Introduciton to uc and volunteering opportunities 01 dec11


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An overview of UC ( which works to generate resources (volunteering, technical and financial) for results focussed development work.

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Introduciton to uc and volunteering opportunities 01 dec11

  1. 1. Promoting Results through “Post-Pay Philanthropy” 1
  2. 2. When you make a When you make afinancial investment, social investment, you ask for Returns. ask for Results! 2
  3. 3. Giver’s space…….Expectation  Experience  3
  4. 4. Traditional Giving Giver’s space Initiate NGO/NPO Project PRE PAID UC Giving POST PAID UC funds Giver’s space Initiate Project 4 NGO/NPO
  5. 5. UC live• Projects/Project Phases completed and put up for PostPay Donations –• PostPay Donations received – 5
  6. 6. Gaining Interest for the Model…• In December 2009, UC was shortlisted in a global competition on “Marketplace on Innovative Financial Solutions for Development(MIF)” ( ) organized by the World Bank, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the French Development Agency (AFD).• UC was among the 20 shortlisted organizations out of 800 applications received globally for this competition.• Okonjo Iweala (MD – World Bank) addressing the event.• UC’s stall @ the MIF Mar, 2010
  7. 7. UC Funding & Project Background – A SnapshotFu Donations by the Foundernd Post-paid donationsIn Soft loan by MSDFg Caspian Support 2009 2010 2011 Jun Dec Jan Dec Jan Nov SSHT- Health Indian Grameen Services – Integrated Development Project for Rag-pickers in IndorePr PUSS Sponsoring IT Education for 300 Girl ChildrenoJ Mobile Health Clinics By ISHA Outreache Do Not Waste , Donate your wastec Ashray Akruti – Supportingt Engagement Type Education for hearing impaired children Funding + Tech Support Adhya- educatio Tech Support Only underprivileged
  8. 8. Projects Executed 8
  9. 9. Integrated Development Project for Rag-pickersProject Location - IndoreProject Partners – Indian Grameen ServicesFocus Areas – Education, Health, Environment &LivelihoodsProject Start Date – Aug 2009Currently 750 households benefit. Plan to scale up services to 1500 households by end of 2012. Supporting Mobile Health Clinics Project Location – Tamil Nadu Project Partner – ISHA Outreach Focus Areas -Health Project Start Date – October 2010From March, 2011 to Sep, 2011, 42,000 Outpatient visits have been digitized
  10. 10. Supporting IT education for Supporting education for Destitute Girl Children Hearing Impaired ChildrenProject Location - Bhuvaneshwar Project Location - HyderabadProject Partners – Palli Unnayan Seva Samiti Project Partners – Ashray- AkrutiFocus Areas – Education Focus Areas – EducationProject Start Date – Aug 2010 Project Start Date – July, 2011 Supporting education for “Donate Your Waste” Campaign Underprivileged ChildrenProject Location – Hyderabad , Indore Project Location - HyderabadProject Partner- Citizen Driven Activity Project Partners – AdhyaFocus Areas – Environment & Livelihoods Focus Areas – EducationProject Start Date- October, 2010 Project Start Date – October, 2011
  11. 11. Training and Results along various SkillsSkill Area S No Code Expansion 1 HS Hindi Single digit numbers 2 SD Single Digiti numbers-English 3 HD Hindi Double digit numbers 4 DD Double Digit numbers-English Reading 5 AH Alphabet-Hindi 6 AE Alphabet-English 7 MT Hindi Matra 8 WM Hindi words Without Matra 9 MW Hindi words with Matra 10 HA Hindi Alphabet 11 AU Alphabet Upper Case-English 12 AL Alphabet Lower Case-English 13 NS Numerals Sigle digit-English Writing 14 ND Numerals Double digit-English 15 MA Hindi Matra 16 HW Hindi words Without Matra 17 HM Hindi words with Matra 18 AW Addition without Carry on 19 AC Addition With Carry on 20 SW Substraction without carry on Math 21 SC Substraction With carry on 22 ML Multiplication Tables 1-10 23 MB Multiplication Bigger numbers 24 DI Division 11
  12. 12. Skills measured for the students A Student S No M/F Age HS SD HD DD AH AE MT WM MW HA AU AL NS ND MA HW HM W SW SC ML MB DI AC Name 1 Usha F 4 2 Laxmi F 5 3 Neha F 5 7 Arjun M 6 5 Asha F 6 6 Mahesh M 6 4 Sonu F 6 11 Akash M 7 8 Arti F 7 9 Hemu M 7 R W M 10 Jayram M 7 12 Subham M 7 14 Deepika F 8 13 Gopal M 8 16 Durga F 9 15 Shanker M 9 17 Laxmi F 10 18 Hemant M 11 19 Laxmi F 12 20 Sunny M 14 21 Parmod M 15•Cells populated with "R“ for Reading, "W" for Writing and "M" for Mathindicate specific skills acquired by the respective student.•UCs endeavor is to populate the entire table above with bright squares foreach of the student.
