Nhom 1 - Elite Young Marketers - 2 nd grand presentation


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Nhom 1 - Elite Young Marketers - 2 nd grand presentation

  2. 2. AGENDA Competition Analysis Brand Communication Idea and Activation Platform The Triangle Brand Idea Brand Launching Plan
  3. 3. Coffee market is segmented to 2 key sub categories: INSTANT COFFEE and ROASTED COFFEE TOUGH market for new players with 95% market shares UN- INSTANT coffee is a However, in ROASTED coffee market, belong to 3 key players Trung Nguyên, Vinacafe & Nescafe BRANDED local players dominated 80%. INSTANT coffee has seen dramatically over 22% growth per year Roasted coffee market is potential for big players to join in ROASTED coffee has seen about 12% growth per year
  4. 4. for a NEW BRANDED player INSTANT COFFEE will be to THE BEST FIRST STEP for us PENETRATE the coffee market.
  5. 5. Competition Analysis
  6. 6. 3 KEY BIG PLAYERS IN INSTANT COFFEEMARKET G7 (TRUNG NGUYEN) VINACAFE NESCAFE MARKET SHARES 28% 32% 35% KEY PRODUCT G7 3 in 1 Vinacafe 3 in 1 Nescafe 3 in 1 white coffee TARGET CONSUMER Aged from 18-40 urban cities, office- Aged from 18-40 urban cities, office-working, for Aged from 18-40 urban cities, office-working, for working, for their @ office & home their @ office & home consumption their @ office & home consumption consumption Incline to middle-aged Key segment: 16-24 Key segment: 18-29 incline to female youngster Incline to male youngster Vietnamese coffee brand with far richer and fuller flavor, with authentic coffee aroma The Vietnamese oldest coffee brand since 1968, the International brand with modern production heritage coffee. technology and authentic coffee BRAND ESSENCE The world of creative aspiration Inherit authentic coffee Bring the rich cup of coffee to share happiness POSITIONING The REAL STRONG coffee for urban The real AUTHENTIC coffee for male and female The FRIENDLY TASTY coffee for male and female youngster who have real gout (taste) mostly in big cities, BCD, mature, nostalgic aged 16-24 mostly in big cities, ABC, young, BRAND TRUTH and want to prove their esteem. BREAKTHROUGH energetic, sociable The launch of Wake-Up helped somehow to refresh The launch of Cafe Viet in 2008 helped to lift it up the brand with position “coffee for the morning” No 1 position
  7. 7. G7 (TRUNG NGUYEN) NESCAFE o strong supply, thus have cost- favoribility. o strong heritage o o Taste: different taste (strong in favor, the scent) in o strong distribution network comparison with other brands STRENGTHS VINACAFE o Strong financial potential mostly focus on instant coffee with considerable investment on R&D o strong distribution network The “national” spirit: the Vietnamese coffee for the o modern packaging Vietnamese people o professional communication o great promotion & communication o Strong financial potential o impressive packaging o Strong financial potential o not strong distribution network compare to Vinacafe & not effective communication, o foreign brand Nescafe especially "real coffee from 100% o great selling but less emotional Packaging: not very aesthetic, contrary: use foreign coffee beans" TVC quite offends models to advertise Vietnamese coffee for Vietnamese audience. o WEAKNESSES o o people o o boring packaging Promotion: too much “national spirit”, which are quite o great distribution but fail to create “heavy” for customers, especially the young generation an emotional connection with people connection with audience
  8. 8. THE OTHERS PLAYERS IN INSTANT COFFEE MARKET PASSIONA MAC COFFEE MARKET SHARES POSITIONING ROCK CAFÉ HIGHLAND COFFEE 4,5% Coffee of PASSION for passionate WOMEN CONCENTRATION coffee for who FINEST coffee beans, individual Promise to serve the BEST which offers concentration and confidence dare to challenge system solution, perfect system QUALITY COFFEE for service Vietnamese users in their own beauty life. o 9 year investment on R&D o Once Be well identified by o Suitable taste for Vietnamese o Well supported by Highland o Nice communication message for women Eagle image o Focus on distribution network coffee chain o Elegant packaging STRENGTHS o Focus on distribution network o Focus on distribution network o Focus on distribution network WEAKNESSES o Common light taste o Weak brand message o Not strong and different o Do not have a clear o Weak communication o Weak communication communication message from communication message to competitors differentiate from competitors o Weak communication o Weak communication o Inconsistent communication message
  9. 9. CONCLUSION  Products are roughly equal in quality in instant coffee market, the BIG PLAYERS are the ones who have DIFFERENT brand message and more invest on COMMUNICATION.  The already owned essence: STRONG, GOOD TASTE and AUTHENTIC  To penetrate the instant coffee market we need to figure out an innovative essence different from those STRONG, GOOD TASTE and AUTHENTIC.
