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Learn about Mia J. Investments

Learn about Mia J. Investments

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  • 1. Mia Jonita Investments Dept YG (Yogi Goddess), Tigerlily Enchanted of Second LifeC/O Leslie Moore Administrative of LDM IncC/O Mia Jonita Tech Administrative the BasicsReview I1. mu·tu·al fund 1. type of investment company: an investment company that uses members capital to buy a diverse group of stocks from other · Bing Dictionary2. A mutual fund is a type of professionally managed collective investment vehicle that pools moneyfrom many investors to purchase securities.[1] While there is no legal definition of the term "mutualfund", the term is most commonly applied only to those collective investment vehicles (i.e. investmentcompanies) that are regulated and available to the general public for purchase. More often than not, afund is open-ended in nature, meaning investors can buy or sell shares from/to the fund. A closed-endfund is one where the shares once sold by the fund to the public, trade on exchanges among investors,something like regular stocks do. Hedge funds are loosely considered a type of mutual fund....In theUnited States, mutual funds most often are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission,overseen by a board of directors (or trustees if organized as a trust rather than a corporation orpartnership) and managed by a registered investment advisor. Mutual funds are not taxed on theirincome and profits if they comply with certain strict requirements under the U.S. Internal RevenueCode.Mutual funds have both advantages and disadvantages compared to direct investing in individualsecurities. They have a long history in the United States. Today they play an important role inhousehold finances and retirement planning. We are legal under private sector. We are not public sector hosted in operations.2. All investments are designed with the missions and evolution of LDM Ft Mia Jonita as agrowing corp3. We are hosting in design of Mutual Funds and Income earnings investments.4. We are not funded by federal or state at this point, similar to Public.5. This serves anything hosted for out world and verifications6. We are In World and Out World Corps, LDM and Mia Jonita.TERMS/DEFINITIONS, II
  • 2. 1. As Mia Tech enters year 3, We are still building and training in Second Life Main grid andSecond Life Beta.2. Quarterly Statements began Feb 2013 from the time of November 20123. Regular statements are available per the monthly schedule of LDM Inc, Administrativemornings before daily projects. This includes checking main profiles, emails, inboxes,accounting and billing, including routine to urgent invoices. Some invoices are canceled(reduced to Free) in regards to LDM and Mia Jonita, for scheduling and ebb flow.4. Quarterly (about every 90 days, for example some payouts or billing) is designed for anyneeded verifications for the board of directors. If not available, the Regular can be used.5. Goal is to maintain regular updates for Mia Jonita Investments01/20/1307:59:42 AM, PG2