The recession journey resume and bio tips
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The recession journey resume and bio tips



A fast publication, hope it all makes sense.

A fast publication, hope it all makes sense.
i had to speed check it and publish for today.
It does aid a variety of related studies, some hard to find in general.



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The recession journey resume and bio tips The recession journey resume and bio tips Document Transcript

  • The Recession Journey, a College Edition.Jan. 2012Life Online, and Online Business Philosophy.For Frequent college transfers, student transfers, and Virtual business types.We are Secular and Non Secular Back drop, all are welcome to read and join.Topic:LDM CEO, Pre-Wealth Builder Philosophy, and Business eResume.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Love and Divinity In Motion Organization (L.D.M) LDM Inc.,Doctor Leslie Michelle Moore, B.A., D.B.S, D.D., Ms.D, C.A.M, Yogi, P.T., Herbalist, Summer 2011.Natural Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Mind-Body-Soul Medicine, Energy Medicine (NaturopathicPractice (100% Shaman, 1/8 Cherokee Gifts.)
  • L.D.M CEO professional certification from agencies below:1. Yoga, P.T., Herbal, C.A.M, licensed under ISO 9001-2000 Global, Standards.2. Bachelors of Arts-General Studies, licensed under the World Online Degrees Education AccreditingCommission (WOEAC) and the Board of OnlineUniversities Accreditation (BOUA).3. Hatha Yoga Training and Business Computer Software courses under The Higher LearningCommission of the North Central Association.4. All Ministry Doctrines licensed under International Accreditation.5. Natural Medicine, Naturopathic Research Doctrine of Holistic Medicine under A.C.H.H. (NaturalHealth Counselor/Consulting)6 School Professional Accreditation A.C.H.H-American Council of Holistic Healers.7. Paralegal and Legal Secretary Awareness, Woman Law Courses under The Council for HigherEducation Accreditation (CHEA).8. LDM Yoga Registry.9. Red Cross Certified, Caregiver, Nursing AssistantAfter Nursing Assisting jobs of 8 yrs.I earned the LVN / LPN: Equivalent, equaling a Holistic LVN Licensed Vocational Nurse or LPN /Licensed Practical Nurse. This may aid our fans, students,and B2B of The Medical or Clinical Field. Other terms, Medical Yoga, LPN, LVN. Our practitionercertifications are interchangeable within that nursing status.According to research, I meet the Holistic RN requirements by applications.I have narrowed it down to, two online colleges; with Michigan/Satellite locations, to start earningtraditional credits. All online Health services will beholistic by default & accreditation.Achievement Awards:Joined PTK-Phi Theta Kappa Two Year Honor SocietyBeta Gamma Alpha Chapter,A Registered, Updated, Lifetime Membership,Winter Term 2006,National Dean’s List Publication: 2005-2006.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Definitions and Summary.What does this mean? Its look good, hard understand?Class 94, the Experience to 2012.:In 2006, i had an issue until year 2008 of:1. people forgetting my years of college study from years 1996 and up,2. i am class 1994 for high school,3. my loans and debt,4. my hard work in general from college to college,5. not knowing my EDU awards and not including work awards,
  • then saying i was plain illegal in a million words. That hurts and causes road blocks mentally andemotionally, and the recession started in 2006-2008. Iexperience the recession before it was all over media and a topic globally.I am sure, many graduates can think back and relate.Lifestyles of class 2005-06.Some of you are still in college, building at home with parents, middle class homeowners, workingclass, Workacholics between working class and middleclass, new business owners, freelance workers or contractors, or married by now with new children, orjust children. (If i had my premonition visions and doubled by Momz (B.Jonita) daughter-A curly sue baby, i wouldnot be online, business undeveloped and off line-i didone wedding and all prayer requests or counsel, and you reading this, so God understands. Daughterwould be either 6-2 yrs old. She is in metaphor, Mia Jonita Resorts, u can enjoy her in virtual essences.Her birth into the real realm, and beyond vbusiness; eventually. Fathers will differ or so it seems.(fatherless at this point, the dreams shift via my social(workacholic). I am shaman (will list in references), i dream premonitions weekly to daily. Will teacheventually.)So this started the Dragon (shaman fire element) Work drive to be of excellence. (1976 my chinesesign)_______________________________________________________This was designed as a CEO BIO by year 2010. The Bio you find today, excludes this information byrotation, we are year 7 in business, so you can imaginethe rotation happens often.However; The EDU goes back to year 1996 for the years of Paralegal Training.My education like most, has been hosting a Good GPA (Undergrad 2.5 to 3.9 by 2006. Vocational: 4.0),however; too many transfers and old transcripts not used or usable. Also, lets not get into, thetranscripts locked by private loans and old bills. We all do it frequently. To this day, i owe private loanswith larger EDU loans. The private ones use to be more annoying than the large ones. However, to agrowing business, the loans are managable and smallamounts (4k here and 1200.00 there to unlock a transcript used unofficiall. It does free the opening togo back but u are years older and your field isdifferent.], but to a student u end up in tears. My Paralegal, for example; does not transfer and was toldto the class at that time of 1996 during orientation.Over the years, i began to feel incomplete, like: What do i do with all of my education, its here-there-and-everywhere. Later, in 2012; after accepted by 250kof fans, radio of 50k, featuring book and audio classes sold, i discovered? This is common, most peopletransfer twice or more before graduating in oneundergrad BA or BS. Even then, they some end up with two bachelors before going to the work forceor college again. This is our college cycle. Idiscovered it slow.The unofficial use of your hard earned work, Part I:
