Sap hr transaction codes all


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This is a complete transactions code list for SAP

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Sap hr transaction codes all

  1. 1. Code DescriptionP1B1 Transfer hiring data for applicantP1B2 Transfer hiring data for applicantP1B3 Transfer hiring data for applicantP1B4 Transfer table T588Z, infotype 4000P1B5 Transfer opt. archive for applicantP1B6 Transfer hiring data for applicantP1B7 Conversion T750BP1OA Transfer Settings for Opt.ArchivingP201 Transfer T514D/V from Client 000P2W1 Transfer Incentive Wage AccountingP2W2 Copy Incentive Wage FormsP4SW Release notes BWPP5P1 Addition of IT0122 to T588BP5P2 Delete entries in T588BPA00 Initial PA Master Data MenuPA03 Maintain Personnel Control RecordPA04 Maintain HR Number RangesPA05 Number Range Maintenance: RP_COIFTPA06 Number Range Maintenance: PD_SEQ_NRPA07 Maintain Number Range: RP_GARNEMPA08 Maintain Number Range: RP_GARNSUBPA09PA10 Personnel FilePA20 Display HR Master DataPA30 Maintain HR Master DataPA40 Personnel ActionsPA41 Correct ActionsPA42 Fast Entry for ActionsPA46 Import from ResumixPA47 Export to ResumixPA48 Hiring from non-SAP systemPA51 Display Time DataPA53 Display Time DataPA61 Maintain Time DataPA62 List Entry of Additional DataPA63 Maintain Time DataPA64 Calendar EntryPA70 Fast EntryPA71 Fast Entry of Time DataPA88 BenefitsPA97 Matrix Maintenance
  2. 2. PA98 Compensation AdministrationPA99 Compensation Admin. - Release ReportPAAH Call Ad-Hoc QueryPACA HR-CH: PF administrationPACB HR-CH: PF account maintenancePACC HR-CH: PF calculatorPACE HR-CH: Pension fund : PostingsPACK HR-CH: Pension fundPACN Number range maint: HRCHPKONTOPACP HR-CH: Pension fund, interfacePACT PC parameter maintenancePAJP Call reporting tree - JapanPAL1 Create Sales RepresentativePAL2 Display Sales RepresentativePAL3 Maintain Sales RepresentativePAL4 Create BuyerPAL5 Maintain BuyerPAL6 Display BuyerPAR1 Flexible employee dataPAR2 Employee listPAT1 Personnel Administration infosystemPAW1 Who is whoPB00 RecruitmentPB04 Number Range Maintenance: RP_PAPLPB10 Init.entry of applicant master dataPB20 Display applicant master dataPB30 Maintain applicant master dataPB40 Applicant actionsPB50 Display Applicant ActivitiesPB60 Maintain Applicant ActivitiesPB80 Evaluate vacanciesPBA0 Evaluate advertisementsPBA1 Applicant indexPBA2 List of applicationsPBA3 Applicant vacancy assignment listPBA4 Receipt of applicationPBA5 Recurring tasks: Print lettersPBA6 Recurring tasks: Print lettersPBA7 Recurring tasks: Data transferPBA8 Recurring tasks: Transfer dataPBA9 List of planned actionsPBAA Evaluate recruitment instrument
  3. 3. PBAB Maintain vacancy assignmentsPBAC Applicant statisticsPBAD Recurring tasks: Print lettersPBAE Applicant poolPBAF Vacancy assignment listPBAG ScreeningPBAH DecisionPBAI All applicants via qualificationsPBAJ Recruitment info systemPBAK Recurring Tasks: Print LabelsPBAL Bulk processingPBAM Variable Applicant ListPBAN Ad Hoc QueryPBAO ABAP QueryPBAP Internal Applicants Via QualsPBAQ External Applicants Via QualsPBAT Choose SAPscript or WinWordPBAU Maintain T750CPBAV Display T750CPBAW Maintain