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Yogesh bandhu c.v. europass

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Yogesh Bandhu Arya
  2. 2. PERSONAL INFORMATION Name Address Telephone E-mail Nationality Date of birth CURRENT WORK • Dates (from – to) • Name and address of employer • Type of business or YOGESH BANDHU ARYA B-13/E, SECTOR-J, ALIGANJ, LUCKNOW, 226024 (+91) 94151 18971, (+91) 94153 44457 yogeshbandhu@cetglad.org, yogeshacademic@gmail.com Indian 15 JUNE, 1972 Economist – State Water Resources Agency (SWaRA) 2/2011 – Ongoing Economist, State Water Resources Agency (SWaRA), Lucknow Research and Academics sector • Occupation or Economist position held • Main activities and Policy Analysis, Designing and Planning Research and Studies responsibilities • Dates (from – to) • Name and address of employer • Type of business or 4/2010– 1/2011 Giri Institute of Development Studies, Sector –O Aliganj, Lucknow – India 226024 Government sector • Occupation or Research Associate position held • Main activities and responsibilities Page 1 - Curriculum vitae Policy Analysis, Survey Monitoring and Survey Data Analysis, Providing Policy Inputs Yogesh Bandhu Arya
  3. 3. • Dates (from – to) • Name and address of 3/2008 – 12/2009 UNCTAD (India) and University of Allahabad-India (Joint) employer • Type of business or International / Government sector • Occupation or Senior Research Fellow position held • Main activities and Trade Policy Related Research and Analysis responsibilities • Dates (from – to) • Name and address of 4/2007 – 2/2008 Teaching in Central University employer • Type of business or Government (Academics) sector • Occupation or Lecturer position held • Main activities and responsibilities Teaching Macro Economics, Development Economics and Internatio Trade to Post Graduate Students • Dates (from – to) • Name and address of 7/1998 – 3/2004 Teaching in Central University /College employer • Type of business or Government (Academics) sector • Occupation or Lecturer position held • Main activities and responsibilities Teaching Macro Economics, Banking and Finance, Development Economics and International Trade to Under Graduate Students and Post Graduate Students EDUCATION AND TRAINING Page 2 - Curriculum vitae Yogesh Bandhu Arya
  4. 4. • Dates (from – to) • Name and type of organisation providing 4/2004 – 3/2007 Giri Institute of Development Studies – A Regional Institute of Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi education and training • Principal subjects Doctoral Thesis entitled “Trade Competitiveness and Implications of WTO on Agriculture” • Title of qualification Ph. D. awarded • Level in national classification (if appropriate) • Dates (from – to) • Name and type of 7/1996 – 6/1997 C.S.J.M. University, Kanpur India organisation providing education and training • Principal subjects • Title of qualification Economics M.A. (Master of Arts) awarded • Level in national First Division classification (if appropriate) • Dates (from – to) • Name and type of 7/1994 – 6/1997 C.S.J.M. University, Kanpur India organisation providing education and training • Principal subjects • Title of qualification Economics, Defense Studies and Sociology B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) awarded • Level in national First Division classification (if appropriate) PERSONAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES Acquired in the course of life and career but Page 3 - Curriculum vitae Yogesh Bandhu Arya
