[March10] RI Rotaract Committee Newswire
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[March10] RI Rotaract Committee Newswire



Happy Rotaract week to you ...

Happy Rotaract week to you

In the fourth edition of the Rotary International
Rotaract Committee Newsletter 2009 - 2010,
you will find these topics:

- Message from Chair Dong-Joon Lee
- DGEs recall time in Rotaract
- Volunteer for the Rotaract booth
- 2009-10 RI Rotaract Committee
- What has your committee been up to?
- Preconvention: The Event of the year!
- Get Recognition for your club
- MDIOs: what’s all the fuss?
- 2010-11 RI Theme
- From Rotary to Rotaract



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[March10] RI Rotaract Committee Newswire [March10] RI Rotaract Committee Newswire Document Transcript

  • Rotaract Newswire RI Rotaract Committee News March 2010 Chair Dong-Joon Lee In this Issue: Rotaractors, Rotarians, Friends, Message from 1 Chair Dong-Joon I’m amazed to find ourselves at the fourth edition of the Rotaract Lee Newswire for the 2009-2010 year. I think everyone can be proud of what we’ve accomplished this past year, it has been so much DGEs recall time 2 fun to work together to improve Rotaract, to learn about the in Rotaract phenomenal projects being done around the world, and to become friends with so many of you. In these challenging times, I am proud to be associated with an organization Volunteer for the 2 that encourages and supports young people in their efforts to improve the lives of Rotaract booth others. 2009-10 RI 3 In the past, we’ve talked about fostering the bonds between Rotaract clubs and their Rotaract sponsoring Rotary clubs, and deepening the relationship between Rotaract and Committee Interact. Strengthening the connections in the Rotary world makes us stronger as an organization, better able to harness everyone’s positive energy and motivation to help What has your 4 our communities and others around the world. committee been up to? Interestingly, many of our most successful Rotarians ‘grew up’ in the Rotary family. They started with Interact, then moved into Rotaract before eventually becoming Rotarians, Preconvention: 5 all the while making new friends and working on interesting projects. Other than these The Event of the Rotarians, who remain strong supporters, it is important to further increase awareness year! of Rotaract in the Rotary world and beyond. Get Recognition 6 For Rotarians and Rotaractors alike, one of the best ways to learn more about Rotaract for your club is to attend the upcoming Preconvention, to be held in Montreal, Canada from June 18- 19. As the premier Rotaract event of the year, the Preconvention is a great place to MDIOs: what’s all 6 learn about a wide range of topics, hear from interesting speakers and Rotary leaders, the fuss? and share fellowship with friends from all over the world. It is also a place to experience first-hand the energy and creativity of Rotaractors, who represent the future 2010-11 RI 7 success and growth of Rotary. Theme To facilitate attendance at this exciting event, I encourage all District Governors to Submit your data 8 sponsor a District Rotaract Representative from their district to attend the by 1st May! Preconvention. I would recommend that sponsor Rotary clubs also send at least one Rotaractor, which is a great way to support them and expand their horizons to From Rotary to 8 understand the potential and international reach of Rotary. Please remember that Rotaract registering before March 31 will save you money, so try to register as soon as possible. I hope that you can attend, and look forward to seeing you there! Chair Dong-Joon Lee RI Rotaract Committee, Chair Help us to share the exciting and informative information contained within this newsletter — we want it to reach as many Rotaractors and Rotarians as possible but we need your help. • Forward this newsletter to all your Club/District/Region/MDIO members • Add the newsletter to your Club/District/Region/MDIO website 2009-10 Rotary • Send this newsletter to the Rotarians in your sponsoring Rotary Clubs & District International Theme Governor • Create a note on Facebook and link it to this newsletter
  • Page 2 Rotaract Newswire District governors-elect recall time as Rotaractors & Interactors Four Rotary alumni good Rotary is.” who are now District Vadlamani, of District 3150 (India), says she got Governors-Elect say started in Interact because of her father, a they’re proud of their Rotarian, who sponsored her high school’s youth programs Interact club. She became the club’s charter experience, and president and led service projects to help elderly they’ve been hooked and indigent community members. She even met on Rotary ever since. her husband through Rotary Youth Leadership Virgilio Farcon, Julia Gereda de Carlin, Rajyalakshmi Awards. Vadlamani, and Carlos Enrique Giraldo recall how “To share our time rather than money is what their early Rotary experiences shaped them into the Interact taught me. It is the time and compassion leaders they are today. Several were “raised in with which we do small deeds that is important,” Rotary” by parents and other relatives who were she says. Rotarians and encouraged them to get involved in Interact. Giraldo, of District 4280 (Colombia), also was encouraged by his Rotarian father to join Interact “I couldn’t understand why my parents would like me and Rotaract. “Some of the most important to be involved until I personally experienced it, and it elements of Rotaract and Interact are the was my experience that caused me to move onto the fellowship and friendship. They make you feel next level,” says Farcon, of District 3800 welcome. That’s not common among other (Philippines). He recently passed down the tradition organisations,” he says. of participating in Rotary’s youth programs to his eldest son, who is a Rotaractor. All