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Presentation2 Presentation2 Presentation Transcript

  • Kumamoto   Traditional Folk Songs
  • Three Famous Traditional Folk Songs
    • Otemoyan
    • This song is about a woman, Otemoyan in
    • Higo (Kumamoto).
    • Senba-Tanuki
    • This song is about a raccoon dog (tanuki) in
    • Senba mountain.
    • Itsuki-no-Komoriuta
    • This song is a lullaby (komoriuta). And girls who are babysitter used to sing.
  • A Song of Otemoyan
    • I translated Japanese,
    • Otemoyan into English.
    • "I heard that you have
    • been married recently.”
    • "Yes, I have been married. But
    • my husband is a too plain
    • looking , so we haven't held our
    • wedding ceremony yet. We'll
    • be all right because there are
    • many people, a public official
    • of a village, a manager, ago-
    • between. "
  • Otemoyan
    • Otemoyan is a traditional folk song of Kumamoto.
    • Otemo is a young lady in the Meiji ( 明治 ).
    • Otemoyan is a song for her marriage.
    • Otemoyan is very comical and rhythmical.
    Although Otemo tells her husband is plain-looking, I don't think she is discouraged for her marriage. I think this song is a interesting song rather than a sad song, and I think Otemo is so comical girl!!
  • A Song of Senba-Tanuki
    • "Where are you from?”
    • "I'm from Higo. ( 肥後 )"
    • ( Higo means old Kumamoto.)
    • "Where is Higo?"
    • " There is Kumamoto."
    • " Where is Kumamoto?“
    • "There is Senba!!
    • There are many racoon dogs
    • in the Senba mountain."
  • Senba-Tayuki
    • Senba-Tanuki is one of traditional folk songs of Kumamoto. ( Tanuki means a racoon dog.)
    • This song is a Kemari-song. The Kemari is a sort of football by nobles in ancient Japan, so Kemari-song is sung when we play Kemari.
    • Senba-Tanuki songs about Kumamoto.I think there are two
    • people in this song, and they are talking.
    We sing this talking on the rhythm. This is very rhythmical. In the old days, people eat racoon dogs. Of course, some people eat them now. I think this song means the old days. The Senba mountain actually exist, but the Senba mountain is actually a hill. This hill is in Kumamoto Daiichi high school. There are some racoon dogs now.
  • Itsuki-no-Komoriuta
    • Itsuki-no-komoriuta is also one of
    • traditional folk songs of Kumamoto.
    • Itsuki means Itsuki village in
    • Kumamoto.But This song is a sad
    • lullaby.In the past, the girl who is poor
    • must go to find the work, so many
    • girl works as babysitter.This Itsuki-no-
    • komoriuta is a sad song of girls when
    • they works very hard.Although this
    • song called a lullaby, this song isn't
    • for babies, I think.This song is the poor
    • girls song for herselves. This song
    • sings her sadness and pain.
    • This time, I knew about traditional folk songs of Kumamoto.I have often listened these songs, but I didn't know about these.I studied these songs this time, I thought we must hand down from us to our sons and daughters.