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New technologies & application opportunities promise a bright future to the CMOS image sensors industry

CMOS image sensor market is expected to grow at an 11% CAGR in revenue in the 2012 - 2017 period, growing from $6.6B in 2012 to $11B in 2017. Many different applications are driving the integration of CMOS image sensors. If mobile handsets accounted for ~ 65% of total shipments in 2011, many new applications are poised to drive the future growth of this industry. Three fast emerging applications of significant size should drive the growth of the market to an expected CAGR over 30%: Tablets, Automotive, and Smart TV. More details are available in the report on each application.
Tablets are poised to boost CIS sales in the consumer market; the majority of tablets have one or two cameras, similarly to mobile phones. We forecast that the CIS sales for tablets will represent nearly $1.5B in 2017! From another standpoint, car manufacturers have begun equipping cars with multiple cameras, pushed by upcoming regulations promoting greater safety and driver assistance. The automotive market is expected to reach $400M in 2017, and will drive the need for high-performance sensors with special features, e.g. global shutter, very high dynamic range, and low-light sensitivity. This is completely different from the phone market which is still in the race for higher resolution.
The report describes in detail each application in terms of market size, competitive analysis, technical requirements, technology trends and business drivers.

As volumes increase, a clear duality appears between companies that have adopted a growth strategy by focusing on low-end markets and those opting for a specialization in high-end and higher margin markets to maintain profitability such as STMicro and Aptina.
Back in 2009, Omnivison was the only major fabless image sensor manufacturer, but that situation is set to change: the fablight/foundry business models will be more and more successful in the future, fueled by the new business model adopted by players that are not completely integrated up to the system level.
STMicroelectronics is about to outsource its backside illumination image sensor production to United Microelectronics Corp. (Taiwan), and Aptina Imaging already outsources its 12-inch production to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. The only companies that are financially sustainable with an IDM model are vertically integrated from leading-edge 300mm CIS manufacturing up to the system level: Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba.
This report describes in detail market share for each CMOS image sensor vendor and manufacturer, and how the value is distributed along the CIS value chain

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Status of the cmos image sensors industry 2012 Report by Yole Developpement

  1. 1. Status of the CMOS Image Sensors Industry New technologies & applications promise a bright future to the CMOS image sensors industry! Courtesy of Omnivision Courtesy of SystemPlus Courtesy of Dexela Courtesy of Softkinetics Courtesy of Sony© 2012
  2. 2. Table of Contents (1/2)• Objectives & Scope of the report…..………7 3) Application Focus ……………………..........… 71 – Security & Surveillance sensors p 91• Executive Summary ………………..........… 12 o Applications, specifications, markets & supply chain1) Introduction & Background ……….........… 20 – Medical sensors p 112 – CCD versus CMOS sensors o Applications, specifications, markets, players & supply chain o Endoscopy:2) Market forecasts & Supply Chain …..……. 29 • Cameras pills – 2010 - 2017 CMOS image sensors forecasts p 30 • disposable endoscopes o Shipment forecasts (in Munits) o X-ray imaging: o Revenue forecasts (in $M) • Dental imaging: intraoral and 3D extraoral o Wafer production forecasts (in wafer size eq.) detectors • 200mm vs 300mm production forecasts • Medical detectors: CMOS X-ray Flat panel detectors & Single photon counting detectors – Global CMOS image sensor p53 o Manufacturing infrastructure – Industrial machine vision sensors p 167 o Supply chain & Value chain o Applications, specifications, markets & supply chain o 2011 market shares • In shipments (in Munits) • In revenue (in $M) 4) New & future technologies …….