  5. 5. not necessarily covered by formal certificates and diplomas. MOTHER TONGUE [ Hindi –Indian] OTHER LANGUAGES [ English ] • Reading skills Excellent • Writing skills Excellent • Verbal skills ORGANISATIONAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES Coordination and administration of people, projects and budgets; at work, in voluntary work (for example culture and sports) and at home, etc. TECHNICAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES With computers, specific kinds of equipment, machinery, etc. Excellent Worked as Consultant and (Honorary ) Assistant Director – Research with Centre for Contemporary Studies and Research (CCSR) 2004 to 2010 During this period independently designed and executed a number of Research Projects (including Desk Studies and Field Research) with a large team and budget. Well versed on Computer with Knowledge of MS Office (Word, Exel, Power Point, Access and Publisher) Have good practice of : Statistical Softwares -STATA, SPSS and CSPRO and Trade Policy Related Software and Databases- WITS, UNCOMTRADE, TRADESIFT and ITC for Policy Makers; also have exposure of GTAP Have training in:  Research Methodology (by Indian Council of Social Science Research-New Delhi) Page 4 - Curriculum vitae Yogesh Bandhu Arya
  6. 6.  Access to Research Information (by Indian Institute of Management Lucknow-India, G.B. Pant Institute Allahabd-India)  Research and Project Report Writing (by Indian Council of Social Science Research);  Trade Policy Analysis (UNCTAD – India, University of Allahabad-India)  Statistical and Trade Related Softwares (by Indian Council of Social Science Research and UNCTAD – India, TRADESIFT- University of Sussex-UK and IIFT, New Delhi, GTAP-Purdue University and UNCTAD-India) OTHER SKILLS Regular writing in print and electronic media on policy AND COMPETENCES related issues. DRIVING LICENCE Indian Driving License No: 32A11010726 Dated 28 December 2011 Page 5 - Curriculum vitae Yogesh Bandhu Arya
  7. 7. PASSPORT INDIAN PASSPORT NO. : J7679386<3IND7206155M2106261 issued on 27 June 2011 ADDITIONAL  INFORMATION One of Research Paper is refered in Budget Document of Indian Parliament - Economic Survey-2012 Chapter 12, Awarded and “Sustainable Development and Climate Change”, Certificates pp 278  Senior Research Fellowship of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD (India) (2008-10) under TRRCB Programme at University of Allahabad, Allahabad  Outstanding Youth Personality (OYP) 2008 for contribution in Research and Acdemics  Doctoral Fellowship of Indian Council of Social Science Research - ICSSR (March 2004 - February 2007)  University Grant Commission (UGC) for Lecturership – 1998  ANNEXES Best Student in Economics (Post Graduate)(1996) 1. Details of Research and Academic Contribution 2. References Page 6 - Curriculum vitae Yogesh Bandhu Arya
  8. 8. Annexure -1 Details of Research and Academic Contribution Books Published Sl. No. 1 CoTitle of Book author if any Direction of Development Name of Publishers (with place of Publication) Month & year of ISBN/ISSN No. publication None CCSR, Lucknow 2010 None CCSR, Lucknow 2009 ISBN 978-935067-807-7 Overcoming 2 Poverty and Hunger in Bundelkhand Page 7 - Curriculum vitae Yogesh Bandhu Arya ISBN 978-935067-815-2
  9. 9. Competitivenes s of Indian 3 Agriculture in Domestic and None Under Publication None Under Publication International Market Global Nexus of 4 Corporate Farming Chapters Contributed in Edited books Sl. No. ISBN/ISSN Publishers Month & year of publication Perspective on Homeland Security, ed(s) H. Sarsn and H.K. Sinha Pratyush Publication 2012 ISBN 97893-8217101-0 India’s Development Scenario ed. Y.S.Sisodya Rawat Publication 2007 ISBN 97881-3`6-208-7 Title of Chapter Name of Editor and Book 1 Food Security, Agribusiness and National Security 2 Indian Agriculture at Crossroad Name of No. Research Articles/Papers published in Journals /Periodicals /Conference Proceedings Sl. No. Title of Paper 1 Food Security , International Trade and Global Challenges Page 8 - Curriculum vitae Name of Journal with place of publication, Vol. No. and Year Journal of Munich Universuty Library (MPRA), Germany, March 2012, Yogesh Bandhu Arya Coauthor if any Whether Refereed or not ISSN No. Yes Yes MPRA-PN 36289 ISBN/
