Planning for Social Media


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Planning as a discipline is nearly 50 years old. The internet didn't even exist when it was created. How does it apply to new media types. At Yomego this is something we deal with in the strategy department every day. Here we outline our approach.

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Planning for Social Media

  1. 1. Planning For Social Media Neil Major, Strategy Director (@neilmajor) and Matt Butler, Junior Planner (@mattbutler07), Yomego
  2. 2. About this session Two parts… • What is strategy and planning? • How does it apply to social media agencies?
  3. 3. What is planning?
  4. 4. In 1968 planning was born in the UK Stephen King (JWT) and Stanley Pollit (BMP) are the ancestors of account planning
  5. 5. Aims “It aimed to expose and dismantle stifling and unhelpful research methodologies. It devoted itself to developing a real and rounded understanding of the consumer, rather than simply selecting and polishing selling propositions. It sought to place thinking about the response of the consumer at the heart of strategic and creative thinking. It shifted the focus of advertising development from finding ways of selling people stuff, to finding ways of making stuff buyable. And it placed the quest for effectiveness above all other agendas, both internal and external (it was strategic)”* *Reclaiming Planning’s Radicalism, Martin Weigel, Planning Director W+K, 2014
  6. 6. 3 definitions of traditional account planning
  7. 7. "The account planner is that member of the agency's team who is the expert, through background, training, experience, and attitudes, at working with information and getting it used - not just marketing research but all the information available to help solve a client's advertising problems.” - Stanley Pollitt
  8. 8. "Planners are involved and integrated in the creation of marketing strategy and ads. Their responsibility is to bring the consumer to the forefront of the process and to inspire the team to work with the consumer in mind. The planner has a point of view about the consumer and is not shy about expressing it." - Fortini-Campbell
  9. 9. “The account planner: the customer’s representative within the agency.” - Drayton Bird
  10. 10. What makes a good strategy? • Able to evolve • Able to cope with uncertainty • Doesn’t fall apart in extremes • Makes resources go further (generates power) • Provides insight into conflicts/blocks • Other stakeholders are complementary to its objectives (shared ideal)
  11. 11. Process in account planning Receive Brief from client Carry out research related to consumer and brief Write creative brief and present to creative team
  12. 12. Process in account planning Rationalise advertising and messaging to client Pre-test ads following clients approval Evaluate success of campaign
  13. 13. Yomego’s planning process There’s a lot here. Let’s take a look at how this means that the way we approach planning differs from a traditional advertising agency
  14. 14. We’re not an ad agency What does planning mean for us?
  15. 15. We certainly have no shortage of information to process
  16. 16. Where we differ We don’t have creative teams (copywriter and designer) We are creative as an agency ….we do have designers though 
  17. 17. Where we differ Media types are not defined – and may not even be media Digital work is often unique, bespoke and new
  18. 18. Where we differ We don’t have to just focus on the end user. We have to think about how we reach them (propogation)
  19. 19. Our planning framework Networks Brand User All three must be taken into account
  20. 20. 1. Brand success criteria Something the client can contribute in – be a valid part of the conversation
  21. 21. 2. User success criteria The activity has to be something that the user will want to interact with (and ideally share) and be something that alters their relationship with the brand in positive
  22. 22. 3. Network success criteria The activity needs to be both technologically appropriate for the media and also something that will be welcomed by the community there … We can’t just buy our way in 
  23. 23. What’s missing?
  24. 24. What is an insight? Lots of definitions. Here’s mine. “Information that can be leveraged to strategic effect (effectiveness)” …Three types
  25. 25. Something new
  26. 26. Something old, used in a new way
  27. 27. Things combined in unexpected ways
  28. 28. New things Brand Pebble Watch User Selfie Network Facebook Connect Criteria Examples
  29. 29. Old things, new ways Brand Pabst Blue Ribbon User Planking Network Hashtags Criteria Examples
  30. 30. Unexpected combinations Brand Diet Coke/Mentos User Steampunk Network Mashups Criteria Examples
  31. 31. The brief is where these end up
  32. 32. …and hopefully lead to effective planning (and creativity) Recent successful campaign for Tefal (for full campaign details get in touch)
  33. 33. Thank You!