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  1. 1. FINAL ASSIGNMENT REVIEW Compiled By:  Aulifah Rachmawati   Dian Delpiani   Jeane Yosephine Pattipeilohy   Putri Bidari Hawa   Yosa Permata Shafira  XII SCIENCE 3 SMA NEGERI 5 KARAWANG 2013
  2. 2. God we are said praises thanks presence, extremely enamoured again extremely humane. With the power has assisted us, to finalize duty becoming our obligation this can be finalized. And thank a lot of to Mrs. Wia Cuwiarsih as English teacher, which has guided us. Also friends who has many giving input and reference causing assists us in finalizing this duty. In this final assignment of review text explain about book review and fil review. We hope that this assignment can useful, especially for us and generally for all the readers. Karawang February 27,2013 COMPILER 2
  3. 3. PREFACE...............................................................................................................02 CONTENT................................................................................................................03 1. THE ASPECT OF REVIEW TEXT..................................................................04 2. BOOK REVIEW “RANAH 3 WARNA”............................................................05 3. FILM REVIEW “FINDING NEMO”..................................................................07 4. FILM REVIEW “UP”.......................................................................................10 CLOSING.................................................................................................................14 3
  4. 4. The Aspect of Review Text : Social Function :  To summarise, analyse and respond to art work  To critique an art work or event for a public audience Generic Structure:  Orientation Background Information on the text.  Interpretative Recount Summary of an art work (including characters and plot).  Evaluation Concluding statement: judgement, opinion, or recommendation.  Evaluative Summation The last opinion consisting of the appraisal or punchline of the artwork being reviewed. Language Features:  The use of complex and compound sentences  The use of adjectives and phrases of appraisal  The use of metaphorical expressions  The use of noun phrases 4
  5. 5. Tittle : Ranah 3 Warna Genre : Fiksi Writes : A. Fuadi Years : Januari 2011 Pages : 473 Pages Publisher : Gramedia Pustaka Utama ORIENTATION: January 23, 2011, may be a highly anticipated time for lovers of fictiontype novel. The day was a master piece of miraculous work of the nation, circulated and published on the earth equator. What is the novel? Yups, the novel is a Ranah 3 Warna. Ranah 3 Warna is the second novel of the trilogy Negeri 5 Menara. The first novel is famous with the word “Man Jadda Wajada”, while in this second novel is famous with the word “Man Shabara Zhafira (who is to be patient, so he’ll get lucky )”. The second collaboration is a provisions Alif to get his dream. INTERPRETATIVE RECOUNT: Alif who is a graduate from the Boarding School Ponorogo Madani, has a dream to study up to America. With a burning passion and he returned to Maninjau not wait to get to college. But his friend, Randai doubt he was able to pass UMPTN. Then he realized, there is one important thing that he does not have, namely a high school diploma! Inspired Denmark dynamite team spirit, he broke the tough odds. Just as he can smile, many problem without mercy. Apparently the mantra 'man Jadda wajada' come is not enough in winning life. Alif second spell remembered being taught in Pondok Madani:'' 5
  6. 6. man shabara zhafira '. Who will be lucky to be patient. Armed with the two spells he Songsong storms of life one by one. Announcement UMPTN arrived, Alif accepted in HI-UNPAD, although not in accordance with the ITB choice, but Alif still accept it. Equipped with black shoes by Alif father went to London to start college. Just a few months Alif college, his father died. Losing a father figure who became the backbone of the family makes it wobbly, who paid their school fees? Alif almost hopeless, but the figure of a mother to encourage him so he resumed his studies. In the course of his mentor, Alif tried to take the test student exchange to America, capitalize the venture intention and determination, Alif also managed to escape with consideration given by the committee. Canada! Yes it's the place to be Alif headed, his dream to set foot in the United States was finally reached. In Canda Alif live with home stay parent named Franco Pepin. Many Alif experience gained while in Canada, from jokes, laughter, love, sadness mixed into one. EVALUATION: Ranah 3 Warna which means Bandung, Jordan, and Canada has finally brought us to the beauty of the three different flavors of this region. The author gives a clear description of the reader's imagination to build all three. Ranah 3 Warna also tells how the dream is still obliged to defend it out though life continues rolled sorrow. God always with people who try and be patient and never give up. EVALUATIVE SUMMATION: So, if you've started reading this book, you likely will not stop turning the pages to find the word “THE END”. Then prepare a glass of warm drinks and plenty of snacks. So, Happy reading guys. 6