  10. 10. Uttar Pradesh 2 Agriculture Twelfth Five Year Plan Artificial Market Prices and SubsidiesImplications for Indian Agriculture 4 Global Nexus of Corporate Farming 54 6 Trade Competitiveness, Subsidies and Barriers to Trade-A Case of Indian Agriculture What the WTO Executes in Ten Years: An Assessment of Agreement on Agriculture 'krkCnh fodkl y{; 7 ,oa mÙkj izn¢'k eas xjhch mUewyu None Yes ISSN 0974990X No Yes SSRN ID Yes Yes ISSN 0974990X Journal of Munich Universuty Library (MPRA), Germany, January, 2008 None Yes MPRA-PN 22802 Indian Journal of Applied Economic, December 2006 None Yes 02959/24 /1/2004TC Shodh VimarshJournal of Social Sciences, July 2012 Perspective for 3 Shodh VimarshJournal of Social Sciences, December, 2011 None Yes ISSN 0974990X Journal of -Social Science Research Network (SSSRN, Social Science Electronic Publishing Incorporation New York USA, June, 2010 Shodh VimarshJournal of Social Sciences, January 2010 1629146 8 [kk| lqj{kk & orZeku Kurukshetra, ifj–'; ,oa Òfo"; dh February 2004 pqu©fr;kW None Yes ISSN 09718451 9 fdlku Dyc & xzkeh.k fodkl dk l'kDr ek?;e None Yes ISSN 09718451 Research Kurukshetra, November 2003 Projects Undertaken (Worked as Core Group Member/Project Consultant/Team Member) (Report Published) Page 9 - Curriculum vitae Yogesh Bandhu Arya
  11. 11. Whether Sl. No. Name of final Sponsoring Project Report Agency Title of Research Project Duration of From To Submitt ed 1 2 3 Second Green Revolution in Uttar Pradesh A Baseline Study of Sahariya Community in Bundelkhand Action Aid Action Aid Reforming Traditional Water EU Resources in Bundelkhand September – December 2012 June-September 2012 April-August 2012 Yes Yes Yes A Baseline Report on Water 4 and Sanitation in Uttar Pradesh Water Aid/ June –December, FANSA 2011 Baseline Study for 5 Livelihood Intervention CRS/IISD Water and Sanitation in 6 FANSA Uttar Pradesh April –Sept, 2011 June – December 2010 Yes Yes Yes Uttar Pradesh Social Watch 7 Report-2010, Flood and UN MDG Jan-June, ,2010 Yes Action Aid Oct-Dec, 2009 Yes Droughts in Uttar Pradesh Free Trade Agreements8 India-EU Negotiations-A Primer Water Crises and Plummet of 9 Water Resources in Water Aid Bundelkhand June – November, 2009 Yes Land Distribution and 10 Livelihood, Questioning Action Aid Dalit Right in Uttar Pradesh Page 10 - Curriculum vitae Yogesh Bandhu Arya March-June, 2009 Yes
  12. 12. Economic and Ecological 11 Effect of Mentha Farming in Water Aid June-December, Bundelkhand Dam, Displacement and 12 Action Aid Shrinking Livelihood Yes 2008 February-July, Yes 2008 Globalisation and Trade DFID/CUTS Policy-The GRANITE 13 Advocacy Experian in Four /Oxfam Novib Indian States Uttar Pradesh Social Watch 14 UN MDG Report-2007 NREGA and MDM-A Review 15 Oxfam of Uttar Pradesh March- Yes December, 2007 January-June, Yes 2007 June 2006 - Yes March 2007 Papers presented in Regional/National and International Seminars/Conferences/ Workshop/ Symposium. Proce Sl. No. Title of Paper Organising Subject of Conference/Seminar eding Institution and s Place Publis hed Claiming 1 Participation the Women’s Participation UN Women in MNREGA, December Gender at Work 3-4, 2012 Page 11 - Curriculum vitae Space: Yogesh Bandhu Arya & Yes
  13. 13. Situation of Water Security in 2 Bundelkhand – Findings of Baseline Survey Parmart and, “Expert Group Seminar Bundelkhand on Water Security Bundelkhand in Institute of Region”, Engineering and Yes 24th – 25th Nov 2012 at Technology, Jhansi support by European Union Model for Convergence among FCI, MNREGA & PDS 3 for Sustainable Development, Food Security and Better Utilisation of State Convention on Ministry of Performance of MNREGA Development, AND New Initiatives, & September 1, 2012 RDD Rural GoI Uttar No Pradesh at Jhansi Resources Financing and 4 Development of Agriculture Sector An Approach and Policy Options for 5 the Agriculture Sector in the 12th Five Year Plan Artificial Market 6 Prices and Subsidies Implication for Indian Agriculture Regional Convention on the Union