…………... 111 • In wafers (in wafer size eq.) – 3D imaging business emergence p 190 o Applications, specifications, players & supply chain3) Application Focus ……………………......… 70 o Time-of-flight imagng o Stereoscopic imaging – Mobile phone sensors p 71 o Plenoptic cameras o Applications, specifications, markets, players & o Structured light cameras supply chain – Automotive sensors p 80 – Next generation of image sensors p 215 o Applications, specifications, markets, players & o Highly absorptive layer: panchromatic & quantom dot film supply chain o Computational imaging o Night vision: Near Infrared vs Far Infrared cameras o Single Photon Counting  Principle, chalelnges and applications  Focus on Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes © 2012 • 2
  3. 3. Table of Contents (2/2)5) Manufacturing focus……………………..…... 230 • Appendix ………..…………………....….. 352 – CMOS Image sensor design innovations p 232 – Yole Developpement presentation o Technology node reduction o Transistor-shared design – Front-end manufacturing innovations p 236 o At FEOL level o At BEOL level o At color filter level – CIS process flow p 256 o At FEOL level • Deep Trench isolation • High energy implantation o At BEOL level • Without cavity/lightpipe • With cavity/lightpipe o At color filter level – CMOS image sensor testing processes p 273 o Players, supply chain & program flow – BSI “Backside illumination” technology p 278 o Motivations & applications for BSI sensors o BSI technology penetration rate & market forecast o Players & status of commercialization o Future approach: 3D integrated image sensors o Technologies for BSI manufacturing – Status of the WLP / TSV packaging p 343 © 2012 • 3
  4. 4. Changes for the 2012 report New content compared to 2010 version What’s new? What you will find in a future reporto More details in the application section • New application focus added: mobile phone. o All the section related to camera • In depth analysis of the medical market. module will be subject of the 2013 • Updated forecasts of all the supply chains report on camera module packaging and forecasts.o Creation of a CMOS image sensor manufacturing section, including: • Detailed description of a manufacturing process flow. • Update of the BSI section of the 2010 report with players positioning & roadmaps, BSI adoption rate forecast, total BSI CIS market forecast. • New innovations developped at FEOL, BEOL and color filter level.o Creation of a new section dedicated to new technologies: 3D imaging and potential next generation of image sensors.© 2012 • 4
  5. 5. Objectives of the Report• This is the second report on CMOS image sensor technologies and markets from Yole Développement.• The objectives of that second report are the following: 1. To provide market data on key CIS market metrics & dynamics: • CMOS image sensor unit shipments, revenues and wafer production by application. • Market shares with detailed breakdown for each player. • Application focus on key areas of growth for CMOS image sensors (mobile handsets, DSC, DSLR, medical, automotive, security & surveillance, etc …). 2. To provide key technical insight about future technology trends & challenges: • From a manufacturing standpoint: design & front-end innovations. • A special focus is done on the BSI (Backside illumination) technology, that has been reshaping the image sensor industry as we predicted in 2009. 3. To provide in-depth understanding of the CIS value chain, infrastructure & players: • Who are the CMOS image sensor players (IDMs, foundries, design houses) and how are they related • More generally, who are the key suppliers to watch and how will evolve the CMOS image sensor industry. © 2012 • 5