  10. 10. Category Truth INSTANT COFFEE is mostly recognized as a FRIENDLY, DAILY AND COMMUNICATION LEADING drink Not as creative, inspiring, classy, masculine… as general assumption of COFFEE
  11. 11. Category Truth Of INSTANT coffee, not just coffee LIFESTYLE - COMMUNITY
  12. 12. Category Truth Our short, simple research conducted on Facebook with only one question: “Why don’t you drink instant coffee?” has found one simple and mostly agreed asnswer: “It’s as flat as water.” The weakness of the CATEGORY: flat taste
  13. 13. Product truth Rich flavor RTB: innovative proccessing method and secret ratio to enhance the richness – the innovation to stand out from category’s weakness
  14. 14. Consumer Truth Why target 20-29? Men and women Aged 20-29 – ABC - mostly in big cities Drink coffee 3 times a week  70% have not settled down with any instant coffee brand  Account for 46.6% of Vietnam’s population (gso.gov.vn)  Struggling, hestitaing to express their care of each others
  15. 15. FTA research on life style and purchasing and behaviour of Vienamese youngsters aged 30-35 They appreciate the time they can spend with their beloved Loneliness Consumer Truth Desk Research But don’t concern much the way to express their love, their care has become the problem of the age It’s the space for a brand to step in, giving them a way to express their care, remind them of the magic of care
  16. 16. Consumer Truth Innitial Insight - concept Insight: I want a mean to express my care Concept: The representative of care
  17. 17. Method: IDI - Type: Insight Consumer Truth Objective Insight - concept test + Sharpen insight. + Area to improve current concepts. Action Standard Concept is to deliver these on target users: + Message take-out at spontaneous level + Budget intend at spontaenous level + Insight relevancy, concept credibility and uniqueness Taget + Men & Women 20-29. Class ABC. + The one who decide to buy & drink instant coffee. + Open with instant drink. - Concept test Detailed key findings + U&A about coffee - Usage habit? - Need for coffee in general life? - Perception toward Instant coffee? (Is that meet their need? Why? Why not?) - Any instant drink product that expect to have? - Coffee barrier? + Area to improve current concept - Does our Insight relevant with consumers? - What is the key driver of the concept that make they buy our product? - Is our product Appealing? What do they expect when hearing about concept? - What’s the Differentiation that they like about our product? - Does our Benefit Offer meet consumers’ expectation?
  18. 18. “It would be great with a cup of coffee made by mom every morning.” What they say It would be great if someone makes me a cup of coffee everyday Why they say A cup of coffee can represent people’s care of each other I am in need of a simple mean to express and remind me of the care in this busy lonely life “Whenever receiving a cup of coffee made by co-worker, I feel really happy.” “I appreciate every little things my friends made for me.” Why they do A little care in this busy lonely life can be heartwarming and treasury Consumer Truth Insight BUT simple things like a cup of instant coffee tends to get too flat to represent the care. I wish there was a type of instant coffee that is rich enough to express the taste of my care.
  19. 19. Brand Truth Authentic coffee that has The triangle Rich flavor BRAND’S CONSUMER INSIGHT “I am in need of a simple mean to express and remind me of the care in BUT this busy lonely life, simple things like a cup of instant coffee tends to get too flat to represent the care. I wish there was a type of instant coffee rich enough to express the taste of my care. that is Consumer truth I wish for a rich taste to represent my care Category truth LIFESTYLE - COMMUNITY
  20. 20. It gets so awkward to express how you care about other people Care is an abstract expression that needs actions to be understood Let our little cup of coffee be that action Let our coffee enrich your care so that it can be tasted Let’s together remind this cold busy world of the Brand Idea Brand essence ENRICH the taste of CARE story of care
  21. 21. Provide what Brand Idea Brand positioning Provide real coffee with RICH FLAVOR Different by Heavy coffee drinkers aged need To whom Being the first instant coffee brand to own 20-29, located in big cities, ABC, want to find away to express the care the platform of care with strong flavor to support Reason to believe The authentic source of coffee and technology that can enhance the richness of coffee
  22. 22. Caring Sweet Warm, rich The authentic source of coffee and technology that can enrich the taste ENRICH Functional: RICH flavor thanks to special processing method and Brand Idea Brand Key the TASTE OF CARE proportion Emotional: help you express your care with the equal richness Being the first instant coffee brand to own the platform of care with strong flavor to support I wish for a rich taste to represent my care Fierce from strong global and local brands Direct: G7, Nescafe, Vinacafe Indirect: Phuc Long, Passio - ABC - 20-29 YO Behavior & attitude: drink coffee want to Express their care with coffee Real coffee with long rich taste