  13. 13. O A SN Student Name M/F Age HS SD HD DD AH AE MT WM MW HA AU AL NS ND MA HW HM AW AC SW SC ML MB DI 1 Usha F 4 2 Laxmi F 5 3 Neha F 5 7 Arjun M 6 5 Asha F 6 6 Mahesh M 6 R R 4 Sonu F 6 R R R R W 11 Akash M 7 8 Arti F 7 R R R R R R W W 9 Hemu M 7 R R R R R W W W 10 Jayram M 7 R R 12 Subham M 7 14 Deepika F 8 R R W 13 Gopal M 8 R R R R R R W W W 16 Durga F 9 15 Shanker M 9 R 17 Laxmi F 10 R R R R W 18 Hemant M 11 R R R R R R W W W W M M 19 Laxmi F 12 R R R R R R W W W W 20 Sunny M 14 21 Parmod M 15 R R R R R R W W W W M M 57% 52% 29% 29% 33% 38% 0% 0% 0% 14% 29% 0% 43% 24% 0% 0% 0% 10% 0% 10% 0% 0% 0% 0%
  14. 14. O A B SN Student Name M/F Age HS SD HD DD AH AE MT WM MW HA AU AL NS ND MA HW HM AW AC SW SC ML MB DI 1 Usha F 4 R R 2 Laxmi F 5 R R R W 3 Neha F 5 R R R R W W 7 Arjun M 6 R R R R R W W W W M 5 Asha F 6 R R W M 6 Mahesh M 6 R R R W W W 4 Sonu F 6 R R R R R R W W W W M M M 11 Akash M 7 R R R R W W 8 Arti F 7 R R R R R R R W W W W W W M M 9 Hemu M 7 R R R R R R R R W W W W W W M M 10 Jayram M 7 R R R R R R R R W W W W W W M M M M M 12 Subham M 7 R R R R W W W 14 Deepika F 8 R R R R R R R W W W W W M M M M 13 Gopal M 8 R R R R R R R W W W W W W M 16 Durga F 9 R R R W W W 15 Shanker M 9 R R R R W W 17 Laxmi F 10 R R R R R R W W W W M 18 Hemant M 11 R R R R R R R R R W W W W W W W M M M M M M 19 Laxmi F 12 R R R R R R R R W W W W W M M M 20 Sunny M 14 R R R R R R R R W W W W W W M M M M M M M 21 Parmod M 15 R R R R R R R R R W W W W W W W M M M M M M M 95% 100% 52% 67% 71% 90% 33% 38% 10% 43% 86% 67% 95% 57% 5% 38% 5% 57% 33% 48% 24% 19% 14% 10%
  15. 15. Snapshot of ‘Classroom Calling” program for Out of school children in Indore slums An elementary learning for out-of- school children in the slums of Indore commenced in October, 2009 Current Enrollment status : 219 Students enrolled, with 52% girl child population Already 150 Students have got admission into Mainstream Government and Private Schools
  16. 16. Services Outreach as on 30th Sep, 2011
  17. 17. Providing composting services in 5 communities in Indore Till Sep 30th, 2011 22.5 Tonnes of Kitchen and Flower waste was composted 17
  18. 18. UC is Supporting Data digitization at ISHA Clinics in Tamil NaduPatients waiting outside ISHA Mobile Clinic Doctor attending to patients in ISHA Mobile ClinicMedicines Being distributed free of cost Nursing assistant digitizing information 18 about Patient care
  19. 19. 19
  20. 20. 20
  21. 21. Repeat Patient visits analysis at ISHA Clinics in Tamil Nadu- Mar – Sep, 2011 21
  22. 22. Village Near Madurai. These villages offer Internet connectivity challenge, which hinders the online data entry process. UC team introduced handheld scanning devices in such locations. Sample of scanned image of theprescription is also presented. In such locations, scanned copies are being used to enter the data at central location. 22
  23. 23. Do not waste, Donate your waste Plastics Glass Books/Paper MetalClothes E-Waste Reusables Recycables like Clothes, Books etc Value generated is used toare given to NGOs like Goonj and make postpay donations for Schools for underprivileged social work projects ,
  24. 24. Working in a Highly Diverse Environment Hyderabad Chennai Indore Volunteerism Fund Raising Finance Communication Education Management Partnerships Marketing & EnvironmentResources Locations Locations Multiple Multiple Results Health Administration Management Project Livelihoods Innovation Technology Tamil Nadu Bhuvaneshwar Andhra Pradesh
  25. 25. How to Engage with UC ? Giving for Result oriented, Transparent andMeasurable Social Development Work, through: (Chaar Daan, Chaar Dhaam) Four Donations, For Development (Gyan Daan) – Donate Knowledge (Shram Daan) – Donate Effort (Kachra Daan) – Donate Waste (Dhan Daan) – Donate Wealth (PostPayPhilanthropy)
  26. 26. Engagement Opportunities (IT Specific)Platform for DonorInterface Health Management ISPlatform for Partner WebsiteOrganization Interface Applications EnhancementsPlatform for Website ManagementVolunteer Interface training IT Hardware Partner Deployment Organization Admin SupportWebsite ApplicationEnhancements ‘Donate Waste’Analytical tools application. - Search Optimization EnhancementSearch OptimizationData Visualization &Reporting tools 26
