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Yomego's Sport and Social event, hosted by Mark Stuart and John Paul Fox as part of Glasgow's Social Media Week 2012. Speakers included:
Sue Gyford - Social Media & Digital Communications Officer at Scottish Athletics
Andrew Jenkin - Support Network Manager at Supporters Direct

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  • My initial thoughts on “What is our social media strategy?” was that it was just “Do what seems right at the time”Fortunately on thinking about it, I realised it’s not that haphazard, we do have a strategy in terms of how we decide what is right, even if it’s not a written document….
  • Intro to scottishathletics and jogscotland.When I arrived 3 months ago we had 4 social sites in varying stages of use/developmentScottish Athletics facebook – was being well-used by Peter Jardine – regular news and pics going up.Scottishathletics twitter – hardly used at all, just auto-tweeting what went on fbJogscotlandfacebook and twitter – used a bit, just fitted in by staff in between their other jobs.
  • I was arriving just before the Olympics, so had to act fast – it was going to be a really important time for us.
  • Had some basic aims – not just to get everyone talking, but to have a concrete effect in the real world too.
  • Let people know things were changing, and then started experimenting – because there’s no such thing as an off-the-shelf social media strategy. Every audience is different, every platform is different. You have to find out what works.
  • Some simple notes on what makes good Tweeting – everyone here will know this, so will skip over it quite quickly…
  • Ditto facebook – but this was a bit of an open book for me. I was used to using it personally, but hadn’t used much of it on pages, and didn’t know what was going to work for our audiences.
  • Don’t have time to look at all 4 sites, so I’ll look at scottishathleticsfb and jogscotland twitter.What we’ve found out works on scottishathleticsfb:Olympics and Paralympics were great for us – lots of excitement and traffic around our 5 athletes and 2 para athletes. Didn’t even necessarily need exclusive content: We didn’t have direct access to athletes during games, but if we were quick, we could transcribe and post what they said to the BBC, and be quick with putting up their results, and people would jump on it. Folk were excited and wanting to express their excitement, so they came our way and interacted with these kinds of posts.Jess Ennis – raises the issue of whether you put up things that are popular, or things that are relevant: JE not Scottish, so not a typical post for us. But was justifiable at the time because everyone who’s interested in athletics was talking/thinking about Super Saturday at the time. In the long-term, don’t want to dilute page with lots of athletes from other countries, but occasionally it’s fine.
  • We’re not just dealing with the elite athletes – even if you only get half a dozen likes on something about a youngster who’s done well, that’s recognition for them and will be important for them and their family… a good way to make them feel appreciated and encourage them to stay in the sport, which his important for the future of the sport.
  • Same is true of events. Most of our athletes aren’t appearing on TV; they’re not at the Olympics or becoming national heroes. But by posting pictures and results from events at all levels, we can give them an audience; make them feel as if what they’re doing matters and the world is watching and appreciating their hard work.
  • In-depth discussion doesn’t really take off on facebook. To be fair, despite this illustration it’s not really because of apathy – we know a lot of people care passionately about athletics in Scotland. I think it’s because people don’t tend to come to facebook for intense discussion; they come for entertainment, socialising, information – nothing too heavy.Also, fb posts are tied to people’s identity, so they can be reluctant to stick their head above the parapet/say anything controversial.
  • What works for jogscotland Twitter: A very different voice to Scot Athletics – much more informal. Give people encouragement, be friendly and fun.
  • Brilliant for one-to-one relationships. Here’s an example of a relationship struck up over Twitter, this is an anonymous Tweeter who was (in her own words) “a very overweight 40 year old” who had decided to start exercising, but wasn’t telling any of her friends/colleagues because she was so embarrassed. Was just tweeting/blogging it anonymously.
  • …she was too shy/embarrassed to join jogscotland. We encouraged her very gently on Twitter, left the door open…
  • …and eventually she signed up….so delighted. Kept encouraging her…
  • …and she loved it.A real lesson for us – with social media, it’s easy to get caught up in chasing big numbers and just trying to increase your followers etc. This was a reminder that sometimes a quality interaction with just one person can be hugely important; you can change someone’s life.
  • Things to do in future…
  • Follower numbers on the rise…
  • But it’s also having an effect IRL - we had a huge boost in numbers signing up for the age groups; not just the Olympic bounce; also due to us putting out regular reminders on fb/twitter that people should sign up.
  • And it’s working for jogscotland, not just in quantity but quality – a final word from A Race For My Life – she still runs, and loves it.
  • My revised strategy: Find out what works. Do more of it.Because social is evolving so fast, a fixed-in-stone strategy is not necessarily the best - you need to be able to adapt it constantly. What works now might not work in six months. This is especially true for us because it’s early days for us. We’ve only 2 members of staff and we are still experimenting and being flexible; it might be that further down the line we’ll want a written strategy but right now we’re still figuring out what works best for us and building on that.
