Young Marketers 2 - D2C


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Young Marketers 2 - D2C

  1. 1. Welcome to D2C’s presentation TRAN VAN CUONG PHAM KHANH LINH
  2. 2. Background • Ok condoms were first launched in Vietnam in 1994 under the pilot project by DKT International & Vietnam: – Promote family planning & HIV/AIDS prevention – Intensity distribution and advertising OK was the market leader in the past • However, the new entrants has successfully entered the market • OK lacked of marketing campaigns to enhance brand awareness OK was forgotten and perceived negatively towards its product quality • Fortunately, DKT Vietnam collaborates with Golden Choice in branding & Promoting the OK Brand in 2013
  3. 3. Situational Analysis • Social-culture force – Vietnamese culture considers “sex” or “having sex” is something dirty, especially sex before marriage. – People are shy and avoid talking about sex, to learn about sex from elders and others. However, recently, Vietnamese are more open-minded about this topic, particularly young people (Generation Y). – On the other hand, because of the old conception and culture, this generation is lack of knowledge about safe sex and they often find information about this topic on the internet. A research show that, Vietnam is one of the top 10 countries that search for “sex” keyword on the internet, specifically big cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. • Competitive force – OK used to be the market leader in the condom market but due to the lack of marketing effort, other brands took the market share and dominate this market. – Competitors (Durex, Sagami & Okamoto) offer higher quality product with different prices. – Moreover, due to the low barrier to entry, new entrants can easily enter the market. Especially, along with condoms, contraceptives pills are also widely used as an effective contraception method .
  4. 4. Positioning Map 6 5 4 Durex 3 Sagami Okamoto 2 OK 1 0 Price Durability Sensitivity Number of product lines • Ok products are perceived as the lowest quality product • Other competitors stay strong in the market • Durex is the market leader with highest brand awareness, affordable price, good product quality & offerings
  5. 5. SWOT Analysis • Strength – • – – – – The number of couples having sex before marriage at the age 18 – 24 is increasing. Young generation is more open-minded about having sex and buying/using condoms compare to the older generation. The target market is easily influenced by advertisement and new social trend. Vietnam is ranked 7th in Asia for number of Internet users. Social media such as Facebook & YouTube are very effective tools for viral marketing. More young people use smartphone. They can be reached through common applications that they usually use. Weaknesses – – – – Have enough resources & capabilities to renovate & promote new products Opportunities – • • Lack of efficient marketing campaigns Low brand image & low product availability Low sensitivity & limited product lines Inappropriate pricing strategy Threats – – – The main competitor has good marketing strategy and good advertising campaign. Competitors have better product availability. Customers may switch to other contraception methods such as oral contraceptives.
  6. 6. Target Market • Geographic – • Destination: Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) & Ha Noi (HN) Demographic – – Gender: Male & Female – Income: Middle ~ Upper (3 ~ 14.9 million VND/Month) – • Age: 18 ~ 24 years old Occupation: Student, White-collar, Blue-Collar & Housewives Psychographic – Lifestyle: Experiencers (motivated by self-expression, young, enthusiastic & impulsive consumers). • Behavioral – – – Benefit sought: avoid HIV/AIDS, STIs & Pregnancy User status: Non-User, Potential & First time Users Target Market Number: 3,000,000 people
  7. 7. Touch Points • Social networks • Forums:, • Websites: – Online shopping: nhommua, hotdeal, muachung & giare – Online movies: Hdviet – Online music:, & • Cinemas: • Mobile applications: • Magazines: • TV channels: • Other: Hair salons, Ca phe Bet, Universities, motels & hotels, buses & bus stations
  8. 8. Consumer Insights • Consumers perceive OK is the lowest product quality: – Too cheap – Normally given freely in HIV/AIDS prevention workshops – Country-of-origin effect (Local brand has lower quality) • Consumers lack of knowledge and information about STIs, safe-sex & they are ashamed of buying condoms in-store • Consumers want a condom with high quality: – Highly sensitive, safe/durable & wide range of flavors/product line • Consumers prefer an affordable price, not too cheap • Consumers seek for self-expression, confidence & may suit their horoscopes
  9. 9. Marketing Objectives Convey the message “OK! Get ready for any battles!” – “OK! Sẵn sàng cho mọi trận chiến!” Inform STIs & new product line/innovation (sensitivity & flavors) Enhance brand image/awareness, Bring OK brand back to evoked set/preferable brand (Top of mind awareness – TOMA) - After Phase 1: Increase brand awareness, knowledge of STIs & safe-sex. Create habit of using OK condoms in having sex. Gain TOMA position, “condom” evokes customers about OK brand. - After Phase 2: Create a trend of using OK condoms in young consumers with images of healthy, safe, “real feeling” & styles. Continue to strengthen TOMA position. Rank Top 1 in Condom “Evoked Set” (measured by survey) Increase 15% sales & 20% demand of OK condoms DKT Vietnam has enough capabilities to renovate the product in term of human & financial resources Despite there are several competitors, durex is the only one that has high brand awareness because of advertising. Hence, DKT Vietnam basically just needs to compete against durex. IMC period: from 1st November 2013 to 1st November 2014 divided into 2 phases: Phase 1: 1st January 2014 ~ 30th June 2014 Phase 2: 1st July 2014 ~ 31st December 2014
