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Ldm vcurrency report ii


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For loyal fans and reader cast peeps of Mia and LDM. This is an update from our 2010 Report I, the LDM vCurrency Report II, c/o LDM’s vLand Portfolio, Edition I of Volume II, March, Winter-Spring …

For loyal fans and reader cast peeps of Mia and LDM. This is an update from our 2010 Report I, the LDM vCurrency Report II, c/o LDM’s vLand Portfolio, Edition I of Volume II, March, Winter-Spring Season.

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  • 1. Hello and Welcome to Mia Jonita Resorts. • LDM vCurrency Report II, • c/o LDM’s vLand Portfolio, Edition I of Volume II, • March, Winter-Spring SeasonWe welcome our fans world wide, USA, Primary: Europe and AsiaLets get started in our vCurrency updates for this yr.First we will Review year 2010 Topics, *Entire Doc below for review, makes it easier peeps:__________________________________________________________________________________First © vDistribution Total: $1000000.00, One Million in © LDM vDollars.©vAccounting & alchemy: Did you know, the Banking systems, are one of the most popularentities; that create money from thin air. A recycled flow of ‘alchemy energy’. We started offwith a random, one million in ©VDollars for Accounting and ©vManagement purposes. If weever over exceed this amount, we will update our reports and reimburse the ©vAccountingDepartment. Very similar to the Day to Day banking and the money system.Summary:The © LDM vCurrency: is designed for the LDM Campus Only. It will be allowed for usagewithin the Service stores and video gaming thereafter. We advise over time, that students not
  • 2. try to recreate, sell, or redesign the LDM vCurrency without permission. Later we will designan approved seller program once our vCurrency and vDollars are circulated. Also be carefulof any copy cats or dollars with similar names or initials. As ©vCurrency Graphic Designers,our © vDollar symbols will be noticeable over time as well.© vCurrency Art: Done in the © vCurrency Graphic Design Lab, by © vCurrency Graphic DesignLab Techs. This Attraction is solely for the purpose and virtual comfort of the Campus Life and Thoseusing our Conversion Rate.Format: jpg image per each © vBanking. See vBanking for more details.vCurrency & ©vDistribution: We have 10.00 and 20.00, in ©vDollars designed & Availablefor ©vdistribution. A tester ©vDollar is only $3.00 in USD to sample/and profile an imagewithin your chosen network. After sampling, we suggest a test run in ©vBanking to adjust.Customers are allowed to change or use basic to large quantities of vDollars per order.© vDollars: Each vCurrency is crafted with unique details and design by © LDM Inc. The©vDollars are designed for Campus prosperity, décor, and moneyenergy only. The main format of use will be by normal digital communication, invoicing, andtransfer.Conversion Rate: The © vCurrency Rate is higher in value than the USD Currency. This ratecan still be used for regular priced service items, actually still in USD format.For Example:Thereafter, we advise basic ebanking and check balancing with your vCurrency spendingamount and remaining dollars until your next © Conversion vBanking.© vBanking: Look for An © Official Campus Retailer for vCurrency in addition to the © vBankingofficial Website, when shopping or traveling within the LDM Campus Life and Web Addresses.©vBanking will involve a pay pal order (Pay Pal accts. or non pay pal customers welcome.), your autoinvoice, ©vCommunication emails including your ©vDollar and digital requested amounts. You will begiven one ©vDollar image within your ©vBanking conversion. This saves the ©vCustomer’s virtualspace and aids your awareness and usage of the ©vDollar currency and ©vImage.