  7. 7. Tittle Genre Directry Production Years Duration Stars : Finding Nemo : Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family : Andrew Stanton : Walt Disney and Pixar : 2003 : 100 minutes : - Albert Brooks as Marlin (voice) - Ellen DeGeneres as Dory (voice) - Alexander Gould as Nemo (voice) - Willem Dafoe as Gill (voice) - Brad Garrett as Bloat (voice) - Allison Janney as Peach (voice) - Austin Pendleton as Gurgle (voice) - Stephen Root as Bubbles (voice) - Vicki Lewis as Deb / Flo (voice) - Joe Ranft as Jacques (voice) - Geoffrey Rush as Nigel (voice) - Andrew Stanton as Crush (voice) - Elizabeth Perkins as Coral (voice) - Nicholas Bird as Squirt (voice) - Bob Peterson as Mr. Ray (voice) ORIENTATION: Pixar animated movie launched again, this time being the second most successful movie with a number of world profits 866 592 978 United States dollars. The movie is Finding Nemo. In this movie, you will discover the charm of this story, beautiful fish so charming illustrated. Sea creatures and fairly leap off the screen, so vibrant and alive each character. With a voice that is provided by some big name stars, including Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, and Willem Dafoe, "Finding Nemo". INTERPRETATIVE RECOUNT: Nemo is the clown fish, shaped small and cute. The color, alternating orange and white, probably because that's called a clown fish. The adventure begins, when Nemo breaking his appeal, not to play too much. Nemo who has a curiosity and high prestige feel resentful for being "the underdog" by his 7
  8. 8. father. To prove that he was a brave boy, he dared to approach a boat, Nemo finally caught. Begin at the moment, Merlin plans to find Nemo, until the middle of the journey he met a female fish Dory manifold Regal Blue Tang, who kindly help Merlin find Nemo. Dory the fish was good, but a little sloppy, chatty, knowledgeably and forgetful. However, the existence of Dory very helpful Merlin, especially Dory can read, so they know where they find Nemo, namely to Sydney. Somewhere along the way they meet up with three ferocious sharks sharks who declare that they are good friends with the other fish, but still the name wild animals, the killer instinct of a high return when the smell of blood. Apart from predatory sharks, they must to face creepy fish the ocean bottom, next faces forest of jellyfish and other threats. Elsewhere, Nemo has been in the aquarium of a dentist who has a nephew, a young girl, but is shown as creepy murderous fish-named Darla. Although in aquarium comfortable, Nemo lives are also threatened. Together with his friends in the aquarium, some times they tried to escape in order to contaminate the pool could be moved to the bag, and the bag they can get away with jumping into the sea. Amid the way, when will despair, Marlin meets a bunch of turtles, which in turn gives a ride to Sydney. After arriving in Sydney, Merlin and Dory helped by a Pelican named Nigel who knows where Nemo. EVALUATION: "Finding Nemo" is one of the rare gems that transcend age groups. Children, adolescents, adults, men, women, fishing enthusiasts, people who have a sense of humor, etc. will find themselves thoroughly entertained by this movie fast funny and touching. Finding Nemo also got very good response from movie lovers. The proof, for three consecutive weeks at the top of the film is top of the list of box-office movie in America with a total of 190 million dollars. An amazing achievement. 8
  9. 9. EVALUATIVE SUMMATION: As an alternative to fill the holiday, it is not wrong if you put this film as the first priority. Really entertaining and brings us to the exciting atmosphere inside. 9
  10. 10. Tittle Genre Directory Production Years Duration Stars : UP : Animation, Adventure, Family : Pete Docter and Bob Peterson : Pixar Animation Studios : 2009 : 100 minutes : - Edward Asner as Carl Fredricksen - Jeremy Leary as Carl (boys) - Christopher Plummer as Charles Muntz - Jordan Nagai as Russell - Bob Peterson asDug dan Alpha - Delroy Lindo asBeta - Jerome Ranft as Gamma - David Kaye as Newsreel Announcer - Elie Docter as Ellie (girls) - Mickie McGowan as Polisi Edith - Josh Cooley as Omega 10
  11. 11. ORIENTATION: Up is an animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios, distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. Up premiered on May 29, 2009 in Cannes Film Festival, and made history as the first animated film to be played in the event. INTERPRETATIVE RECOUNT: Carl Fredricksen (Edward Asner) is a quiet boy who was friendly with his friend who called girl named Ellie, who was both idolized Charles Muntz, an explorer. After the adult Carl and Ellie marry. Their life is very happy, cheerful background music and obsession is having their first child. But apparently, Ellie declared by doctors that she could not get pregnant. Shortly music became slower and sad, but returned to the spirit when Carl and Ellie try to set aside their income to fly to Paradise Falls, where Charles Muntz. Still, problem always arise that hinder them to fly to Paradise Falls. Carl, who realize their obsession has not reached buy tickets to South America, and want to give a surprise for Ellie. However, before the dream is achieved, Ellie dies first. This leads Carl really lost enthusiasm for life and a private quiet and introverted. That morning, as usual Carl got up early and run activities. He came out, sat her in a chair that has surrounded the construction work, also hinted that his house will be evicted soon. He went to check the mailbox, and had a chat with one of the construction workers. As I was watching TV, he met with Russell (Jordan Nagai), an eager boy scout and will help him do anything. Once deceived by Carl, Russell and Carl went to see his mailbox almost hit by a tronton off. Carl angry and hit one of the officers, injuring his head to make Carl dragged to court and eventually the right to house and land fell into the hands of the boss of the construction workers. After that, it is rumored that the next morning will be picked up by the nursing home. When he would take care of his clothes, he saw the book adventures of Ellie and realizes what he did not do. The night passed and morning came. 11
