Media a2 evaluation sand


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Media a2 evaluation sand

  1. 1. 1.Horror teaser trailers2.Film poster3.Magazine front cover
  2. 2. Teaser TrailersPrevious to making our teaser trailer we had to carry out research so we were aware of the different forms oftrailers such as, teaser trailers and a theatrical trailers. We analysed horror theatrical trailers such as, ‘X-men’,‘Insidious’ and ‘One missed call’ and teaser trailers ‘Saw VI’ such as, ‘Rec’ and ‘Insidious’. This enabled us toestablish the difference between the two trailers, as well as gain an understanding into horror conventions.We also researched ‘X-men’ the theatrical trailer, as this was a different genre it gave extra knowledge intoother conventions. When analysing the ‘X-Men’ trailer we compared it with the horror trailer and its conventions, when doing so we realised that they we very opposite as they use the following conventions:- •Action and fighting •Characters with special powers •Special effects •Bright setting •When analysing theses trailers we came across the following conventions:- •Dark lighting and setting When filming our teaser trailer we took the •Pace Unknown/ mysterious characters majority of these conventions into consideration •Todorov’s theory -Narrative theory of equilibrium and used it when filming, but we did not necessarily in the beginning happy and disequilibrium as there make the Todorov theory obvious in the trailer, as is a tragic ending we believe it was not really significant in making an •Increase of pace when tension occurs effective horror teaser trailer. •Propp’s character theory •Props and costume •Film title at the end
  3. 3. Conventions I have used in my trailer:Dark lighting and setting:- When filming the trailer we wanted to createa particular atmosphere that was creepy and tense. Therefore, when filming thebedroom scene me made sure that the lights were off, and used the ‘night mode’ onthe camera when filming; this was effective in creating the dark atmosphere as well asenable the audience to clearly see the actions taking place. We also choose to film ourexterior scene during the evening as it would be dark, reinforcing the horrorconventions in the teaser trailer. Whilst filming using the ‘night-mode’ we came acrosssome issues, for example we had to make sure that the camera was facing at the rightangle when filming as the footage was not always visible.Props and costumes:- One of the main props that we used was a knife, whichwe covered in ketchup as we wanted it to seem like blood stains, the knife and theblood is part of the horror convention as the knife and blood highlights danger, deathand distress. For the costume, the character is wearing a ripped white shirt with redmarks that is suppose to represent blood stains. By her wearing this particular piece ofclothing this highlight the juxtaposition as the connation of ‘white’ is peace whilst ‘red’is rage ; also through the use of the colour red we were ensuring that we were keepingwith the colour scheme. By using the laptop this highlight to the audience that this is amodern teaser trailer, as well as making the, aware that the actions taking place is dueto the mysterious e-mail received on the laptop.Increase of pace when tension occur:- To create tension and suspensewe increased the pace of this following scene in our trailer, this is to indicate to theaudience that something tragic is about to occur immediately grabbing there attention.Teaser trailer usually tend to be between 30 sec- 1:30 min, and our trailer is just at theminimum as it is 39 seconds.Characters -(Propp’s character theory)- Victims and villain:- Thevillain is played by Sandra, who can been seen in the following scene holding a set of keyswhich is to access the place where she captures the Victim. Also the character sends a themysterious e-mail to the victim Sharmain which makes her panic and fearful for her life . The conventions that we used in my teaser trailer such as, props and costumes, shots, props and characters was influenced by the film ‘One missed call’, also due to the fact that the plot is cantered around a piece of technology which is mobile phone.