  6. 6. Scope of the Study• There are various kinds of image sensors: – CMOS versus CCD image sensors. Array versus Linear image sensors CCD CMOS image sensors image sensors Linear image sensors Array image sensors  Through this report, we will primarily focus on Array type of CMOS image sensors© 2012 • 6
  7. 7. CIS & Camera Module Value Chain in 2012 ~ $6.6B industry! ~ $3B ~ $0.4B ~ $1.2B Front-end Optical layers BE / Packaging Camera Module Assembly & Test Implantation, CF & µlense processes Wafer testing/TSV & Optical module Auto-focus Module Assembly metalization, BSI WLP /dicing (Lenses / IF filters) component & Final Test ~ $1.4B ~ $460M ~ $900M ~ $2B Design, overheads ,selling, general and admnistrative Scope of the report• In 2012, the CMOS image sensor value chain represented .• However that value is distributed in a much more complex way among the CIS industry because numerous business models coexist (see next slide). © 2012 • 7
  8. 8. CMOS Image Sensor applications Migration from HIGH VOLUME to low volume Medical Machine Vision, Automotive Systems Science & & Transport Space sensors Video Low Volumes Camcorders >1M units <1M units Mobile Phones Security & >10M unitsSurveillance >100M units ~ 1B units DSC & SLR Cameras High Volumes Notebook & tablets Mobile audio, TV & Gaming devices © 2012 • 8
  9. 9. CIS shipment Forecast by Application (in Munits) CMOS image Sensors - Sales Forecast by Application (in MUnits) 6 000 Professional & Broadcast cameras Yole Developpement © October 2012 Defense X-Ray medical imaging 5 000 Machine vision sensors Medical disposable endoscopes Camera pills 4 000 Others Shipments (MUnits) Smart TV Video camcorder Automotive / Transport 3 000 DSLR / ILCs Security & Surveillance Cameras DSC 2 000 Game Stations Retail webcam Portable Game Stations 1 000 PMP / mp3 Tablets Notebooks Computer mice 0 Cell-Phones 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017• Many different applications are driving the integration of CMOS image sensors. If mobile handsets accounted for ~ 65% of TOTAL shipments in 2011, many other new applications are set to drive future growth of this industry such as: – Tablets: CAGR 2012-2017 =40% – Automotive: CAGR 2012-2017 =36% – Smart TV: CAGR 2012-2017 =51% – Medical disposable endoscopes: CAGR 2012-2017 =30% © 2012 • 9
  10. 10. CMOS Image Sensor Manufacturing 2011 wafer fab production estimate (8" wspy eq.) CMOS Image Sensor Manufacturing 2011 wafer fab production estimate (8" wspy eq.) CMOS image sensors - 2011 wafer Yole Developpement © September2012 production forecast (8" wspy eq.) SMIC Dongbu HiTek 80,683 wafers 65,132 wafers Rank Company 2011 Share Canon 3% 3% Others 1 TSMC 571,781 wafers 23% 145,659 wafers 203,959 wafers 2 Samsung 535,382 wafers 21% 6% 8% 3 Sony 375,765 wafers 15% 4 Toshiba 204,003 wafers 8% Aptina / Micron TSMC 5 STMicro 190,882 wafers 8% 151,261 wafers 571,781 wafers 6 Aptina / Micron 151,261 wafers 6% 6% 23% 7 Canon 145,659 wafers 6% 8 SMIC 80,683 wafers 3% STMicro 9 Dongbu HiTek 65,132 wafers 3%190,882 wafers 10 Others 203,959 wafers 8% 7% TOT TOT 2,524,506 wafers Toshiba ~2.5 Mwafers (200mm eq)204,003 wafers 8% * Others include TowerJazz, SK Hynix SMIC, HHNEC/Grace, Powerchip, Vanguard, Panasonic, Teledyne Dalsa, X-Fab, Lfoundry, Sony Samsung Franhofer, IMEC, CSEM, Sarnoff, IMS- 535,382 wafers chip,Hejian, Hamamatsu and Fujitsu. 375,765 wafers 15% 21% © 2012 • 10
  11. 11. Detailed analysis of five major applications© 2012 • 11
  12. 12. Future technologies and major innovations© 2012 • 12
  13. 13. Detailed manufacturing process© 2012 • 13
  14. 14. Past, present and future of Backside Illumination Technology© 2012 • 14