T750BPBAX Display T750BPBAY Maintain T750XPBAZ Display T750XPBCX Cust. Account Assign. Reference (MM)PBCY Cust. Account Assign. Reference (FX)PBCZ Cust. Account Assign. Reference (DE)PBW1 Career CenterPBW2 Career Center: Status trackingPBWW Customizing standard text in WinWordPC00 Menu for HR PayrollPC01 Payroll Menu: GermanyPC02 Payroll Menu: SwitzerlandPC03 Payroll Menu: AustriaPC04 Payroll Menu: SpainPC05 Payroll Menu: NetherlandsPC06 Payroll Menu: FrancePC07 Payroll menu CanadaPC08 Payroll Menu: Great BritainPC09 Payroll Menu: DenmarkPC10 Payroll Menu: USAPC12 Payroll Menu: BelgiumPC14 Payroll Menu: USA
  4. 4. PC16 Payroll Menu: South AfricaPC1A HR Menu: Payroll for AustriaPC1B Payroll Menu: BelgiumPC1C Menu for HR Payroll SwitzerlandPC1D HR Menu: Payroll for GermanyPC1E HR Menu: Payroll for SpainPC1F HR Menu: Payroll for FrancePC1G HR Menu: Payroll for Great BritainPC1J HR menu : Payroll for JapanPC1K HR Payroll Menu for CanadaPC1LPC1M HR payroll menu DenmarkPC1N HR NL: Payroll MenuPC1Q HR Payroll Menu - AustraliaPC1R HR-SG: Payroll Menu per periodsPC1S Menu for HR Payroll SwedenPC1T HR Payroll Menu for Czech RepublicPC1U HR Payroll Menu for USAPC1W Payroll Menu: South AfricaPC1X Payroll Menu: International VersionPC22 Payroll Menu: JapanPC23 Payroll Menu: SwedenPC25 Payroll Menu: SingaporePC2A New Payroll MenuPC2B Payroll Menu YearlyPC2C Menu for HR Payroll Annual Switz.PC2D New Payroll MenuPC2E New Payroll MenuPC2F Annual Payroll Menu (F)PC2G HR Menu: Payroll for Great BritainPC2J HR menu : Payroll for JapanPC2K New Payroll Menu (Canada)PC2LPC2M HR-DK: Annual payroll activitiesPC2N HR NL: New Payroll MenuPC2R HR-SG: Payroll Menu: AnnualPC2S Menu for HR Payroll Annual SwedenPC2T HR Payroll Menu for Czech RepublicPC2U New Payroll MenuPC2W New Payroll MenuPC32 Payroll Menu: MexicoPC34 Payroll Menu for Indonesia
  5. 5. PC3A Payroll Menu: Other PeriodsPC3B Other periodsPC3C Menu for RP Payroll Other per Switz.PC3D Payroll Menu: Other PeriodsPC3E Payroll Menu: Other PeriodsPC3F Payroll Menu (F): Other periodsPC3G HR Menu: Payroll for Great BritainPC3J HR menu : Payroll for JapanPC3K Payroll Menu: Other Periods (CA)PC3LPC3M Payroll Menu: Other PeriodsPC3N Payroll Menu: Other Periods (NL)PC3Q Pay Scale Reclassification AustraliaPC3R Payroll Menu: Other PeriodsPC3S Menu for RP Payroll Other per SwedenPC3T HR Payroll Menu for Czech RepublicPC3U Payroll Menu: Other PeriodsPC3W Payroll Menu: Other PeriodsPC4A New Payroll MenuPC4B Independent PeriodPC4C Menu for RP Payroll Other Switz.PC4D New Payroll MenuPC4E New Payroll MenuPC4F Payroll Menu (F): Period-unrelatedPC4G HR Menu: Payroll for Great BritainPC4J HR menu : Payroll for JapanPC4K New Payroll Menu (Canada)PC4LPC4N HR NL: New Payroll MenuPC4Q Pay Scale Increase AustraliaPC4R Payroll menue: Period-IndependentPC4S Menu for RP Payroll Other SwedenPC4T HR Payroll Menu for Czech RepublicPC4U New Payroll MenuPC4W New Payroll MenuPC5J HR payroll menu (Japan) - SYOYOPC5Q Pay Scale Inc. Extended AustraliaPC6J HR payroll menu (Japan) year-end adjPC7J HR payroll menu (Japan) - retirementPC8J HR payroll menu Social Insurance JPPC99 International Payroll MenuPCC0 Maintnce fam.rltd.bonuses Switz.