four agree on the importance of getting involved in Rotary at an early age. “It’s what the Gereda de Carlin, of District 4450 (Peru), says she family of Rotary is all about. When we involve wanted to join Interact at a time when women were children, there is almost a guarantee that they will not allowed. A few years later, when the first Rotaract be involved in Rotary, especially as leaders,” club in Peru was chartered, she became its secretary Farcon says. and later met her husband, another Rotaractor. “For me, Rotary is a way of life, one that my husband and I have lived our whole lives,” Gereda de Carlin Article Courtesy of Rotary International says. “The Rotaract program showed us just how Volunteer for the Rotaract booth Once again we have applied for a Why not help us to sell Rotaract to booth in the Rotary House of everyone present at the Rotary Friendship to promote Rotaract to Convention by volunteering to spend a those present. couple of hours manning the stand and chatting to anyone who comes by. This is a great chance for us to showcase exactly what we do as If you would like to volunteer to man the Rotaractors and encourage more booth then email Lisa at the following Volunteer today to help Rotarians to get involved. address - please include the date and on the Rotaract booth However, to make this a success we times of when you would like to help. need your help! preconvention2010@yahoo.co.uk
  • Issue 4 Page 3 Who are the 2009-2010 Rotaract Committee? Below are the members of the 2009-2010 Rotaract Committee, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact any of them. Chair: Dong-Joon Lee (USA) Vice Chair: Michele Guy (Canada) (Term ends 30 June 2011) (Term ends 30 June 2010) Member of Rotary Since: 1984 Member of Rotary Since: 1991 Special Interests: Reading and Special Interests: Helping people, socializing, Travelling making a difference, and reading the newspaper front to back! Email: Rotarian [at] computer.org Email: mguy [at] couttscrane.com Members Member: Héctor A. Boffelli Member: Eva Brodehl (Argentina) (Term ends 30 June 2010) (Germany) (Term ends 30 June 2011) Member of Rotary Since: 1989 Member of Rotary Since: 2005 Special Interests: reading and travel. I also enjoy training Rotarians, Rotaractors, Special Interests: Helping people to Interactors, RYLArians etc about Rotary. maintain & improve their vision. Email: beblo [at] sme.com.ar Email: eva.brodehl [at] gmx.net Member: Martin Bridge (UK) Member: Filippo Maria Pirisi (Term ends 30 June 2012) (Italy) (Term ends 30 June 2012) Member of Rotary Since: 1975 Member of Rotary Since: 1977 Special Interests: computing, cycling, mini's (Austin, Morris - not Special Interests: classical music, sailing BMW!) & many others! Email: pirisi [at] unica.it Email: pdg1992-rotary [at] yahoo.co.uk Rotaract Representatives Member: Lisa Hunter (England) Member: Mary Kathryn DeLodder (USA) (Term ends 30 June 2010) (Term ends 30 June 2010) Member of Rotaract Since: 2000 Member of Rotaract Since: 2000 Special Interests: Lisa enjoys Special Interests: Spending time with swimming, Taebo boxing and my husband, recycling, fish keeping, visiting new countries. Rotaract education Email: lisa [at] rotaract.org.uk Email: mkdelodder [at] gmail.com Member: Henrique Bragança Member: Kristine Binzer (Denmark) (Brazil) (Term ends 30 June 2010) (Term ends 30 June 2010) Member of Rotaract Since: 2004 Member of Rotaract Since: 1997 Special Interests: meeting Special Interests: Global health and de- people, travelling, dancing, velopment, skiing, sailing, playing music, blogging travelling Email: hbraganca [at] gmail.com Email: kristinebinzer [at] yahoo.dk
  • Page 4 Rotaract Newswire What has your committee been up to? You’re RI Rotaract Committee has been busy speakers, the com- lately with lots of behind-the-scenes work in mittee must also preparation for the 2010 Rotaract identify facilitators Preconvention. One of the main charges of the for the various committee is to plan the Preconvention meeting, workshops. The and that takes a lot of work! committee strives to select Rotaractor While some of the logistics such as timing and and Rotarian facili- location are predetermined by RI, many other tators who come facets of the programming still need attention. from a variety of backgrounds and geographical areas. The first large “topic” to be tackled was to decide upon the structure and topics for the workshops Rotaractors are a diverse group of people, and so we that will be held during the Preconvention. want to have diverse representation among the Everything from how many total workshops, how facilitators. many concurrent workshops, how many facilitators for each workshop, and what topics to Another challenging task can be matching keep, discard, and add must be decided. Rotaractors to topics based on their expertise and skill. It is also a challenge to know just who is With input from various Rotaractors around the planning to attend the Preconvention since some world, the committee has come up with a slate of Rotaractors do not register to attend until very late! workshop topics that we hope you will enjoy. One change this year is that we are trying to group the There are many other details to be planned as well, workshops in to categorical “tracks” such as including the Rotaract booth in the House of Rotaract basics, professional development, and Friendship, content for each plenary session, and so the District and beyond. on. Another important task of planning the The committee is lucky this year to have several Preconvention involves selecting guest speakers members who have helped in planning past for the plenary sessions. The committee tries Preconventions, and their expertise is coming in very very hard to select speakers who will be handy! interesting to Rotaractors and who will provide timely and relevant messages. We hope to have All of the