  15. 15. Who should be Interested in this report?• CMOS image sensor players: • Equipment & Material manufacturers: – Evaluate market potential of future – Understand the evolution of image sensor technologies and products for new and camera module value chain applicative markets – Understand the differentiated value of your – Screen potential new suppliers for products and technologies in this market introducing new disruptive technologies – Identify new business opportunities and such as BSI, new pixel architectures, Wafer prospects level camera, Auto-focus & image stabilization for camera modules – Monitor and benchmark your competitor’s • Electronic module makers & Original advancements Equipment Makers: – Evaluate the benefits of using these new• CMOS & Packaging Foundries: technologies in your end system – Spot new opportunities and define – Screen and select new image sensor diversification strategies suppliers – Position your company in the moving CMOS imaging value • Financial & strategic investors:• Assembly & Test Service companies: – Understand the potential of new imaging technologies such as BSI, WLOptics and – Get the list of the Top CMOS image sensor Auto-focus players – Get the list of main key players and – Understand the impact of new optical emerging start-ups in this industry assembly technologies such as wafer level cameras for your business © 2012 • 15
  16. 16. Companies cited in this Report Acti Corp, ADIMEC, Advantest, Advasense, AIE, Alexima, Allied Vision Technology, Anafocus, Anteryon, Aphesa, Aptina Imaging, Austria Microsystems, Axis Communication, Awaiba, Basler, Bosch security systems, Brainvision, Brigates, Brookman Technology, BYD, Caeleste, Canon, Carestream Dental, Carestream Health, Clairpixel, CMOSIS, CMOS Vision, CMT Medical, Cognex, Continental, Crysview, CSEM, Dahua Technologies, Denso, Delphi, DEXIS, D-Link, Delphi, Dongbu HiTek, DXG, e2v, e-con systems, ELMOS, EPFL, Excico, Fairchild Imaging, FLIR, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Forza Silicon, Fotonic, Foveon, Fraunhofer, Fujitsu, GalaxyCore, Gendex, Given Imaging, Grace Tech, Hamamatsu Photonics, Hella, Hightec, Hejian, Hikvision, Himax imaging, HHNEC-Grace, HTC, SK Hynix, Instrumentarium, Intromedic, Invisage, Invision biometrics, Invendo Medical, Invensense, ImageWorksIMEC, IMS-Chips, IO Industries, ISDI, JAI, Jinshan Group, JSR, JVC/Altasens, Konica Minolta, Kostal, KunShan RuiXin Micro, KYEC, Lfoundry, LG, Lytro, Mantis Vision, Magna, Magneti Marelli, Medigus, Melexis, MESA Imaging, Micron, Microsoft, Mobotix, Morita, New Imaging Technologies, Novatek, Odos Imaging, Omnivision, Omron, ON Semi, Optex, Owandy, Oy Ajat, Panavision Imaging, Panasonic, Pelican Imaging, PerkinElmer, Philips, Pixart, PixelPlus, Pixim, Pelco, PMD Technologies, Point Grey research, Powerchip, Pyxalis, Rad-icon, Raytrix, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Samsung, Sarnoff, SETi, Sharp, Shick/Sirona, SiliconFile, Soft Kinetic, SK Hynix, SMIC, SOITEC, Sony, SRI International, STMicro, SuperPix, Teledyne DALSA, Tessera, Thayer school of engineering Dartmouth, The Imaging source, Tong Hsing, TOK, Toray, Toshiba, Trixell/Thales, TSMC, Toshiba Teli, TowerJazz, Tridicam, TRW, TU Delph, TYZX, UMC, University of Edinburg, Valeo, Vanguard, Vatech Humanray, VisEra, Vista Point, Viti, Viimagic, Vision research, Vivitar, Vivotek, WLCSP, X-counter, X-Fab, XinTec, Ziptronix and more …© 2012 • 16
  17. 17. About the Authors of this Report• Paul Danini: – Paul is in charge of the imaging technologies studies at Yole Developpement. After a short experience at e2v, he previously worked in IP strategy at Avenium Consulting. He holds a master of engineering in instrumental physics & medical imaging, complemented by a master degree in Technology and Innovation Management from Grenoble EM Business School. Contact:• Jerome Baron: – Jerome is leading the MEMS & Advanced Packaging market research at Yole Developpement. He has been involved in the analysis of the CMOS image sensor industry at the sensor, packaging, assembly & test levels. He is also involved in the research linked to new equipment and materials for image sensor manufacturing. He was granted a Master of Science degree in Nanotechnologies from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon, France Contact:© 2012 • 17
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