  6. 6. PCP0 Post accounting dataPDA1 List of part-time work for pensionerPDA2 Construct transaction data listPDB1 Release Info 2.1A - StatementsPDB2 Releaseinfo 2.2A StatementsPDF0 Convert form for remun.statementPDF2 Form table CY 94/95PDF7 Delete form in customer clientPDF8 Copy form from SAP clientPDF9 Copy forms within customer clientPDI1 Copy Wage Types from Standard ClientPDJ1 HR Change of Year 93/94 (D)PDJ2 HR Fiscal year change 94/95 D Suppl.PDJ3 Bill of materials 3.0CPDJ6 Evaluation/statistic object listPDJ7 AV96/97 Continued PayPDJ8 Part-time work by pensionersPDK1 Copy W.Types from Standard ClientsPDLK HR D(G4) Form Tables f. PayrollAcctPDP0 Table entries for loansPDS1 Health insurance fundsPDSD Object list DynMaßn tax DPDVA Copy VAG Wage Types for IT 0093PE00 Starts Transactions PE01,PE02,PE03PE01 HR: Maintain Payroll SchemasPE02 HR: Maintain Calculation RulesPE03 HR: FeaturesPE04 Creating Functions and OperationsPE51 HR form editorPEPM Profile MatchupPEPP ProfilesPF01 Test transact.PF02 Cust. test of value-based IMPF05 Number Range Maintenance: HRSOBJECTPFAC Maintain standard rolePFAL HR ALE: Distr. infotypes completelyPFCG Activity Group MaintenancePFCP Copy Workflow TasksPFCT Task CatalogPFCU Task CustomizingPFOM Maintain Assignment to SAP Org.ObjsPFOS Display Assignment to SAP Org.Objs
  7. 7. PFSE Start PFS from R/3 SystemPFSO Users Organizational EnvironmentPFT Maintain Customer TaskPFTC General Task MaintenancePFTR Standard Task for TransactionPFTS Standard TaskPFUD User Master Data ReconciliationPFWF Maintain Workflow Task (customer)PFWS Maintain workflow templatePGOM Graphical Structure MaintenancePI30 PP-PI Options for Release 3.0PI50 Transfer selected R/2 ordersPI51 Transfer current R/2 ordersPI60 Transfer confirmations to R/2PID1 HR-ID: Payroll Menu per periodsPID2 HR-ID: Payroll Menu: AnnualPID3 Payroll Menu: Other PeriodsPID4 Payroll menue: Period-IndependentPIMN Human resources information systemPK00 KanbanPK01 Create control cyclePK02 Change control cyclePK03 Display control cyclePK99 Function Access via TransactionPKBC Chnge Container Status with Bar CodePKC1 Process cost controllingPKG1 Copy entries for garnishment CAPKW1 Kanban board WWWPM00 Menu for HR ReportsPM01 Enhance InfotypesPM03 Maintain Number Range FeaturesPM10 Statements SelectionPM11 Statements - Single Data EntryPM12 Statements - Fast Data EntryPM13 Statements - PrintPMAR Change plan for appropriation req.PMX1PMX2PMX3PMX4PO01 Maintain Work CenterPO02 Maintain Training Program
  8. 8. PO03 Maintain JobPO04 Maintain Business Event TypePO05 Maintain Business EventPO06 Maintain LocationPO07 Maintain ResourcePO08 Maintain External PersonPO09 Maintain Business Event GroupPO10 Maintain Organizational UnitPO11 Maintain QualificationPO12 Maintain Resource TypePO13 Maintain PositionPO14 Maintain TaskPO15 Maintain CompanyPO16 Maintain ServicesPO17 Maintain Requirements ProfilePO18 Maintain Resource RoomPO19 Maintain External InstructorPOI1 Start Download of Master DataPOIL View Received Data LogPOIM Start Download of Master DataPOIT Start Download of Transaction DataPOIU Start Receiving Changes to DataPOTB Parameters for OTBPP01 Maintain Plan Data (menu-guided)PP02 Maintain Plan Data (Open)PP03 Maintain Plan Data (Action-Guided)PP05 Number RangesPP06 Number Range Maintenance: HRADATAPP07 Tasks/DescriptionsPP20 Career and Succession PlanningPP23 PD Cost Planning: Reset PasswordPP26 Plan Scenario AdministrationPP27 Release of plan scenarios for COPP28 PersCostPl: New ScenarioPP29 PersCostPl: ResumptionPP2B PD CostPl.: Plan Basic Pay DirectPP2D PD CostPl1: Delete Payroll ResultsPP2P PD CPl: Plan Payroll Results DirectPP30 SAP Room Reservations PlanningPP31 SAP Room Reservations Planning: DataPP32 SAP Room Reservations: ServicesPP40 Correspondence