  10. 10. THE BIG IDEA • Our target audience includes both young male & female who value self-expression & confidence. By understanding the consumer insights, we repositioning the OK brand to match to the gap in the local market as a condom with affordable price, acceptable quality but fit with young consumers’ lifestyle. • The implementation plan consists of: – Renovating product to introduce new 6 5 product line with new designs, numerous flavors & more sensitive – Focusing on advertising on several key 4 Durex 3 channels to enhance brand awareness – 1 among young consumers Okamoto 2 Using viral marketing to generate interest Sagami 0 OK Price Durability Sensitivity Number of product lines
  11. 11. Product Modification • Redesign packages with horoscopes version • Attach fun facts of horoscopes & QR Code on the back of the packages • Enhance sensitivity Get Ready For Any Battles! – 0.03 ~ 0.05 mm thick Sample illustration only Pricing • Competitor-based pricing • Psychological pricing Increase the price up to 19,000 VND
  12. 12. Distribution channel • Intensity distribution to increase brand awareness Convenient stores Supermarkets Online stores Condom Shops Pharmacy Stores
  13. 13. IMC Campaign • TVC (Cinema ads & YouTube online advertising video) – Slogan: “OK! Get Ready For Any Battles!” – “OK! Sẵn sàng cho mọi trận chiến!” – The stories of “everyday battles” with 4 versions: • A boy with the transparent raincoat to fight against the rain • A girl with the sun-protection coat to fight against the sun • Similar situation, a boy is ready to ride his motorcycles (wear big helmet & leather jacket) • Similarity, a girl with a lot of clothes that need to wash (wear thin gloves) – They all say out loud the slogan after get prepared, eventually they get excellent results/protection – These are the metaphor used to imply another battle that is against STIs, HIV/AIDS & pregnancy • “Battle” = “Having sex” = “Lâm trận” – Channels: TV, Cinema & Social networks (more details on touch points)
  14. 14. • Out-of-home ads (billboards, bus body & bus station ads) – The designs of those out-of-home ads will be the capture of the TVC’s protagonists when they are making ‘OK’ sign. – We only display the ads on the billboards and bus station in the crowded population and traffic areas of HN & HCMC. Buses which often travel through these areas will be used for bus-body advertising. • Online ads – We will buy online advertising on social networks, websites & forums that are popular to young people.
  15. 15. • Print ads – The designs of the print ads will be similar to the design of out of home ads – We will buy the 4th cover page ads of of selected magazines that are popular to young consumers (refer to touch points). We only buy this ads once every 3 months: • Magazines can be re-read, thus they are kept longer (than the newspaper), so the magazine can continue reminding the customers about the brand. • We will buy and distribute the magazines with the OK ads to hair salons. Young people often come to hair salons and in the waiting time, they read newspaper. They will see the OK ads and that will remind them about the TVC. • 2! & 2! Dep are almost available at any newsstands, bookstores and convenient stores in 2 big cities: HN & HCMC. As the ads are display at the back of the magazine, anyone who just takes the magazine to have a quick look will see the ads, so even they do not buy the magazine, they are still reached through this touch point.
  16. 16. • Photo booth (with music to attract people) – In February 2014 at HN & HCMC – Located near universities, Ca phe Bet, Ho Con Rua & other crowded places which young consumers often come to – Young people can come and take photos inside the booth and they will get their photos immediately (The theme/frame/emoticon of the photos will be modified so that people can recognize the OK brand/logo/slogan in the photos). – In addition, what they got is not just only their photos but also a gift set that includes a hand-sized booklet about safe sex with a condom attached inside the booklet. – To create the interaction between young people and OK brands, those pictures will be uploaded on the official Facebook of OK brand, the photo owners can go to the page and “tag” themselves and their friends.
  17. 17. • Emoticon for mobile apps – Create lovely collections of emoticons that can be used when chatting and edit photos via certain apps (refer to touch points). – These emoticons are designed based on the OK logo so that whenever they use those emoticons, they are reminded about the brands. • Social networks – Social networks channels will be created to upload OK brands and STIs information. • YouTube channel is where people can find OK advertisements and share them. • Facebook is where people can “like” and get updates from OK. – Main activities of OK Condoms Facebook fan page: • Share YouTube videos • Upload photos in from the photo booth • Share (18+) fun facts about 12 horoscopes & advertise the product related. • Some other exciting games and contests will be organized on the Facebook fan page frequently such as Weekly games: Which horoscope is the dominator of the week? – Link the QR code to the fan page event: • the customers scan & join the competition between 12 horoscopes and they may get some small and cute gift from OK.
  18. 18. Budgeting Products renovation TVC Out of home ads Print ads Cinema ads Online ads Photo booth Emoticons for apps (’000) VND % • Product renovation 1,310,000 26.2 • TVC 1,200,000 24.0 • Out of home ads 1,500,000 30.0 • Print ads 288,000 5.8 that is allocated to a myriad of marketing communication tools. In • Cinema ads 500,000 10.0 essence, we focus mainly on advertising & viral marketing to • Online ads 50,000 1.0 • Photo booth 110,000 2.2 • Emoticons for apps 30,000 0.6 • Content & game 12,000 0.2 5,000,000 100 Contest & game For this campaign, the budget is estimated to be 5 billion VND generate interest among young consumers as well as increase the brand awareness.
  19. 19. Performance Evaluation • Qualitative message research – To understand consumer interpretation of ad – Using observation & focus group – After each stage (pre-test, phase 1 & 2) • Quantitative message research – After each phase 1 & 2 – Measure: • Recognition & Recall: did ad influence brand awareness? • Emotional reaction: aroused consumers emotions? • Persuasive impact: pre-behavior indicators • Sales response: has ad campaign affected consumers purchase
  20. 20. Action Plan