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Young Marketers 2 - A.O.A
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Young Marketers 2 - A.O.A


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • 1. A.0.A (awake of awareness) YOUNG MARKETERS 2 Condoms and young generation Condoms and young generation 30/09/2013- 18/10/2013 Phạm Hoàng Nam Trung Phan Minh Duy
  • 2. Ideation “ICondom” campaign Message “You are not alone” Campaign strategy Our target audience consists of people who are young generation who value self expression. Our Big Idea “ You are not alone” encourages consumers to allow OK to break the ice. We are always beside you. Let’s fight the virus in you. Viral marketing mobie app which allows users can play “ Fight the virus in you” game after that you can scan QR code then link to website where allows users “check-in” , information, promotion, where are “OK” stores and post quote by yourself. Objectives -Make “ICondom” become a catchphrase that everyone use -Break hesitate stereotype when you use condom you are not alone -We're encouraging our consumers to help spread the facts about condoms.
  • 3. Objectives • • Create new awareness about condom , eliminate the embarrassing when mention the condom Make people have the attention about the benefit of condom for society , family , especially for themselves , Remind them about the dangerous facts when ignore to use condom • • • • For company Increase the demand of condom from 45% to 65% Take the brand position as the first Increase profit up to 15% •
  • 4. Background • • • Number of abortion in Vietnam on the top of the world Most of adult in Vietnam know and believe in the contraception Condom still the first choice of contraception • Market provide condom in vietnam – Direct : currently available from over 11000 outlet , including 9000 pharmacies that provide condom overall Vietnam (DKT research) – Indirect : a lot of shop online , delivery at home ,
  • 5. information
  • 6. Target customer • . Male and female in age 18-24 Number of women in pregnant age will up to 27 millions in 2015 The number of young people on the target segment were over 4 millions in 2009 The average age for sexual activities is 18,2 for male and 18 for female The percentage of male have sex before married is 13,6% double female
  • 7. Target Teen Student Young generation Young couple
  • 8. Insight It’s hard for a student like me when buy a product relate with sexual activities like condom. There are many contraceptive ways that women can use , so I don’t need to use condom. Use the strategy that make people see that condom just like routine products and make them see the consequences when don’t use condom.
  • 9. BIG IDEA
  • 10. Place: Universities; park, People: students, young generation Promotion: 40.000 condoms for free to scan QR code to linke web then play game and go to map to check in( sex, age quote, location) Message: “ You are not alone” We design poster and baner in outsite with QR cod and message of “ Icondom” campaign Viral clip and QR to launching campaign to make a trend in young generation
  • 11. POSTER
  • 12. OUT DOOR Step 1 Viral and lauching “Icondom” campaign Scan QR Code Dow load & install Right Places: 20 universities in HCM; 20 Universities in HN; 23-9 Park Right consumers: Students, young generation. Right promotion: 40 000 condoms for free with QR code to link web( Down load app, play game and check-in Step 2 Roles of condom Step 3 Awareness Brand Position Check-in & Post quote “Fight the virus in you”( such as ninja juice) which is a game allows users live in the world where people have to fight with virus(HIV)to survive We find out 20 peple who get highest scores to give awards to motivate people . After the consumers won the game, app will ask users link to the map which allows the users see people who take part in Icondom campaign( they can show your opinion in quote by yourself) to support Ok fulfill our mission . And then our message is “ You are not alone” We are always beside you.
  • 13. Bus Activity For the normal condom We sell condoms in universities . With each 7 condoms are sold we give the 50% discount voucher for the product on our Bus (the routine product like brushes , noodle , washing powder… ) or sport accessories relate with student’s life For VIEWER: Scan the QR code on the poster , brochure to visit our facebook to see the contest and join. Video posted on Facebook for viral
  • 14. Places to sales Cooperate with host of bar or hotel to glue the condom vending machines .( at toilet or hotel) Setup 50 machines in HCM and 50 machines in HN Invite celeb , KOL , Professor to advice and knowledge in TV talk show ( can be on YanTV)
  • 15. Digital Marketing KEY HOOK
  • 16. Social media-viral clip 1. Kind of viral : scary , sexy 2. Insight : Use condom to prevent the consequences in the future 3. Concept direction : A woman refused all the invites of men who have ghost because of the irresponsible in the past 4. Content direction : a. Mood and tone : scary background , sound . When meet the man who is chosen,change it into the romantic style b. Story direction : Bring it on and horror movies can’t have any more material c. Key feature : use the scary content and sound to impress the customer d. Content detail : A woman can see the ghosts on the shoulder from the men who don’t use condom , so she refuses to all the invites of theses man . Finally , the man without ghost is chosen and date with her.
  • 17. Chanel
  • 18. Icondom Timeline 12 weeks 4 weeks Hanoi Awareness: Bus in HCM’s high school Engagement & Trial: Digital Contests 4 weeks Ho Chi Minh 4 weeks Awareness: Bus in HaNois high school Engagement & Trial: Digital Contests Amplify: Feature social campaign winner.
  • 19. Cost product quantity Price(vnd) condom 40,000 pices 200.000.000 Rental bus 6 cars 120.000.000 Social media 1 clip 130.000.000 Auto-sell machine 100 machines 300.000.000 Student product (promotion) brushes noodle washing powde sport accessories 150.000.000 App 130.000.000 Kol , celeb 300.000.000 Post on magazine 200.000.000 Post on website 12 weeks 120.000.000 Facebook 40.000.000 Icondom web 30.000.000 PG & PB 5 people 45.000.000 Poster 10.000 30.000.000 Awards cost for games 20 pices 60.000.000 Total=1.905.000.000
  • 20. KPIs 4 weeks App App Kpis: 30,000 app download successful App App 4 weeks after Kpis: 80,000 app download successful App App Kpis: 120,000 app download successful and more Social Social Media Media KPIs :Facebook: 20.000 like fanpage SEO : OK brand get top google Social Social network network Social Social network network Check Check -in -in Out Out door door Social KPIs : 70,000 view Social Media Media Social Social network network Digital Digital Social Social Media Media 4 weeks after KPIs : 30.000 people checked-in on Icondom map Check Check -in -in KPIs : 30,000 view Promotion Promotion Magazine Magazine Direct Direct sale sale KPIs: 20.000 condom for free for young generation KPIs: 20 article was posted KPIs: 70.000 condoms has sold by machines KPIs :Facebook: 40.000 like fanpage SEO : OK brand get top google KPIs : 60.000 people checked-in on Icondom map Promotion Promotion Magazine Magazine Direct Direct sale sale KPIs: 40.000 condom for free for young generation KPIs: 30 article was posted KPIs: 200.000 condoms has sold by machines Check Check -in -in KPIs : 100,000 view KPIs :Facebook: 60.000 like fanpage SEO : OK brand get top google KPIs : 100.000 people checked-in on Icondom map Promotion Promotion Magazine Magazine Direct Direct sale sale KPIs: 40.000 condom for free for young generation KPIs: 30 article was posted KPIs: 500.000 condoms has sold by machines
  • 21. Thanks You