  12. 12. Officers nursing home was ready in front of the house Carl, and Carl asked for a little time to say goodbye to her. When the officer had the car, it turns out Carl's house has been fitted with ten thousand helium balloons, balloon pressure is very strong to make cracks around the bottom of the house, and the house fly. Carl rejoice that he managed to move his house and Ellie and preparing to fly to Paradise Falls. As I was relaxing in his house, he was surprised to hear the knock on the door, and it turns out Russell. And so begins their adventure, they first encounter a cloud of rain and lightning, which led to Carl fainting. Once he knew, he knew that he had arrived at Paradise Falls, but could not get back into his house because he fell. Then he and Russell walked while carrying the house by pulling it with a rope to get to the middle of Paradise Falls, a place where he could see the waterfall falling significantly. In the forest, finding Kevin Russell, a giant bird that resembles an ostrich, and they became good friends because Kevin likes chocolate, and Russell had a lot of chocolate. Carl was not like Kevin, until he met again with Doug, a dog that can talk to a collar translate. They are four of the adventure, while Doug has three enemies of the name of Alpha, Beta, and Delta. Then Carl knows that having Doug, Alpha, Beta, Delta, and the dogs are Charles Muntz, the hero from childhood. Charles Muntz who was sent by the city of the place of origin because it has been deemed spreading false news about the alien creature from Paradise Falls, which was not a lie, he has the bone structure, and finally Carl realized that the bone is very similar to Kevin. When Charles Muntz know that Carl has Kevin, he sent his dogs to chase Carl and Russell and Kevin who escaped. They got caught, but managed apart due to the help of Doug. After being saved, Charles Muntz was really cornered them and managed to get Kevin, while Carl decided not to save Kevin and stayed at Paradise Falls. 12
  13. 13. Carl, who re-discovered the book adventures of Ellie, to see that this time he did wrong when he saw many pictures of her and Ellie when they were still together. Then he saw the writing Ellie "Thanks for the adventure. Got a New one! Ellie." and realized that he had to save Kevin. He then came out to talk to Russell who was upset about it, but apparently Russell is going after the giant ship with balloons Muntz from Carl's house. Carl tried to catch Russell, who was there captured by Muntz. After rescuing Russell, he saved Kevin, and Muntz fight. After Carl Russell brought home to the giant ship that contained Kevin and Doug, they were getting ready to leave, but Muntz in his house with a gun shooting balloons. Carl could not move because he was holding the rope, but after he outwit Muntz, he told Russell, Kevin and Doug to hold in the rope he held, while Muntz falls from a height, causing his death. They rejoiced because it managed to defeat Muntz, but Carl was sad because his house and Ellie fall from height. Russell and Carl, went home to his native place of the giant ship Muntz and those attending the ceremony that followed Russell. Carl Russell raised as her adoptive father, while Kevin was home to the place of origin and Doug makes Carl a new owner. They ate ice cream together, while playing. Dug, Carl, and Russell lived happily, while his return to Paradise Falls, Carl and Ellie's house landed perfectly in Paradise Falls, exactly as they envisioned. EVALUATION: Up is a movie that is very interesting and exciting. Many things can be learned from this film especially for children. Gaming technology is packed into this film was able to anesthetize all people from children to adults. EVALUATIVE SUMMATION: The film Up is mandatory watched by all people because there are no negative elements in it and this film provides many good examples for the children who watch it. 13
  14. 14. Alhamdulillahirabbil’alamin, we has finished this assignment. Thankyou to Mrs. Wia Cuwiarsih who has quided and give us support for finish this project. Thanks to Mrs. Lilis Saidah, S.Pd as vice class XII SCIENCE 3, and Thanks to Mr. Darya M.Pd as headmaster in Senior High School 5 Karawang, and our friends in Senior High School 5 Karawang who have help us to finished this project. Please forgive our project if there are some mistake in this assignment. And we need critic and advice from the readers. In order we can be better than now. And we hope this final assignment can useful. Especially for us and generally for all the readers. 14