  • 3. For Example: If you ordered 10 vDollars with $5.00 USD, you will get one 10 vDollar jpg. ImageBill. If you ordered 5 of the 10 vDollars in quantity with $5.00 USD each, totaling $25.00 USD for 50vDollars. You will still get only one 10 vDollar jpg. Image Bill. Over time, you may collect multipleimages per vbanking experience.© vWealth: Our goal is to have, our vCurrency display the energy of wealth and abundance Chi,Ki, or Qi. This benefit extends from LDM to our vBanking Customers. You are allowed to use our ©vDollars images for ‘creative’ showcasing in your social networks, profile photo album, and any photocaptions; collections. vWealth can also be used eventually in general business profiles.© vShopping: Did you know, your money is suppose to be; a fun, joyful, happy daily experience?Somehow, over time and struggle, the money chi of many lives and families; has gone out theirspiritual doors for good. Have your noticed, that we often seem to enjoy the money experience, withinour board, video, or virtual communities? Why is that? Why would we enjoy virtual, network, or boardgame money over the real deal? This relates back to the happy chi of the money experience. Do weworry, panic, have anxiety, or dread spending our virtual money? 90% of the time, we do not. We mayworry or dread only in competitive or action pack games. This ‘virtual dread’ is ‘branched’ from realexperience but lasts ‘for a gaming moment’, or ‘One online hour’, not a long time debt. We want yourexperience to be a pleasant, stress free, and a joyful one. This concept comes from pure virtual sunshineand happy Chi. You can ©vbank, ©vSave, ©vSpend your ©vDollars, however; you will. We haveunlimited services built over a span of years and broadcast relations, available in our service retailers.©vShopping Stores: ©vMall Retailer: ©vMall Retailer and ©vBank: ©vBanking Official Lobby:© vCurrency Community Watch: Eventually, We will be seeking © vCurrency CommunityWatch Volunteers. We expect other companies, schools, and online businesses to follow theconcept of virtual currency, however; not copy detail for detail. If you ever see or spot a copy
  • 4. cat or virtual dollar with a similar name or initial, please report them to © LDM Inc., This keepsus up to date in regular distribution and © vCurrency Graphic Designing.Holistic References: Alchemy Energy, energy of wealth and abundance Chi, Ki, or Qi, HappyChi.__________________________________________________________________________________LDM vCurrency Report II, Mia Jonita Resorts c/o LDM’s vLand Portfolio, Edition I of Volume II,The update for year two during (Cisco Style) tech/vbuild. 1.) The World Status: • Mia Jonita Resorts, is a Company under LDM Inc, building on Virtual World platform Open Sim(s). Home of a million Copyrighted Grid Worlds open and thriving with fans of the OS community, tech, and their world fans. This is usually with or without Designed Currency. We love the currency idea at LDM and Mia Jonita, being fans of Second Life and their SL Linden Exchange Market (Forgot technical name peeps), also Resident and Exported Workers/vModels of IMVU. • Example: • In IMVU, their currency design is In World and currency credits can be sold and bought under approved IMVU partners to those that develop and make lg sums of IMVU credits regularly. Most Partners request that u be a Developer (of the IMVU University in a way) and will buy credits for rates: 50k to 100k IMVU credits/35.00-40.00 USD. Same idea as Second life but different structure. I have used the SL Linden Exchange (online dashboard), its nice and speedy. • Mia future exchange designs: • SL is a nice design for In World Business and Residence, for tech reasons, Mia Jonita may open like IMVU and use approved partner styles for a yr or so. Its a matter of Tech and Hired staff. We will do fundraisers for HR (Human Resources and Staff volunteers, this spring) A pending idea for Mia Management and Raising Dept Capital. 2.) Stock Fans and Entering the Market: • Informal and Personal: • I am still a Stock Market Virgin and I take the Market seriously over the yrs. (Keeping Their ID/names Private) I know friends that have had inheritance and Parents that use the US Stock market and Stocks old as Three Generations. I notice (online) The stock market has shifted some ups and downs over the past 6 yrs and thats all I know (lol) about the market (especially 15 yrs of not being in it myself), Otherwise most ppl (For those that know me, Speaking of; Former Senior Clients and My Family Tree) I know will only do Employer/Employee Style Trust Funds, CD Banking, and Money Markets for Family Finances/GM Family/A Grandparent. (Basically Non Stock Investments). • For our First Publication/for LDM vCurrency (and related Mia Fan publications) • LDM’s vLand Portfolio, Edition II, Issue III, Volume I, The News, From 7/6/2010.