  • Financial, Dollar Bill Facts, Money Philosophy, Edition I, Lesson I:When u owe a school, they lock your transcript. But can they lock your resume, my fans can prove thatwith a NO. It goes into the debate of money power.Money in general:Controls so much within our world and lifestyle. It should never be in spirit, a hot topic, or thee center,love is our center or we hope. It seems to controlhappiness but one can be happy around the circumstances. Moment to Moment happiness, path to pathhappiness, love to love happiness, Here and there,u come across the wisdom of your family and elders, their conversations almost lost withouttranslation. I learned that the dollar has value from us, withinthe community and market. The dollar was made as a charm, to grant luck and free you when stuck.Imagine, the dollar being made like pretty sci fifantasy within a serious environment-our government. How surreal right, it goes deep when u researchthe dollar bill. People only see the conflicts andarguement. I feel, the answers are buried in church and metaphysics, theres no way to understandmoney secrets in logics and reason. Did you know, thedollar bill use to say, "Mind Your Business" on it. It was removed in (Art and design to paint a simplepicture) drafts and replaced with "In God we trust". Icannot even tell you where my study notes or the several links i read back to back (like a student inloan debt was my drive and drive only), and the directdraft or design locations from old to new (our dollar today).I can tell you, this Mind your business, had to have been on the back of the old dollar.(a joke in our board meetings when chatting on financial prosperity and the future of our economy.) I can say, i kept this information in my head cover the past 2yrs. Those phrases were the main ones thatmatched each other with different meanings andactually effects are money transactions.Picture, That transferred the concept of Privacy, its my money business 5000% (a debate anyway, wealways want privacy unless we are wealth buildersor teachers. We never knew of the early drafts.) but gave God, the source, some props in being involvedin our Dollar Management. Think about it. We goback and forth, from dollar past to present, as if lost in money translation, like the Dollar will alwayshave its ups and downs, in your world; until u, yourselflearn In God we trust, like an affirmation of faith beyond the research most never know.Hope this all makes sense and relates to college of today; lets continue.Example before i shift topics: Imagine, I am going through the recession, a new college graduate in2006-2010, in a mode of Mind Your business. Now,2011-2012, i am going through building my company in God we trust. Its slow but victories arefrequent and money is no longer an enemy or in betterterms, the worse case situation (WCS). So, when a student graduates, money is not always a given but aself discovery, its a journey like Feng Shui, YogaStudies, or Bible Certifications, the three oldest majors from the time of BC.__________________________________________________________
  • -Wealth Builders Dept coming soon, courses and more lessons-Wealth Course online Archives(Money secret. To this day, i never change the audio price for recession. I changed entire stores, entireinventories online, but never this item. This wasfrom 2008 and we were itunes podcast radio, still listed under Love and Divinity In Motion but retiredin itunes(Light and Love, Steve Jobs RIP. Recommended read: my test of serious ppl. and estudents.It does work but not seasonal, once or twice annual. A tresure to me, it was a leap of faith recording andpure bliss to do for audio.But a part II, III and beyond to 2012, is where i stopped, and was froze during research. An Honest job to be wealth teacher. I question some authors you see on TV, on those randomSaturdays or boredom days. Imagine, any business ownerin marketing and promotion can buy pictures, buy video clips, buy actors, and you go hmmmm?] do recommend for similar authors and variety. Since we are not ready available during ourVirtual World tech and study: (my twin, same studies by destiny, and he has Cisco backdrop.) {our beginnings} small Note on Sylvia and Pre-Healing Center.{Sylvia is forever my distant church mentor mother, so to a million fans. I am so much like her, i laughoften in chats with my brother, also my partner in co. I also i hope to be one of the Virtual healing center mentioned-Book ofProphecies. We fit and its pretty early yet (extreme early)and some services not available, but almost when requested or published.Even for Life Coaching and Metaphysical counsel, i had a special request from a friend, she knows mybio from local and college life of 15 yrs. The counselwent from 25.00 per weekly session in fall season to free of charge this winter (she goes are you sure,so sweet), so i can have (Cisco) tech supporttime and peace.-lol. The regular fee is 50-100.00 not even an option for recession-recovery. I think sheis the first pre-healing center client, she does notknow yet. A Hayhouse fan and Guru. We have to group session the Prophecy books this year (2012). Iam a lil behind and did not catch a few books. An oldBorders Books customer, now closed. So old school, Borders is now Barnes and Nobles i believe, atransfer. Reference: Prophecy, What the future holds for you.}