  9. 9. PP61 Shift PlanningPP62 Shift Planning: Requirements MenuPP63 Requirements ProcessingPP64 Choose Plan VersionPP65 Edit an Entry ObjectPP66 Shift Planning: Entry ProfilePP68 Shift Planning: Current SettingsPP69 Choose Text for Organizational UnitPP6A Personal Shift PlanPP6B Attendance ListPP70 Organizational ManagementPP72 Shift PlanningPP74 Personnel Cost PlanningPP75 AssessmentPP7S Organizational ManagementPP90 Set Up OrganizationPPCI Copy InfotypePPCO Initial Screen: Organizational PlanPPCP Career PlanningPPCT Task CatalogPPEM PD: Display Organizational StructurePPI0 Transfer of Table EntriesPPIS Human Resources Information SystemPPLB Evaluate CareersPPME Change Matrix OrganizationPPMM Personnel PlanningPPMS Display Matrix OrganizationPPO1 Change Cost Center AssignmentPPO2 Display Cost Center AssignmentPPO3 Change Reporting StructurePPO4 Display Reporting StructurePPO5 Change Object Indicators (O/S)PPO6 Change Object Indicators O/SPPOA Display Menu Interface (with dyn.)PPOC Create Organizational UnitPPOM Maintain Organizational PlanPPOS Display Organizational PlanPPPD Display ProfilePPPE Area Menu: Personnel DevelopmentPPPM Change ProfilePPQ1 Find Objects for QualificationsPPQ2 Find Objects for Requirements
  10. 10. PPQD Display Qualifications CatalogPPRL Change Material When Profile DeletedPPRP Reporting: Personnel DevelopmentPPRV Change Material When Profile ChangedPPSC Create StructurePPSM Change StructurePPSP Succession PlanningPPSS Display StructurePPST Structure EvaluationPPUP Settings: User ParametersPQ01 Actions for Work CenterPQ02 Actions for Training ProgramPQ03 Actions for JobPQ04 Actions for Business Event TypePQ06 Location ActionsPQ07 Resource ActionsPQ08 Actions for External PersonPQ09 Actions for Business Event GroupPQ10 Actions for Organizational UnitPQ12 Actions for Resource TypePQ13 Actions for PositionPQ14 Actions for TaskPQ15 Actions for CompanyPQ17 Actions for Requirement ProfilesPQ18 Actions for Resource RoomPQ19 Actions for External InstructorPQAH Transaction for Ad Hoc QueryPQLV Australian Leave ProcessingPQRD Redundancies AustraliaPQTM Terminations AustraliaPR00 Trip CostsPR01 Maintain International Travel DataPR02 Fast Entry: Inter.Trip Costs DataPR03 Edit AdvancesPR04 Edit Weekly ReportsPR05 Receipt EntryPR10 Number Range Maint.: RP_REINRPR11PR12 Number Range Maint. for Posting RunsPR71 Customizing Coding Block 1701PR72 Customizing Coding Block 1702PR73 Customizing Coding Block 1703
  11. 11. PR90 Initial Screen: Public SectorPR91 Display: Trips with PeriodsPR92 Display: Trips with PeriodsPR93 Change: Trips with PeriodsPRAA Automatic Vendor MaintenancePRAP Approval of TripsPRC2 Customizing Coding Block 1200PRC7 Customizing Coding Block 1700PRCC Credit Card ClearingPRCD Delete/Copy Trip CountriesPRCT Current SettingsPRCU Check Printing USAPRD1 Create DMEPRDE Delete/Restore Trip Prov.VariantPRDH Employees with Exceeded Trip DaysPRDX Call Country Version DME Pre.ProgramPREC Trip Costs Accounting ProgramPRF0 Standard FormPRF1 Summarized Form 1PRF2 Summarized Form 2PRFI Posting to Financial AccountingPRFW