  • 5. • we are listed as potential Public Sector Style/Forex Market Section. I have and will cont. to study the Forex Market, however; we may end up just Virtual World Exchange Market and also Private Sector Stocks within new Hires to get into the feel of it and for capital options. Still pending the whole public sector idea peeps, but I am open within research. If it happens natural, per the fan base, then I will flow as well. • Studies in motion this year. I usually Tweet my findings, within our three twitters. I am also studying for Mia Jonita In World Developing ideas for vleasing and vLand Management, @Mia Jonita Government. This involves studies of virtual worlds and real property management concepts. Before I cont., I love my fans and this research is possible and energized from you all, so thanks again.3.) The Metaphysical Money (Money Chi, Money Feng Shui) Properties: • 2 years, I have been researching everything under the sun, from Fitness, Holistic Health, ND Awareness, Mayan Calendar, General Science, Space studies, Yoga Psychology, and of course, mind body and spirit wellness over all. • I am excited more every year, how everything has chi (energy), alignment and primary elements. In Other words, theres Feng Shui to everything around us; including your money and prosperity. I feel, the deeper I enter Feng Shui, this will effect home life, health, love, and the company as a whole; spreading to how we relate and effect the fan club. • My home office, mind body and spirit have already shown results this Mayan yr along. A year of karma spring cleaning and change. (The Yin and Yang, as I mentioned in Love and Divinity twitter today). (March tweets)4.) Economy Style for LDM Inc and Departments: • My Loyal Fans Only: For The company as a whole, including all departments, we are Private Sector, Independent Business (Indie Style), this branches to Internet, then to Digital (Media/e-commerce) Income. Entering Networks such as IMVU, Myyearbook, and Second Life, branches to Virtual Income (the non USD and other real currency). When u get into the Virtual World Exchange or the vWorld Exchange Markets (dont quote me, these are informal names, I lose track of the tech names- sorry), that becomes a new world (Well, Old and expanding at this point; since early 2000s.) featuring both economy styles of Virtual meets Digital/Internet/e-commerce style. That means the Virtual per Veteran Creators or Expert Developers in any world, or Video gaming/entertainment even; transforms into Real Cash and Real Income. Business and Economy peeps will break it down as no income, until u join the branches together but not virtual alone. Hope that makes sense (?), thats our Economy Break Down at this point. • Imagine with me, for a moment: the Gaming industry being the core of Virtual Worlds online. The Gaming Industry designed, in a way; this cool (but hard, it takes training) platform of income and economy first (I do Believe this is truth, although this is my year two in tech, in the board family; now there is my brother year 20 in hard core, stand in line at midnight for a game-recently, gamer entertainment and Gaming Psychology-lol). However; to players and gamers, making real money that u enjoy from virtual worlds and being in your 3D selfs, or 3D avatars, is still new and confusing (unless u catch the college gamer commercials). I learn from daily social, not everyone is in twitter, myyearbook, or facebook, myspace, then imagine, or even in 3D social.
  • 6. • Some ideas, old as they are; are still new to businesses online and off line. I feel this is important to note, because; I catch the yin and yang, what I call the old fashion business minds and the modern tech. I do believe both mind styles can work together and u never know, that may be the success of many virtual worlds already. Business Zen Minds, working as a team. I learned about 3-4 years ago, that whatever odd, crazy, unique, or modern idea u think of; probably already exists, I add this yr to that thought; …its just a matter of joining the right e-community.5.) Mia Jonita Development in General and What to expect: • What to expect from Mia Jonita tech and team...hmmm, I am humble but I do offer my best and will try to give the best for our grand opening. My goal is in general this year, I always plan season to season. For this year, the seasons are spring-summer, or Fall- winter. A Season borderline estimate. I hope for this summer, but we will see. Virtual World building takes a lot of business planning (we always share with fans in docs and blogs), and for me, Slow Cisco and 3D training. We may not open with all of our virtual needs or expectations, but will aim for the best case situation. Thanks and thats all for now, I better save this doc now, before it crashes, I already lost 3 pictures in a computer glitch. Crazy. But, We keep you all posted at Mia Tech. LDM Inc, Mia Jonita Management