Winter Blues Study


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Winter Blues Study

  1. 1. need to hibernate? you probably suffer the winter blues syndrome
  2. 2. WHAT IS IT the change of seasons. It affects individuals exposed to few sunlight hours, such as Winter Blues is not a new style of music... Nor northern European citizens. People who is it the latest blue color based fashion trend suffer from Winter Blues experience increased … or even the latest social networking tool… appetite, weight gain and hypersomnia. If you suffer two or more of these symptoms It is a very common disease that many each year in the fall and into the winter, you Northern Europeans living above the may suffer from winter blues: Pyrenees suffer from. It affects your overall mood and it’s due to being exposed to few • Increased feelings of lethargy; feeling tired sunlight hours. But it is not new at all! It all the time. For some scientists it’s a human was first described in the VI century by a trait similar to animals’ winter hibernation. Scandinavian scholar. • Difficulty in waking up in the mornings as Therefore, if you are among the 64% of people the days gets shorter. that believe that good weather makes them feel happier, or the 86% that have to listen to • Difficulty in concentrating and thinking their boss saying that their productivity drops creatively, in comparison to the summer with the October hour change, or the 82% months. that find it hard to get up before sunrise, your should read this study to the end. • Increased craving for carbohydrate-rich foods like chocolate and sodas. Depression symptoms: • Incorrectly blaming oneself for things that go wrong. • Difficulty performing tasks that normally seem to be easy/enjoyable. tips to overcome winter blues These tips will help you get through the winter feeling a bit better: WHAT ARE ITS EFFECTS? Do some exercise Winter Blues is a form of depression that takes Aerobic exercise has proven to help people place around the same time each year with combat winter blues. Not only does aerobic
  3. 3. exercise improve your mood, but it has also of the population in the Netherlands suffers has been shown to reduce stress. from Winter Blues. Improve your diet with carbs Carbohydrates are often effective in increasing serotonin levels in the brain. A better strategy for anyone suffering from winter blues would be to eat larger portions of complex carbohydrates, like pasta and rice, and healthy simple carbohydrates like fruits and fruit juices during meals. Get away for the weekend to get natural sunlight If you suffer this disease you are obviously not getting that much sunlight. Take a break • The Winter Blues is primarily caused and travel to some southern European by unstable melatonin levels, as well as destination that offers plenty of sunlight hours serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for and different interesting leisure activities. mood, hunger, and sleep. As the days become shorter and the hours of sunlight decrease, people suffering from sufferers of the Winter Blues experience changes in their mood, did you know that...? energy level, and ability to concentrate. Facts about Winter Blues • Although the Winter Blues are not as severe as long-term depression, they can change • It affects about four times as many women the way a person thinks, reacts, and deals as men. with everyday challenges. • It affects mainly younger people, usually starting in the person’s twenties and thirties. • Winter Blues is a common syndrome that affects the mood of some inhabitants in most of the Nordic countries. Other countries where Winter Blues exists are the United States and Alaska. • Around 20% of Irish people are affected by Winter Blues, according to a survey conducted in 2007, and an estimated 10%