  27. 27. Technology Volunteering Opportunities (Website and Database applications)• Website is hosted on• Online Database applications for PostPay donations and Waste Donations MIS are in place. – Developed on MySQL/PHP platform• Payment Gateway integration for receiving donations is final stages. We expect this to come live in a month’s time.• Development Team: – Currently comprises of 2 Volunteers from GE Hyderabad Office, One freelancing volunteer from Hyderabad and one from SanFransisco – UC team manages very basic level development work on applications and also website content updates – More Volunteers are welcome to join this team to support enhancements, development and integration of applications – Volunteers support is also welcome for SPO project outlined in subsequent slides• UC also uses Google Docs and Zoho Suite for some application. Volunteer support to enhance use of these and other platforms like also SalesForce 27 is welcome
  28. 28. Technology Volunteering Opportunities (Social Media)• UC currently has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, SlideShare, YouTube, Dailymotion• UC is registered with Google Not-for-profits program and received a free Google Adword account with USD 350 utilisation per day – One volunteer currently manages this Adword campaing• UC is also registered on Volunteer Match platform too and has received some responses on this platform too.• Volunteer support for enhancing presence, communication and collaborations through these platforms is welcome 28
  29. 29. “Its serious business, not for profit, but for people, by people” from
  30. 30. Why SPO ?• The Goal is to facilitate non-profit organisations working for Social causes to focus on their core services, to achieve outcomes and improve them.• The SPO enables the service delivery organisations with support in functional areas like Information Technology and Finance & Accounting, releasing their resources and attention to be focused on core service delivery
  31. 31. How it works? Social work Service Recipients SPO organisations (Beneficiaries) (Non-Profits) Volunteers SPO center Domains Education Finance & Accounts Send requests Focus on by Take help in Service areas of Delivery Phone/E-mail in HealthVolunteers step in Consolidate to provide requests, Onsite support match & send requests Offsite support to Volunteer Pool Technology Environment By people For people
  32. 32. Information Technology ServicesHardware Software• Provide (used) Computers • Training on office applications for productivity improvement and Laptops • Introduce access to open/free• Provide other peripheral source solutions • Website development and devices upkeep• Provide preventive • Train and help maintain efficient filing systems maintenance • Provide backup solutions• Provide trouble shooting • Provide user help for applications and maintenance • Database application solutions • Preventive maintenance & Antivirus solutions
  33. 33. Open/Free source solutions• Operating Systems: – Linux• Office productivity tools: – Open Office, Google Docs, Zoho• Communication – Skype
  34. 34. Finance & Accounts• Introduce and Train in basic accounts and bookkeeping• Introduce and train in usage of IT solutions to keep books of accounts• Help prepare financial statements• Help comply with various statutory compliance requirements
  35. 35. Key Benefits of SPO• For Social Work Organisations(Non-Profit) – Improve focus on core service delivery – Access to continous technical resources – Reduce costs in availing resources in Technology and Accounting & Finance (YouSee proposes to offer these services free to Social Work organisations. Any costs incurred for the SPO service delivery could be recovered through PostPay donations)• For Volunteers – Reduce effort in searching opportunities to help – Provide help in domain of expertise for greater impact – Tracking and quantification of time resources provided and impact made facilitated through SPO
  36. 36. Thank you 36