Workfit for the Summer - Interview Preparation


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Get Workfit this Summer with our series of useful guides. The second of which focuses on interview preparation and tips.

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Workfit for the Summer - Interview Preparation

  3. 3. WHAT SHOULD I RESEARCH?Research everything and everyone!• First, take the proper amount of time to prepare for your interview. Being well prepared will boost your confidence and lower your anxiety.• Secondly study the job description, your duties, responsibilities and experience required - prepare reasons why you match the criteria with real life examples• Research the company you’re interviewing for in detail rather than just their general history. If you’re applying for a marketing role research what campaigns they’ve run and how successful they were.• Research who their competitors and clients are and see how you can incorporate them into your answers. What connections do you have?• Find out who will be taking your interview and use online networks like LinkedIn to find any common ground• Prepare some questions of your own. This lets the interviewer know that you are truly interested in the company and the position.WORK FIT 2012 - PART 3: INTERVIEW PREPARATION WWW.YOLKRECRUITMENT.COM
  4. 4. DON’T LEAVE IT TO THE LAST MINUTETravel arrangements• If using public transport check for any planned work that would create delays on the day• If driving either print off directions using google maps or use a Sat Nav• If you have the time try a dry run of getting to the interview location as you never know what might happen on the dayWhat to wear?• Deciding on what you wear is down to personal choice just make sure you’re not making the decision the morning of your interview• If you’re really unsure - ask! Speak to either your recruitment consultant or the company direct for advice.Presentations• If you’ve been asked to do a presentation check the setup on the day. Will you be expected to bring your own laptop or bring it in via USB?Leave nothing to chance - be on time and be ready. Don’t put yourselfunder pressure.WORK FIT 2012 - PART 3: INTERVIEW PREPARATION WWW.YOLKRECRUITMENT.COM
  5. 5. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECTEvery interview is different but there are somequestions that are common across the board.Why should we employ you?Don’t be generic! Set yourself apart by telling the interviewer about your uniquequalities that are relevant to the job. This is where studying the original jobrequirements really helps.Why do you want to work here?This is one tool interviewers use to see if you have done your homework. If you havedone your research this question should be easy to answer.What are your greatest weaknesses?The secret to answering this question is being honest about a weakness whilstdemonstrating how you turned it into a strength. For example, if you had a problemwith organisation in the past explain the steps you took to keep yourself on track.This will show that you have the ability to recognise aspects of yourself that needimprovement, and the initiative to make yourself better.WORK FIT 2012 - PART 3: INTERVIEW PREPARATION WWW.YOLKRECRUITMENT.COM
  6. 6. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECTEvery interview is different but there are somequestions that are common across the board.Why do want to leave your current job?Be careful about being negative in answering this question. Be as diplomatic aspossible. Complaining endlessly about your last company will not say much for yourattitude.What accomplishment are you most proud of?Even if your greatest accomplishment is being on a successful football team, opt fora more professionally relevant accomplishment. Think of the qualities the companyis looking for and develop an example that demonstrates how you can meet thecompany’s needs.What are your salary expectations?This is one of the hardest questions, particularly for those with little experience. Steerclear of discussing salary specifics before receiving a job offer. Let the interviewerknow that you will be open to discussing a fair salary when the time comes. If pressedfor a more specific answer, always give a range rather than a specific number.WORK FIT 2012 - PART 3: INTERVIEW PREPARATION WWW.YOLKRECRUITMENT.COM
  7. 7. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECTEvery interview is different but there are somequestions that are common across the board.Tell me about yourself.While this question seems simple it can prove to be very difficult to answer becauseit is so open. The interviewer doesn’t want to know about your home town or whatyou do on the weekends. They’ve seen your CV and are likely to have it in front ofthem, however they want to hear what you’ve done to get to this point in your career.Pick a couple of points about yourself such as, academic background, professionalexperience and career goals.This can be a common opening question at an interview if you have a solid answerprepared it can often lead the direction of the interview. If you briefly mention a particularachievement of yours be prepared for the interviewer to interrupt you and probe for moredetails so don’t over exaggerate your achievements unless you can back them up.Remember to always, always incorporate the research you’ve done intothe company and the interviewer into your answers.WORK FIT 2012 - PART 3: INTERVIEW PREPARATION WWW.YOLKRECRUITMENT.COM
  8. 8. ETIQUETTE & TIPS• If you smoke, maybe hold off between changing into your interview suit just in case your interviewer is a fervent non-smoker. We know it’s hard but that next cigarette is just around the corner…• Sorry to preach, but if you have a boozy night the day before the interview a few extra-strong mints just won’t cut it. Sacrifice the night out or stick to soft-drinks…just this one time• Accept a drink if offered. This may seem unimportant but refusing a drink can create tension before the interview even starts.• If you want the role, ensure you tell your interviewer that it’s the role for you and re-emphasise why you’re the right person. We’d recommend going even further and asking the interviewer if they feel you have any weaknesses. This will allow you to counter their concerns there and then.WORK FIT 2012 - PART 3: INTERVIEW PREPARATION WWW.YOLKRECRUITMENT.COM
  9. 9. Yolk Recruitment 6-7 St John Street Cardiff CF10 1GJ info@yolkrecruitment.comDownload Part 4ASSESSMENT FIT 2012 - PART 2: CV WRITING WWW.YOLKRECRUITMENT.COM