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Do not Waste, Donate your Waste
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Do not Waste, Donate your Waste


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Environmental Care and People Care can go together. Join this movement.

Environmental Care and People Care can go together. Join this movement.

Published in: Education, Business

  • Your idea is great.Presently I am now studing again( In OCT 12 I have sumbitited to the nation, a easy to operate scientific scheme on mixed waste managing & monitotring at all India level.)that scheme..Let the people firt get ready to give waste duly sorted in a systamatical form to the nation,for health & and; environment purposes & secondly for so many potentials which are likely to emerge to such all India level practices.Your work deserves congragulations.I will soon contact you by email or otherwise.Thanks .
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  • please guide us regarding contact details to whom we can donate unused food after social functions at Hyderabad
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  • 1. Do not Waste, Donate Your Waste
    Save the Planet, Serve the Poor
    A citizen driven waste management initiative
    delivering both environmental and social benefits.
  • 2. Let’s go Give,
    Let’s go Green
  • 3. Getting Heard! The Environmental Call
    Save the Planet, please do not waste
    • Thou shall not waste or litter
    • 4. Wealth out of Waste
    • 5. Donate Your Waste
  • Let’s Stop “ Use and Throw”
    Let’s Start “Use, Reuse and Donate”
  • 6. Green Practices we could take to- Green(In)dex:
    • Form Green Volunteer Group at the
    Office, Organisation or Residential block,
    to facilitate implementation of green initiatives
    • Discontinue use of use-and-throw paper
    and plastic cups for tea, coffee, water etc
    • Discontinue lining of binswith
    use-and-throw plastic bags
    • Avoid shredding papers which are not
  • 7.
    • Optimiseand Reduce the number of
    bins in office space. Avoid having bins for
    each employee desk.
    • Set up bin system for collection, storage and
    donation of segregated waste at source
    • Label of bins to facilitate and encourage
    source segregation of waste and donation
    of waste
    • Try using bins made of Ecofriendly material
    • Employees and Residents too could donate
    their dry waste from home at some particular
    frequency at Office or a Public Donation point
    • Optimise the frequency of waste donation,
    to minimize transportation and other costs
    associated with the shipment of waste
    • Introduce composting of food waste
    • 8. Measure Carbon Footprint of each person and the organisation and plan to reduce it
  • Tour of UC’s experience at Royal Sundaram office in Hyderabad
    Royal Sundaram team during the
    Do not Waste and Donate Waste presentation
    Launch of the initiative at
    Royal Sundaram Hyderabad Office
    UC Team and Aurora’s Business School students
    at the launch
    Spreading the message:
    Poster at Royal Sundaram Office
  • 9. old form – dark & damp
    the bins in their new avataar
    Larger collection bins outside the office and
    well segregated
    new form - bright, dry and
    for a good cause
  • 10. Use & Throw
    Paper Cups
    We are still searching for a Raddhiwala (recycler) who is willing to recycle this!
    Royal Sundaram staff saying cheers
    with the new reusable cups
    Then came Kachra Daan
    Value from the waste used to buy
    Reusable China cups and handed
    over to Royal Sundaram 29-Jan-11
  • 11. BASIX Koti Office – Impact of Green(In)dex implementation
    Before (118 unsegregated bin points)
    After (14 segregated bin points) -
  • 12. And since March 2011, two colonies at Indore with about 1200 households
    are also donating their kitchen waste
    which is composted locally in their respective colonies