  • The accreditation summary above was a long research of each university, college, and their departmentaccreditations. This is not used much but online?Within the local area, accreditation chats are never a conversation for both parents and students, letalone an independent student.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The unofficial use of your hard earned work, Part I:I am always a student, whether registered, tutored, or better terms an understudy (Cisco Systems andTroubleshooting).(, this is not a EDU battle or deceit method of the school system,but if you are of the following:1. an online style,2. virtual style, virtual office, virtual staff, virtual voicemails, virtual communications, virtual sites,3. or 3D, Animation, Virtual World, Simulation style business or organization,then; you can design any BIO you like. Your World may not fuse instantly, but instead branches off indesign, into the world wide web (WWW). You are not acon artist, your hard earned work will show itself, but you are a genre of presentation, presentationunique to old college traditions. Traditions actuallyavailable in your University accreditation list, i found one (Private School, Secular of Michigan. Notme peeps, for real a twin) so much like mine, i wasshocked, like wow! The average student does not see or care for this page i found. All colleges list theiraccreditations, even informal from back in theirfirst openings. The fusion is causal and works well when u see it, much like ours at Love and DivinityIn Motion Inc. I would hate to list this school, so i wantthem to function like normal, but its mainstream already for certain majors to this day, in state tointernational transfers. (Hint: Not UofM-lol., GO Blue)Not to lose you, This can include; transcripts either locked or not accepted by mainstream colleges,such as vocation transcripts. The transcript lock doesapply to your local jobs, university transfers, and anything needing hard copies. You follow me? Theonline world has its perks but it takes almost veteranstudy of resumes and networking.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Bio and resume trick to above average (The Golden Ticket):1. Look at our college credits, class credits, on job lessons, on job training this is all vocational andprofessional standards. These are paid and docd. So u can use them, make sure they are completedcourses and on your transcript either online or hard copies, this is for back up reference,2. Look at the school you got your final certification or degree as well,3. Under each school, back track and dig for that department and degree accreditation.4. Jot down as notes your findings.
  • 5. Then design your eBio of Individualized and CEO (If u own a company or freelance services even)your accreditation list.6. You are done, and accredited as a service, teacher, or for your product of sale. Most of ouraccreditations are vocation and professional, an actual genre outside of traditional accreditation.7. However, as a School or Business Entity, Your Traditional or Professonal accreditation separates andis different then the CEO Bio. We only did one, for Holistic Health and stopped during projects. I almost did Metaphysics as school. Ido it natural so its not biggie that we stopped in2008-09, The same time, i created Yogi Goddess Music lounge (Alter ego, uses shaman by almostwealth luck is progressing. Will also teach eventually.)and was Radio Podcast for LDM Inc.Thanks for your Learning time.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*This information will serve Virtual Business and Frequent Transfer style students. Keep in mind, youshould aim to complete a major do doubt, but if youget stuck for years and years, you have a resume way out, money tips, and you can feel good aboutyour credits earned and college transfer lifestyle. Younever know, this may slowly aid recession for student graduates.Light and Love,LDM Inc. Management, Love and Divinity In Motion, Mia Jonita (Tech) Management,Dr Leslie M Moore.Bachelors in Liberal Arts by 2006. Awards in years 2005-2006 For Deans List and Beta Gamma AlphaChapter, Vocation Certifications in 2007 and 2008.Indie No enrollment Research in 2009-2012 the present.I eventually will like to teach the Shaman Journey, More Yoga Studies, Holistic and Weight LostCourses or Publications.In Remission of several illnesses from Holistic and ND Yoga Living, holding a size 9/10, notconquered since 1998, freshmen college years.
  • Other Links about Leslie Michelle Podcast, random from search, countries differ in links, hint is (CN): podcast links, see also LDM Alumni News (from 2011), available online for free for certainn. Thislists official podcast links.*Picture archives by Archives by LDM inc., Leslie M Moore, Edits by New Dept, LDM Digital Studio.