  23. 23. Brand Communication idea The cup of care The visualized, heartwarming message Reminding to sincerely condense the caring into one single, simple, endearing cup of good coffee Connecting hearts and hearts
  24. 24. Brand Activation Platform The caring experience
  25. 25. Brand Launching Plan Objective Raise awareness of the Brand - Drive trial, purchase
  26. 26. Key target Office workers Typical sufferers of the problem we’re tackling Big instant coffee consuming community
  27. 27. Make your care “taste- able” with our coffee Not I care about you But I COFFEE you! Attaching the word coffee with a special expression of care, owning this unique platform Big Idea Master concept I you
  28. 28. Why Thanh Bùi? Appropriate celebrity to attract officers Caring, open, friendly, endearing image Why 2 Đẹp? Partners As a new comer, key endorser and media parter is crucial to gain awareness Femail Officers’ lover (the “caring” subject is more attractive towards female) Strong platform (relation with 2! Sinh viên, YanTV)
  29. 29. Insight Brand Role Caring for co-worker makes the office such a comforting experience, but it’s just awkward for officers to express the care Express the care in a RICH, endearing way Concept I COFFEE you Message Let’s use our RICH coffee to express your care Consumer Journey Awareness Engagement Advocacy Key Message Imagine using coffee cup to express your care Experience expressing the care with our coffee Celebrate the RICH effect of endearing care Key Hook I COFFEE you MV The Sampling tour “I Coffee you” The 2Dep! care issue TVC Viral MV 2Đẹp featured storyboard Advertorials, SEO, Facebook ad Corporate PR Application Advertorials, SEO, facebook ads Corporate PR The 2Dep! care issue Advertorials, SEO, facebook ads Corporate PR Key Channels
  30. 30. VIRAL MV story board A man wakes up. His wife helps husband with necktie & he wants to say “Thanks Honey” but he just nod & walk away. A colleague smiles & wishes him a happy day, before he wishes her back, she walks away. Everyone hugs a friend to say goodbye but he just awkwardly stands outside. I Product demo : coffee beans, flavor scent of the coffee rich as the man's caring. He gives the coffee to the friend & that friend comes to hug him. He gives the coffee to the colleague & they smiles He give the coffee to his wife & she says “thanks Honey” “I U you” turn into “I coffee you”
  31. 31. Facebook application Send your story of hoping to express the care to someone at your office fill in the sentence “I COFFEE …” with the name of your office to win a chance to have your office treated with a coffee break and a “I coffee you” T’shirt Office care Deliver the treat of Office coffee surprisingly to the office. People at the office will hold their cups and shout out “I coffee you” – take picture. Give the office a box of our coffee as long term promise MT sampling Fill in the form of “I COFFEE …” with the name of your beloved to get a chance to win a “I coffee you T’shirt” and have your cup of care delivered to that person with our gift box
  32. 32. Key element: 1. Dry Sampling package 2. Wet sampling cup 3. Sampling uniform 4. Brochure 5. Caring coffee Home 6. In-store merchandising: shelf talker/wobblers (only for supermarket) MT channel (Mall, supermarket) • Build brand image • Drive trial • Drive sales (Office buiding, magazine) • Build brand image • Drive trial • • • • HN, HCM, Dry , wet MT – shopping mall Office building Working shift:  Morning: 7:00-9:00  Noon: 11:30-14:00  Late afternoon: 16:30-18:00 OFFICE channel Working shift: Mon – Fri: only evening sampling 15:30 – 21:00 Sat – Sun: full day sampling  Morning: 9:00-15:30  Evening: 15:30-21:00 HN, HCM, Dry, wet MT – super market Working shift Fri – Sun: full day sampling  Morning: 9:00-15:30  Evening: 15:30-21:00 Approach - Quick introduction – give sample – deliver brochure 1- approach TA going around Caring coffee home 2- approach TA at Caring coffee Home 3- approach TA at their office via reception (only for office building)
  33. 33. The “I COFFEE YOU” issue Recap office and MT “I COFFEE you” tour Sharing the role of coffee in connecting Feature stories of Care that was helped to express with our coffee
  34. 34. 1. TVC: 3. Digital: Our target in HCMC is Males 29-35, TVC aired during 3 weeks: - 89% 1+ reach. - 60% effective reach at 3+. Total cost: 13 bil. - 96% 1+ reach. - 60% effective reach at 3+. Total cost: 2 bil. 2. Sampling: The effectiveness based on: - Reach: 90% people at booths. - Purchase: 70% purchase product after trying. - Quota 500,000 samples. - Trustworthy high, 80% believe in RTB. Total cost: 2 bil. 4. Cost for POSM, PR: 10 bil.