Ldm and mia special newsletter edition i volume i

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LDM and Mia Special Newsletter, Edition I, Volume I. …

LDM and Mia Special Newsletter, Edition I, Volume I.
Europe, Asia, and USA

Winter Season Updates Designed for Reader Cast, Ft. Amazon Kindle Digital Cast.

From our LDM/Mia and YG Blogcast System of Merchant circle, Ft. Word Press.

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  • 1. LDM and Mia Special Newsletter,Edition I, Volume I.Europe, Asia, and USAWinter Season Updates Designed for Reader Cast, Ft. Amazon Kindle Digital Cast.From our LDM/Mia and YG Blogcast System of Merchant circle,Ft. Word Press and a bonus entry on Fundraisers coming up.Do u miss the audio cast of LDM?We not only have archives in itunes...(we have to do a check but its been since 2010.the host: gcast/ilike co. is now myspace and officially closed)We are available and have customers, (Guest Students), in learn out loud.The best thing is,everything is self help and self serve.This aids both u and LDM Inc, as a busy voffice/remote office.Most of our fans are international,which makes live classes complex without a self serve option, including live blackboard.
  • 2. I imagine in 3D, the Virtual World of Mia, our live classes will be small andtime zone schedule.The avatar life I love,U have the homes, houses, offices, event places, mall, social, est.beyond norm 2D/1D.*Our 1D/2D still works, is considered our casting system and publications.Our 3D i feel will be a treat for the co. in general and fan club.A balance of Real/surreal options.(IMVU, *Resident/workers) and it should be interesting for live and also 3D self help/self serve.(Like Second Life, *Special Event Visitors)links below:1.) http://www.learnoutloud.com/Resources/Authors-and-Narrators/Mia-Jonita-Resorts/178802.) http://www.learnoutloud.com/Resources/Authors-and-Narrators/Dr-Lezlie-M-Virtual-Vixen/131283.)http://www.learnoutloud.com/Resources/Authors-and-Narrators/Yogi-Goddess-Virtual-Vixen/148374.) http://www.learnoutloud.com/Resources/Authors-and-Narrators/Love-and-Divinity-Virtual-Vixens/181115.)http://www.learnoutloud.com/Resources/Publishers-and-Retailers/LDM-Yoga-and-Mia-Campus-Developer/828thanks for supporting, LDM, Mia, and YG over the years.We have been publishing since 2007,audios since 2008,and in Business since 2005 of Ann Arbor MI(Undergrad college, EDU) USA,now Detroit/Redford MI USA.(Online Vocational/professional EDU Business)LDM/Mia Jonita Management
  • 3. Sharing the Cast news...hello fan and peeps of LDM and Miawe are happy to report or share, our stats for the readercast---------------------------------Dear YogaPrincess,Your documents on SlideShare have had 10,000 views.Wow! You must be doing something right.Your slides and docs must be pretty awesome in order to get that many views.Keep it up ... we cant wait to see what you share next.Congratulations,The SlideShare teamhttp://www.slideshare.net/yogaprincess-------------------------------------Thanks for being apart of our reader and blogcast.For both LDM/Mia and YG, we have been weekly Frontrunners (Blog stats) of Westland and Redfordfor almost a 1/2 of yr, straightsince summer 2011,(when i took notice was summer)----------------------------------------LDM and Mia Management.-----------------------------------------The LDM gallery and archivesHello peeps, fans, or virtual world fanatics.
  • 4. u know how much i love v-pics and the Digital/3D/Fantasy Galleries.So,Ongoing, between tech and other projectsCatch our Pics and Freelance at:http://www.koinup.com/ygimvuhttp://www.freelanced.com/lesliemooreLight and love,catch u all later.LDM/Mia J.------------------------------------------------Company Fundraisers Hosted by Mia Jonita.Ft. Feng Shui and Money topic,Fundraiser Starter location in ChipInhello fans, followers, readers, and viewers of LDM and Mia.Its about time to fund raise.Fund raising is something we do only natural thru board, sales, guest students and customers online.Right now, we plan to fund raise in different formats or sites, beginning with our oldest one,in http://www.chipin.com/we will be fund raising in sections of whats needed for Joint Mia and LDM inc.This will feature Tech Support, The computer lab, Michigan Location expansion, Board Salary est.We find fund raising is a step in the right direction, instead of seeking Angel Investors and expandingthe board.If we take that route, (A Board note)we will host the board expansion carefully, good ethics, and private online interviews. The Investormust match our company and be able to flow with us.At this point, LDM has lost 2 CEOs of the Board, back to back. One was a close friend, old roomate
  • 5. (mentioned vague below for feng shui) and the other a Busy Celebrity Music Studio, we clashed inpersonalities (and another head CEO being CEO3) hmmmmm? Like a team Jacob issue for twilightfans. Now u can really see my issue from the movie perception alone.Both persons are private and mutual friends of the family/studio....However past events reduced our Board to Family and Private Held,no doubt. Imagine, To seek Angel Investors and Board members, takes time and study.Your donations, will be based on whats comfortable for you, any amount and u can keep track of yourdonation investment via, ourreader cast, blogcast, and vods-3rd.A personalized URL location will be posted shortly or in a LDM and Mia Special Newsletter, EditionII, Volume I.We have so many beautiful fans and support, we feel this process, for once; will not be stressed orstrained. LDM is entering year 7, and we find that a lucky work year with the Year of the Dragon.Feng Shui Year 2, Ft. Money:Funny how all signs are effected by the dragon in some way, I am dragon 1976, earth taurus. Learningmy element balance is wind/air or wood.One time, all of my elements balanced and in virtual form, i earned 4.7 million dollars after the newyear. My virtual money is usually parallel to the real, so this was a sign, once i saw my element order. Ido recommend the study of feng shui for money and all depts of life. I wish i could provide feng shuicharts or lessons, I do believe we have a started edition in audio form, via learn out loud; howevernot sure.Feng Shui meeting and friendship:i did have a meeting with the CEO2, my brother and SR. tech. is does so many depts via remote andmeetings. We discussed Feng Shui for about an hour. He read the charts of the whole family and thosein the music industry. We then learned my Dragon within the year of the dragon. I was happy to seeeverything matched my indie studies, experience, and regular intuition (Intuitive Metaphysician). I alsolearned how its good to look up a family member, love one, or peeps sign. I discovered why if u crossinto another local dragons area, u must be quiet or conflicts will occur and stir. Imagine collegeroomates and former Board Members-ouch. Like around any local dragon u know, u must shift to yoursecond default element(Example my taurus earth) to balance a dragon fire element situation, any level)well, thats all for now my sweeties, puddings, and darlings. All the good treasures of the world, u are to us; stay tuned.---------------------------------------------LDM, Mia, YG ManagementFeb. Winter SeasonTeam Bella
  • 6. Fan Disclaimer: If u are brand new or a fan of limited departments, we do have our resume, Bio, andmore information about us posted within the reader cast (Doc Shares), audios, itunes radio,blogs/blogcast of: • LDM Recording (2008-present), LDM Vodcast TV (2010-Present), • Love and Divinity In Motion (Headquarters Name-Summer 2005-Present), • Yogi Goddess, YG (2009-Present), • Mia Jonita Resorts (Dept, sponsor, host within LDM Inc 2010-present), • SLE Starlight Enterprises of Detroit (Dept of LDM 2007-present), • LDM Yoga School (Dept of LDM Inc 2008/2009-2010/11)