Break The Limits PR Fair Finance Total 5,000,000,000 2 days 1 day ◘ 800 million ◘ 1.65 billion