Introduction to Donate Waste Initiative

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Introduction to Donate Waste Initiative promoted by YouSee ( )

Introduction to Donate Waste Initiative promoted by YouSee ( )

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  • 1. Donate Waste Initiative Don’t Waste, Donate Waste
  • 2. UC, registered as United Care Development Services (UCDS), a not-for-profit organisation, works to promote Giving for Result oriented, Transparent and Measurable Social Development Work, through: Four Donations, For Development (Chaar Daan, Chaar Dhaam) Donate Time – (Shram Daan) Donate in Kind – Donate Waste – Donate Wealth – Don’t waste Donate waste (Vastu Daan) (Kachra Daan) (Dhan Daan) (PostPayPhilanthropy)
  • 3. Sample Poster Don’t waste Donate waste
  • 4. Snap shot of waste Donation Event @ HillRidge Springs on Aug, 7, 2011 – A Gated community in Hyderabad Range of Waste donated by Residents of HillRidge Springs HillRidge Volunteer team Waste being taken for Re-cycling , facilitated by YouSee volunteer Don’t waste Donate waste
  • 5. C Garden ( a compost garden) 1 2 5 3 4 5 Steps for CGarden Segregate the organic waste Dump the waste into the Compost Bed. Mix the waste Properly for good moisture levels. When it is nonsticky, uniformly dark & no smell then its ready to harvest. Manure for the garden is ready
  • 6. So what do you want to choose?? Don’t waste Donate waste
  • 7. C Garden ( a compost garden) Do’s Dont’s
  • 8. Compost Center at a 10 home apartment block at Panjagutta, Hyderabad (set up in May-2012) Don’t waste Donate waste
  • 9. Composting Centers At Small Apartments At Large Gated Communities Municipal Parks
  • 10. How is your donated waste put to use ? Reusables like clothes, Books etc are given to organizations serving underprivileged. Recyclables are given to Raddiwala and value generated from them is used to make post-pay donations for social work projects. Organic waste is composted to generate nutrient rich natural manure which can be used in gardens. Need Help or want to help ? Ph : 8008 884422 or visit us @ Email : , Save the Planet, Serve the Poor