Budget 201213 November 30th , CBGA/GDS Yes 2011 Towards a Regional Indian Strategy for the UGC / Allahabad 12h Five Year Plan, 19- University YES 20 November , 2011 Indian Economic Growth- Trade and Development December ICRIER, New Delhi No 2nd, 2010 Mirage of Poverty Eradication: India’s 7 Recent Poverty Debate Commitment and in India: Measurement, UGC Progress towards MDG Constraints of Small 8 & Marginal Farmers and Institutional Options Page 12 - Curriculum vitae Issues and / Allahabad Relevance, University Yes November, 20-2, 2010 Small Farmers Livelihood Institutional Options October 22nd, 2010 Yogesh Bandhu Arya and GIDS/ICAR Yes
  14. 14. 9 Second Green Revolution in India Regional Convention on Agricultural CCSR, Lucknow Development, No September , 2010 Indira Gandhi National Open International Conference University with 10 Development Cost of on Conflict Regional Conflict in South Asia Peace Economists for Management, Peace and Security, Economics and Peace Science Peace Science Society 11-13 Jan., 2010 Yes UNESCO (India) and Binghamton University, U.S.A. International Trade and Inclusive Growth: The 11 National Symposium on Dynamics of Free International Trade and Trade Agreements for Economic Development UNESCO / UNCTAD India / Jadavpur Yes University Kolkata October 24th , 2008 Development Strengthening SAFTA International Seminar on for Collective 12 "Trade for Development: Bargaining in Issues and Challenges – Multilateral Trade Regime A Developing Country's Perspective", September 25th & 26th, 2008). CSES University Australia/ UNCTAD International Conference Leavy Exclusion and on Inclusive Policy: An India Emerging Opportunities Centre Experience of Uttar Pradesh Economic Growth, Poverty and Wage 14 Yes inequality of Casual Labourer Page 13 - Curriculum vitae / DFID India NREGA, Social 13 Victoria Berlin Institute Germany / for and Public Employment Development in Globalizing India, Studies April 3-35, 2008 Emerging Patterns of in Indian Labour Market, Yogesh Bandhu Arya (CDS), Thituvanantpuram Contractual Employment February 28-29, 2008 YES UGC and Central Lucknow BBA University, YES
  15. 15. Does WTO Matter for 15 Uttar Pradesh Agriculture Economy UPUEA Annual Conference, 28-29 October, 2006 Challenges of Urban Livelihood Concerns of and Peri-urban Peri Urban Agriculture in Agriculture in Uttar Pradesh Uttar Uttaranchal Yes Economic Association / GIDS Prospect and 16 Uttar Pradesh and Pradesh 7-8 October, 2006 Uttar Pradesh Council of Agricultural Research YES (UPCAR), Lucknow Trade Competitiveness: 17 Annual Paradox of WTO Indian Agreement on Agriculture” Conference of economic Indian Association, 8 Association Playing Field and Papers for Hong Kong Free Play of Market Series Forces False Promises and Fetid Practices: How 19 Unfair is the Game Centre and for June, 2005 India- YES New Delhi Academy 4th Trade Development (CENTAD), of International International Conference Globalisation on Business (AIB)- and India and Institute of WTO’s Level Sectoral Playing Field 17-19 February, 2005 Development, of Learning Management, New Delhi Lecture/Special Lectured delivered in Institutions of repute within the country and outside Page 14 - Curriculum vitae Yes December, 2005 Fallacies of Level 18 Economic Yogesh Bandhu Arya Yes
  16. 16. Sl. Title/Subject of Name and Place of Date of No. Lecture Institution Lecture “Expert Group Seminar on 24th – Water Security in 25th Nov Bundelkhand Region”, 2012 Remarks Designing & formulation for Action 1 Research Study on Water Rights Agenda in Invited Lecture working areas General Agreement on 2 Trade & Tariff in August Workshop on WTO Issues service(GATT) 2012 Agreement on Trade 3 Related Aspects of Intellectual Property August Workshop on WTO Issues WTO’s Agreement on Agriculture and Issues Before India Workshop on WTO Issues - UPAAM-Lucknow India’s Position on Non 5 Agriculture Market Workshop on WTO Issues 28th , 2012 