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Cim Social Media Kendal Jan 11


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Presentation from CIM Cumbria Branch event - How to make the most of your Social Media

Presentation from CIM Cumbria Branch event - How to make the most of your Social Media

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  • Only 21% ‘active’ users73% of users with less than 10 tweets (December 2010)
  • Good content drives conversationMake money / save money
  • The ROI on SM is your business being here in 5 years
  • Success may not be a goal but progress over time.
  • Marathon not a sprint
  • Transcript

    • 1. Getting the most out ofsocial media
      Andrew Armitage
      Armitage Online Limited
      Kendal College
      26th January 2011
    • 2. Andrew Armitage
      Armitage Online Limited
      Digital consultancy
      Website design
      Web applications
      Online marketing
      Social media
      Clients include
      Zeffirellis Ambleside
      Windermere Lake Cruises
      Various hotels
    • 3. Getting the most out of social media
      Do we know what social media is?
      Why social media?
      What do we want to get out of social media?
      How can we achieve ‘it’?
      How will we know when we’ve achieved it?
      The answers may not be clear cut – and will almost certainly be different for everyone in the room.
    • 4. What are social networks?
      Multi-media sharing
      Comment platforms
    • 5. Any place that real people are engaging online
    • 6.
    • 7.
    • 8. The impacts of social media
      Fundamental shift in online communication
      All major sites now have a social influence
      Social networks and blogs now account for 20 per cent of the total time spent online.
    • 9.
    • 10.
    • 11.
    • 12. Is it all good news?
      • Roughly 1% of users are responsible for 34% of all visits on Linked In
      41% of users haven’t tweeted since signing up
      Only 20% of Twitter users have tweeted 10 times or more
      24% of twitter users have no followers
      Only 1.5m local business pages on Facebook
      Major privacy concerns on Facebook
    • 13. The social media landscape
      41.6m visits
      over 40m reviews
      6m photos uploaded
      Linked In
      Roughly 1% of users are responsible for 34% of all visits!
      62% are passers-by and responsible for 18% of visits
    • 14. “Companiescan now communicate with their markets directly. If they blow it, it could be their last chance”
    • 15. “Consumers can now influence the marketdirectly. If companiesblow it, they may never get their chance”
    • 16. “we don’t have a choice whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it”
      Erik Qualman
    • 17. Twitter
      140 characters to share your message (tweet)
      People follow each other
      Use ‘#hashtags’ tags to categorise your posts or emotion
      Re-tweet (RT) to share posts you like and support your peers
      Informal conversation
    • 18. Facebook
      Join networks organised by city/workplace/school
      Engage with interest groups
      Set up a business page or pay per click advertising
      Add ‘social connectors’ to your website
      Most effective for B2C businesses
      Can business audiences even get to Facebook?
      The “noticeboard”
    • 19. Linked In
      Business oriented
      Join groups and engage in discussion with peers
      Link to your blog and twitter feed
      Add presentations about your company
      My CV
    • 20. Slideshare
      upload presentations
      add to your linked in profile
      easy to upload and share content in word, powerpoint, pdf and more
      add pre-recorded audio – slide casting
    • 21. Rules of participation
      Participate in conversation
      Make new connections
      Help people
      Listen to your audience
      Don’t block the competition!
      Gently ‘feed’ your other online spaces
    • 22. Rules of engagement
      Users aren’t necessarily engaged
      Allow customers and followers to engage in their own time
      Review individual behaviour and respond accordingly
      Don’t get too bogged down with broad metrics
      Engagement could be more valuable than conversion
    • 23. What should I say?
      Reference interesting statistics
      Share your followers posts
      Link to your other online profiles
      Occasional special offers
      Add value to your followers
      Don’t bore people – say something remarkable!
      Develop a content strategy
    • 24. What about the impact of mobile?
    • 25. What about the impact of mobile?
      50% of the mobile Internet traffic in the UK is for Facebook
      Social apps
      Location based services with GPS positioning
      The ability to quickly upload photos and links
      The ability to share anything instantly
    • 26. Location based services
    • 27. What social media is not!
      A sales pitch
      Search engine optimisation
      …but it does support the above
    • 28. What goes online stays online!
      Messages should be consistent
      Always be transparent
      The professional/personal divide
      Dissatisfied customers now have a very public voice
      It’s now more expensive to remove content than create it
    • 29. Be ‘on brand’
      Support your brand in all you say/do
      Use corporate and personal accounts
      Add value to your followers
      Who will be ‘the voice’?
    • 30. Setting your strategy
      Driving traffic alone is not effective lead generation
      Define a success metric
      Go where your audience is
      Use tools that are relevant for that audience
    • 34. Social media barriers
      High risk
      Bad press
      Not saying the right things
      Not enough time
      There’s a risk to take by not engaging
      People can still say bad things about you
      Is saying nothing the right answer?
      Speculate to accumulate
    • 35. Managing the commitment to social media
    • 36. Making the most of Twitter
      Join in conversations
      Offer your opinions
      RT tweets by leading industry thinkers
      Acknowledge the value offered by others
      Context and content is vital
      Use #hashtags to link to your subject
      Set searches for your subject area
    • 37. Making the most of Facebook
      Secure your custom URL eg.
      Customise your profile page
      Add some glue!
      Encourage participation and sharing
      Don’t make unreasonable demands on people’s downtime
      Add a ‘Like’ button to your website
    • 38.
    • 39. Tools of the trade
      Make use of a social media ‘client’
      Add all your profiles
      Update from a single place
      Check and update regularly
      Google Analytics
      Raven Tools
    • 40. Measuring your success
      Google analytics
      Number of ‘likes’, ‘views’ and ‘followers’
      Social media ‘sentiment’ tracking
      Direct campaign analysis
    • 41. “social media is visible to everyone. A small mistake can soon go ‘viral’ causing huge damage to your brand”
    • 42.
    • 43.
    • 44.
    • 45. “Don’t forget about your website”
    • 46. Your own website
      Make sure the content is up to date
      Use landing pages – how strong is the funnel?
      Do the links work?
      Does it support your digital strategy?
      Is your website optimised for the search engines
      Your website will be the ultimate authority on your business
    • 47. Getting started
      and for those looking for more information…
    • 48. Summary
      Linked In for business discussion
      Twitter for customer/peer engagement and conversation
      Facebook is the notice board
      Use these to feed other channels such as
      Your website
      Online video
      Email signups
      Blog posts
    • 49. What we now know
      Social media affects us all whether we like it or not
      Social media has unrivalled power and reach
      We should have some ideas of why we want to use social media and therefore some idea of what we want to achieve
      We know this is a marathon, not a sprint
      Find your audience, and engage with them.
    • 50. “Don’t miss out on the conversation…
      …even if you just mostly listen in”
    • 51. Where to follow me…
      @aarmitage and @armitageonline on twitter
      awarmitage on facebook
      015395 61956
    • 52. Sources and references