  • SMW 2012 #SportAndSocial

    1. 1. John Paul Fox Mark StuartClient Insight Manager Insight Executive @johnpaulfox @mistermumble
    2. 2. Sport and Social Media: The Showdown #SportAndSocial
    3. 3. Our Speakers #SportAndSocial
    4. 4. Sue Gyford Social media and digital communications officer @scotathletics @jogscotland Kayleigh Grieve Digital media manager @scottish_fa Andrew Jenkin Support network manager @scottishfans @andrewjenkin#SportAndSocial
    5. 5. Sport and social media: A match made in heaven?Sport, at all levels, is inherently social. social media provides a virtual gathering placethats open all day, every daySport fans are attentive and responsive. They want to be part of the experience.Brands would kill for such a loyal, passionate and active audience.Unprecedented access and insight into the working of professional sport.Fan interacting 1.0 to fan interacting 2.0Marketing the experience, not the brand.User generated content.Sports journalism. (Two-Way).83% of sports fans are active on social media platforms when watching a game on TV. #SportAndSocial
    6. 6. The Inside Scoop #SportAndSocial
    7. 7. Sue GyfordSocial Media and Digital Communications Officer@scotathletics @jogscotland @suegyford
    8. 8. Do what seems right at the time
    9. 9. Aims:Regular, reliable use; consistent voice Interaction An effect in the real world More people more involved in athletics/jogging, getting more out of it
    10. 10. Tactics:1. Announce our arrival2. Start experimenting
    11. 11. Good Tweeting:• Consistent voice• Clear, easy to follow (not too many hashtags/names etc)• Link to other users• Tweet with a purpose: Useful OR interesting OR funny OR drives traffic to our web/facebook, or partners’ web/facebook• Interact – including answering tweets addressed to us, even if they’re negative.• Regular, gradual tweeting, not fits and starts• Being fast, and seven days a week• Capitalise on what people are interested in – eg Olympics
    12. 12. Good facebook:• Appropriate, consistent voice• Use different formats – plenty of pics, links to other sites• Encourage interaction• And…..
    13. 13. What works Famous People
    14. 14. What worksAchievement – at all levels
    15. 15. What worksEvents – recent and future
    16. 16. What doesn’t work Discussion
    17. 17. What worksFriendly, informalinteraction,encouragement,shout-outs
    18. 18. What worksOne to one relationships
    19. 19. Into the future…. • Develop our voices • Get Scottish Athletics interacting more • More round the clock tweeting – weekend results etc. • More jogscotland groups with their own facebook groups
    20. 20. Is it working online?
    21. 21. Is it working online?
    22. 22. Is it working IRL?
    23. 23. Is it working IRL?
    24. 24. Find out what works. Do more of it.@scotathletics @jogscotland @suegyford
    25. 25. Kayleigh GrieveScottish FA Digital Media Manager
    26. 26. Strategy andobjectives Digital Department‣ increase engagement with fans‣ increase visitors to the website‣ increase participation numbers acrossplaying, coaching, volunteering, andrefereeing‣ improve wider knowledge of what theScottish FA does Main heading text‣ increase revenue from ticket sales,merchandise, kit sales etc‣ increase SUBHEADING TEXT HERE REPLACE WITH ANYsubscriptions to Supporters Clubs‣establish as a credible and reliable sourcefor Scottish Football news stories andinformation
    27. 27. Key questions Digital DepartmentWhere does the conversionhappen for us? Ticket payment portal, on the gate,website, regional websites, Coach World, sponsor’s websites, onthe groundWhat are our calls to action?Buy amembership, buy a season ticket, buy a Scotland match ticket,attend a football match, become a referee, play football, Main heading textvolunteer in football, coach football, attend coach educationcourses, attend CPD events, buy merchandise REPLACE WITH ANY SUBHEADING TEXT HEREWhat are our key messages andcampaigns? #GrowingTheGame#CoachingCommunity #BeTheRoar #HampdenWillRoar#RoadToHampden #ScotlandWinning #ScotlandPassion#CreatingHeroes
    28. 28. So, where are we social? Digital Department Main heading text REPLACE WITH ANY SUBHEADING TEXT HERE
    29. 29. Mobile and Social Digital Department• In play interaction• Viral• Social media pulls• Social media pushesheading text Main• Responsive REPLACE WITH ANY SUBHEADING TEXT HERE and great APIs
    30. 30. The...let’s callthem...challenges Digital Department• Marketing vs Comms• Life consuming• Personalities vs business front• Painful Main heading text• She’s got it, REPLACE WITHit too I want ANY SUBHEADING TEXT HERE• Connectivity
    31. 31. What’s next? Digital Department Main heading text REPLACE WITH ANY SUBHEADING TEXT HERE • Social to website or, website to social? • CRM
    32. 32. Andrew JenkinSupport network manager @scottishfans @andrewjenkin
    33. 33. Scottish Fansand Social Media
    34. 34. Supporters Direct• Supporters Direct was formed in 2000 as an initiative of the UK Government.• Our goal is to „promote sustainable spectator sports clubs based on supporters‟ involvement and community ownership‟.• Started in Scotland in 2002.
    35. 35. Scottish Fans• Funded and supported by Supporters Direct Scotland and the Scottish Government.• Scottish Fans is a new website which harnesses the power of Scottish football fans to influence change within the game.
    36. 36. Why is Social Media important to Supporters Direct• Gathering views – help fans become represented• Present those views to clubs and decision makers – our USP• Promoting ourselves and our brand
    37. 37. Social Media• Fans out of touch with clubs and footballers• “platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have allowed a new generation of fans to connect with their football idols and teams in ways that they haven‟t been able to within the modern game… clubs and organisations need to embrace this” – Alex Clough
    38. 38. Our Uses
    39. 39. Research• Clubs uses of social media
    40. 40. Conclusion• Lack of interactivity• Lack of interest in fans views and opinions• Self-promotional
    41. 41. Our other SM uses to engage supporters
    42. 42. Spotify
    43. 43. Facebook
    44. 44. LinkedIn
    45. 45. Pinterest
    46. 46. Ideas we like
    47. 47. For the future• Survey – SM used to promote survey• Roadshows – Tweeting Q&A with former professionals• Book – Comments from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to be included in book
    48. 48. Thank you!• @ScottishFans• #FansViews
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