28th , 2012 Indian Experience of Univeritas Al Azhar, Invited Lecture Invited Lecture Invited Lecture Invited Lecture 1st June, Invited 2012 Lecture 29th May, Invited 2012 Lecture Workshop on WTO Issues July 10th Invited - UPAAM-Lucknow 2010 Lecture Workshop on WTO Issues July 9th Invited - UPAAM-Lucknow 2010 Lecture - Uttar Pradesh Academy July 8th Invited of Administration & Man 2010 Lecture Green Economic Komplek Masjid Agung Al Policies Azhar –Jakarta-Indonesia Green Economy: Policy 7 August August Access (NAMA) 6 29th , 2012 Rights(TRIPS) 4 30th , and Implications for Indian Peasants La Via Campesina, Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta-Indonesia Agreement on 8 Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) & Non Tariff Barriers (NTB’s) Anti Dumping, 9 Counter-veiling Measures & Dispute Settlement in WTO Agreement on Sanitary 10 and Phtyo-Sanitary Meseaures Workshop on WTO Issues - UPAAM-Lucknow Page 15 - Curriculum vitae Yogesh Bandhu Arya
  17. 17. Training Programmes/Workshops attended on Research Methodology, refresher courses, faculty improvement, etc. Sl. Name of Course No. Attended 1 TRADESIFT Training Workshop Sponsoring Institution University of Sussex (U.K.) / DFID (India) / British Council (India) / IIFT New Delhi Trade Modelling with Duration February 21st to 24th , 2012 UNCTAD India / Allahabad April 16th to University 30th , 2009 Capacity Building Planning Department, GoI, January 20th Workshop on UGC and University of to February Research Methodology 2 Allahabad 8th, 2009 GTAP and Other Economic Softwares 3 STATA Software: 4 UNCTAD (India) & University Application and of Allahabad Method November 20th to 26th, 2008 Computerized General 5 Equilibrium (CGE) UNCTAD (India) and Jadavpur October 20th Modelling and University to 25th, 2008 UNCTAD India / Allahabad August 5th to University 28th , 2008 ECORYS (European Union), June 23rd, CENTAD & CUTS (India) 2008 Practices on Oxfam (novib) Netherlands September 9- Globalisation, Trade and CUTS International Jaipur 10, 2006 Capacity Building Uttar Pradesh Council of May, 16-17, Workshop on WTO Agricultural Research (UPCAR) 2006 Database International Trade 6 Theory and Policy Modelling Trade Sustainability 7 Impact Assessment (TSIA) Documentation 8 and Development Awareness cum 9 Functionalities Page 16 - Curriculum vitae Yogesh Bandhu Arya
  18. 18. National Social Science Access to Social Science Information in (NASSDOC), held at Indian Digital Environment 10 Documentation Center Institute of Management (IIM), February 710, 2005 Lucknow Workshop on 11 Computer Application and Research Methods September GIDS/ICSSR 21st to 30th , 2004 in Social Science Workshop on 12 Computer Application and Research Methods GIDS/ICSSR in Social Science Page 17 - Curriculum vitae Yogesh Bandhu Arya March 3rd to 12th , 2003
  19. 19. Annexure-2 1. Prof. Abhijit Das – (Former Director – UNCTAD India) Director/Head & Professor, Centre For WTO Studies, . Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, IIFT Bhawan, B-21 Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi-16 : (+91) (011) 26533254 : headwto@iift.ac.in 2. Prof. D.M. Diwakar (Ph. D. Supervisor) Director, A.N. Sinha Institute of Social Studies (ANSISS) Gandhi Maidan-Patna- Bihar- India (800 001) : (+91) (0612) 2219856, (+91) 9472973336 : dmdiwakar@yahoo.co.in 3. Prof. Mohd. Muzammil (Other Referee) Vice Chancellor-Ruhelkhand Unviersity Barely (U.P. India) F-2260 Rajaji Puram, Lucknow-India : (+91) 0522 – 2419837, (+91) 9450022135 : prof.muzammil@gmail.com, muzammil_m@lkouniv.ac.in 4. Utkarsh K. Sinha (Other Referee) Page 18 - Curriculum vitae Yogesh Bandhu Arya
  20. 20. Director –Centre for Contemporary Studies and Research, (CCSR) Lucknow (U.P. India) 2/205, second Floor, Vivek khand, Gomti Nagar Lucknow -India : (+91) 0522 –2304595, (+91) 09935736877 : utkarshks1@gmail.com, utkarshks@gmail.com Page 19 - Curriculum vitae Yogesh Bandhu Arya