Income-rel.Expenses StatementPRHD Maximum Value Delimitation for MealsPRHH Scale Maximum Amounts for MealsPRHP Scale Per Diems for MealsPRIN Index for Personnel Number in VendorPRMC Trip Costs: Feature TRVCTPRMD Maintain HR Master DataPRMF Trip Costs: Feature TRVFDPRML Set Country Grouping via Dialog BoxPRMM Personnel ActionsPRMS Display HR Master DataPRMT Update Matchcode TPROF Profit Center AccountingPRPD Delimitation of Per Diems for MealsPRPY Transfer to Payroll AccountingPRRW Post Accounting DataPRST Period StatisticsPRVT VAT RecoveryPS00 Basic dataPS01 Project Information SystemPS02 Operative Structures
  12. 12. PS03 Project PlanningPS04 Project ApprovalPS05 Project ExecutionPS06 Project Cost ControllingPS81 Call Up Report Tree PS81 (Ind.Overv)PS90 Call Up Report Tree PS90 (Overview)PS91 Call Up Report Tree PS91 (Costs)PS92 Call Up Report Tree PS92 (Revenues)PS93 Call Up Report Tree PS93 (Finances)PS94 Call Up Report Tree PS94 (Line Itms)PS95 Call Up Report Tree PS95 (Sum.over.)PS96 Call Up Report Tree PS96 (Sum.costs)PS97 Call Up Report Tree PS97 (Sum.rev.s)PS98 Call Up Report Tree PS98 (Sum.fin.)PSC PS Basic data: current settingsPSC0 Set Plan Version Valid for Cost PlanPSC2 PS Op.structures: current settingsPSC3 PS planning: Current settingsPSC5 PS Implementation: Update SettingsPSCP Set plan versionPSIC Curr.settings HR information systemPSJ1 Hokensya Santei AdjustmentPSO0 Set Plan Version for OrgManagementPSO1 Set Aspect for OrgManagementPSO2 PS System/Database ToolsPSO3 Infotype overviewPSO4 Individual Infotype MaintenancePSO5 PD: Administration ToolsPSOA Work Center ReportingPSOC Job ReportingPSOG OrgManagement General ReportingPSOI Tools Integration PA-PDPSOO Organizational Unit ReportingPSOS Position ReportingPSOT Task ReportingPSSD Check BNL flow typesPSV0 Change / Display ResourcesPSV1 Dynamic Attendance MenuPSV2 Dynamic Business Event MenuPSV3 Dynamic Information MenuPSV4 Set Plan VersionPSV5 Info: Attendances
  13. 13. PSV6 Reporting: Business EventsPSV7 Reporting: ResourcesPSV8 Create AttendeePSV9 Change / Display AttendeePSVA Set AspectPSVC Training and Events:Current SettingsPSVL Set Business Event LanguagePSVO Change / Display OrganizerPSVP Dynamic Planning MenuPSVR Dynamic Resource MenuPSVT Dynamic Tool MenuPT00 Time ManagementPT01 Create Work SchedulePT02 Change Work SchedulePT03 Display Work SchedulePT10PT11 Number Range Maintenance: PTM_QUONRPT12 Number Range Maintenance: HRAA_PDOCPT40 PDC Error TransactionPT41 Communication ParametersPT42 Supply Personnel DataPT43 Supply Master DataPT44 Upload RequestPT45 Post Person Time EventsPT46 Post Working Time EventsPT50 Leave AccrualPT60 Time EvaluationPT61 Time StatementPT62 Attendance ListPT63 Personal Work SchedulePT64 Absence ListPT65 Graphical Abs./Attendance OverviewPT66 Display Cluster B2PT67 Third-Party Payroll AccountingPT68 Activity AllocationPT70 Time Management Info SystemPT71 Tool Selection for Time ManagementPT82 CC1: Download HR Mini Master RecordsPT83 CC1: Download Employee Time BalancesPT84 Allowed Absence/Attendance ReasonsPT85 Allowed External Wage TypesPT86 Allowed Time Event Types