  4. 4. Film PosterBefore creating our film poster we carried our research by analysing existing film posters, this enabled us to havethe understanding on how to create a effective film poster that will appeal to our target audience. The film posterwhich we analysed were; ‘Fast Five’, ‘Insidious’ and ‘Orphan’.From analysing these poster and researching andlooking at other forms of film promotions, we noticedthe following conventions:- Analysing these three film posters allowed us to understand the actors of the film are usually the mainFilm title usually positioned at the bottom focus of the film poster, and the name of the film needsFilm title is usually bold and the biggest to be displayed in a unique ways to grab the audiencesClose up of main characters attention. When creating our film poster we challengedDark background – unknown setting one of the conventions, as we did not put the name of theCredits and extra information at the bottom-vertically film at the bottom but at the top of the image. Also, weWebsite and credits placed at the bottom of the film went against the conventions also believed that it will beposter necessarily to include the rating of the film on the filmClose up or extreme close up or an object or main poster, as it enables the audience to be aware of whatTagline to make the audience interested in watching the content to expect in the
  5. 5. The conventions I have used in my poster We have also kept with the We have positioned the film title at the colour scheme (Red. Black and top of the poster, this is the convention white)which can be identified that we challenged ,when carrying out in the magazine front cover and our planning an research on film teaser trailer, as the colours posters. By placing the film title at the reinforces the horror genre. The top this immediately draws the dark background is effective in audience’s attention to the image making the gruesome image below which is the main focus, as it stand out as black represents:- allows the audience to have an death, evil and mystery. White understanding of the themes and the represents purity and plot of the film and what to expect. innocence which is a sharp contrast, as well as the red representing rage and anger. This informs the reader that the actually movie is due to be released, but they will be able to watch the By going against the teaser trailer to be able to have a slight conventions we included understanding of the film before they the rating of the film, as it can watch it in the cinemas. immediately identifies the target audience, and informs people of what We have included the tagline which is content to expect from the the second biggest font after the film film. title, as it grab the audience’s attentionThe credits which gives extra information as well as giving them an insight of whatby informing the audience who is the to expect in the film. This also makes it aproducer of the film, the actors names and memorable way for identifying the film.directors have been place in theconvention place which is in the middle ofthe film poster; by placing it in the By placing the name of the website on the filmconventional place this allows the audience poster this allows the audience to have a chance toto be familiar with what they are seeing so gain more information about the characters andthey are able to identify that it is a film the plot, by going on the website and watching theposter. trailer.
  6. 6. Film Magazine Front Cover Before creating our magazine front cover we analysed existing magazine covers so we were aware of the conventions of a film magazine cover, by analysing a popular and professional film magazine: Empire When researching existing magazine front covers we came across a problem, as we were unable to find magazine front cover that covered horror films. Therefore, we decided to pick magazine front covers that was broad and have similar conventions to what a horror film magazine will have. We analysed ‘X-Men First Class and ‘I am Legend’ as each film magazine front cover uses the colour scheme that is used in horror film., as the red and black have a connation of mystery and death.Conventions we came across whenanalysing theses magazine front covers:-Film’s name over lapping the image of the When creating our magazine front covermain character we used most of the conventions but wePrice and the date on top of the magazine challenged one in particular:- ‘FilmExclusive information is provide inside:- name overlapping the image of the mainPLUS! character . As we thought that ourSame colour scheme with actually film and magazine front cover will not looktrailer presentable if we use this convention,Mid shot or close up of main character in as it will distract the reader from thethe film main focus which is the image of theMagazine name is in large font main character.Other headlines contains informationabout what is inside the magazine
  7. 7. Conventions I have used in my magazine front cover EMPIRE- Is the biggest and boldest which we achieve by increasing the font size. We also used the same font whichThe date of the magazine is used in the actually magazine,release and price is placed at so it appear professional andthe top. recognisable to the reader.Provides the reader withbackground information We have challenged the conventionsregarding the main character, this of a film magazine front cover by notwill make them more interested in included the name of our trailer: ‘Thewatching the actually film. Unknown’, instead we incorporated the name into catchy phrase .Colour scheme: Black, red andwhite. This ties in with the The ‘Pulse’ immediately grabshorror convention, this colour the reader’s attention, as it informsscheme can also be identified them of the extra informationin the trailer. given inside the magazine; regarding other horror films during the current year.We have used a close-up of the we wanted to keep to the colourmain character is the teaser scheme so we kept the writingtrailer, as it is eye catching and ‘white’, which lists the extragives the reader and insight information.into the plot. This is We also placed this informationcommonly used with We have placed a barcode at at the side of the magazine, so itmagazine front cover to inform the right hand corner of the does not over shadowing the mainthem of the characters. magazine, which is a typical image which is USP. magazine convention.