  14. 14. PT87 Allowed PositionsPTE1 Generate Batch Input SessionPTE2 Process Batch Input SessionPTE3 Reorganize Interface FilePU00 Delete Personnel DataPU01 Delete current payroll resultPU03 Change Payroll StatusPU11 Supplementary CS Benefits (D)PU12 Connection to Third-Party PayrollPU13 Correction ChecksPU14 On Demand Check for Regular PayPU15 On Demand Checks (Bonus)PU20 Preperation for issuing of tax formsPU21 Issuing of tax formsPU22 HR ArchivingPU23 SARA parameters set for PA_CALCPU24 SARA parameters set for PA_TIMEPU25 SARA parameters set for PA-TRAVELPU30 Wage Type MaintenancePU90 Delete applicant dataPU95 HR: Maintain Log. Views & WT GroupsPU96 HR: Maintain Wage Type GroupsPU97 HR: Logical View MaintenancePU98 Assign Wage Types to GroupsPUC0 HR-CH: Maintain MA attributesPUCA HR-CH: PC admin. for PFPUCE HR-CH: PC editor for PFPUCF HR-CH: PC maintenance form PFPUCG HR-CH: Funds-total copierPUCK HR-CH: Entity copier for fundsPUCP HR-CH: PC parameter maint. for PFPUCV HR-CH: Entity copier for PC obj.PUCW HR-CH: Maint. of HSC outputs for PFPUG1 HR-GB: On-demand payrollPULT Transport HR Tables for LogisticsPUU1 BSI Test ToolPUUG Change remittance due datePV00 Book AttendancePV01 Rebook AttendancePV02 Prebook AttendancePV03 Replace AttendancePV04 Cancel Attendance
  15. 15. PV05 Book List: Attendees/Business EventsPV06 Prebook List: AttendeesPV07 Book List: AttendeesPV08 Book List: Business EventsPV09 Plan Business EventsPV0I Display Business Event OfferPV10 Create Business Event with ResourcesPV11 Create Business Event w/o ResourcesPV12 Firmly Book / Cancel Business EventPV14 Lock / Unlock Business EventPV15 Follow Up Business EventPV16 Prebooking List per AttendeePV17 BillingPV18 Cost AllocationPV1A Change Business EventPV1B Display Business EventPV1C Cost TransferPV1D Price ProposalPV1I Attendee Bookings (R/3 Users)PV26 Prebook List: Attendees/Event TypesPV2I Attendee Bookings (Web Users)PV32 AppraisalsPV33 Business Event AppraisalPV34 Attendee AppraisalPV3I Display Business Event OfferPV4I Attendee Bookings (Web Users)PV5I Attendee Bookings (R/3 Users)PV6I Attendee Bookings (Web Users)PVB0 Business Event BudgetPVB1 Create Business Event BudgetPVB2 Display Business Event BudgetPVB3 Change Business Event BudgetPVBA Training & Events: Budget ComparisonPVBB Create/Change Training ProgramPVCT Master Data CatalogPVD0 Create/Change Business Event TypePVF0 Create/Change LocationPVF1 Maintain LocationPVG0 Create/Change ResourcePVG1 Create/Change RoomPVG2 Lock/Unlock ResourcePVG3 Maintain Room
  16. 16. PVH0 Create/Change External InstructorPVH1 Create/Change InstructorPVH2 Maintain External PersonPVL0 Create/Change Business Event GroupPVMN Training & Event ManagementPVR0 Create/Change Resource TypePVR1 Maintain Room EquipmentPVU0 Create/Change CompanyPVU1 Maintain CompanyPVV0 Create/Change ServicePW00 Incentive WagesPW01 Maintain Incentive Wages DataPW02 Display Incentive Wages DataPW03 Enter Incentive Wages DataPW41 Generate Batch Input SessionPW42 Process Batch Input SessionPW43 Reorganize Interface FilePW61 Time LevelingPW62 Employment PercentagePW63 Reassignment of Pay Scale GroupPW70 Recalculate Indiv. Incentive WagesPW71 Recalculate Group Incentive WagesPW80 Incentive Wages: Current SettingsPW91 Incentive Wages: Control ParametersPW92 Incentive Wages: User ExitsPW93 Incentive Wages: Group ParametersPW94 Inc. Wages: Logistics ParametersPW95 Incentive Wages: PDC ParametersPX01 Planning area, external plan. toolPX02 Planning tool, physical systemPX03 Planning ToolPX04 Ext.Planning Tool: StartParam. WinNTPY00 Maintenance T77PR for Rel.Notes 20.APY01 Adopt T77R* from release note 20.APY02 Adopt T77KL from release notesPYG1 HR-GB: Config. end of year filepathsPYG2 HR-GB: Generate EOY cluster