planning will certainly be well worth it when several senior RI leaders to address us along we are able to see everything come together and with inspirational Rotaractors and others. spend several wonderful days with all of you in Montreal! See you in June! In addition to identifying and inviting guest World Rotaract Week Since its launch in 1968 by Rotary International, Rotaract has been serving thousands of diverse communities and helped to develop many peoples’ skills and abilities. Members have raised millions in support of thousands of charities and projects world-wide and have truly made a difference to our planet and the people. As Rotaract enters its 42nd year, how are you recognising and celebration World Rotaract Day on 13th March? Here’s some suggestions for you: • Organise a Polio fundraiser • Organise a joint event with your sponsoring Rotary Club • Arrange for an article to be published in your local paper promoting Rotaract
  • Issue 4 Page 5 What do BOXES, DUCKS and BAGELS have in common? They will all be in Montreal, Canada, this June and so should you! Hello, this is Michele from Canada telling you that Canada is one of the best countries in the world. Just ask anyone who was at the Winter Olympics! And Montreal is a fun city with so many interesting things to see and do. I invite you to come and experience the Rotaract Preconvention in Montreal. Imagine meeting other Rotaractors who want to know YOU, what YOU do and how YOU do it! You have something you can share...really! People want to learn from you. And you can learn from the other Rotaractors too! The Preconvention is set up just for you. We take the topics that you’re inter- ested in, we get fantastic speakers to listen to and then you get to give your thoughts and ideas in the workshops. Topics include “Leadership and Strategic Planning” and “Public Speaking” (one of your all time favourites ;-)). There is a session on Project Management and another on International Projects. These are designed to be fun opportunities to develop knowledge and skills worthwhile both to your club and to yourself professionally. Wondering what to do in the evening? Do not worry, the Rotaract Host Committee is hard at work setting up experiences for you that you’ll talk about for years. Now back to the boxes, ducks and bagels. At the Preconvention, you’ll see the amazing shelter boxes and experience how each Haitian feels about Rotaractors who have arranged for so many shelter boxes to be sent to Haiti. (And a round of applause for all of us who have already done this or are in the process of doing it). Since the Preconvention is being held in Montreal, their world famous bagels will be available every day for you to savour and devour. Lastly, I would love to meet you so please come to Montreal. Oh yes, the ducks? I’ll tell you when I see you :-) How much does it cost? The Rotaract Preconvention Meeting is included in your registration fee for the RI Convention. BUT be sure to take advantage of the early registration discount! • those who register prior to 31 March 2010 will pay US$100; • and those who register on-site will pay US$125. How do I register? Don't forget that there are several things you need to do to ensure you're fully registered for the Rotaract Preconvention, including: • Register with Rotary International - click here • Book your hotel/hostel - click here (McGill University is the official Rotaract accommodation) • Arrange your travel e.g. flights, train, car etc • Buy your social event package (as detailed on www.rotaract2010.com) To find out more about the 2010 Rotaract Preconvention click here. Help us to break a record! The Rotary International Rotaract Committee want to break records this year and have the best attendance at a Preconvention Meeting ever! Join us for fun, fellowship and experience a true international event.
  • Page 6 Rotaract Newswire Get recognition for your club As you help the Rotaract clubs in your district exemplify Rotaract clubs around the world this year's theme, we encourage you to familiarize are encouraged to partner with yourself with the awards and recognition available to their sponsor Rotary clubs and Rotaract clubs throughout the 2009-10 year. Please increase community awareness review this information and all relevant deadlines of the program through carefully, sharing it with all those involved in your performing the following programs. activities: Rotaract Presidential Citation • Making a presentation about Rotaract to a Rotary RI President Kenny encourages all Rotaract clubs to club that doesn't yet sponsor a Rotaract club strive for a Rotaract Presidential Citation. To qualify a • Inviting Rotarians to attend a Rotaract club meeting club must complete any four activities from the categories listed in the Presidential Citation Brochure - • Attending a Rotary club meeting click here to download. • Conducting a joint Rotaract-Rotary club project Those that join this celebration and tell the world about The Sponsor Rotary Club President must sign the Rotaract will receive recognition for their work from Rotaract Citation Form and submit it to the District Gover- Rotary International. nor no later than 31 March 2010. Interested clubs can download the World Rotaract World Rotaract Week Recognition Week Celebration Recognition Form by clicking here. During the week of 10-16 March 2010, Rotaract will celebrate the founding of the first Rotaract club on 13 The submission deadline is 15 April 2010. March 1968. Rotaract MDIOs: What’s all the fuss? Rotaract Clubs are organized in Districts around the world. Several Districts are coordinated in “Multi-District- Information-Organizations“ (MDIOs). Rotaract multidistrict information organizations (MDIOs) function as regional resource centers for Rotaractors. They comprise Rotaract clubs in two or more districts, within a country or across several countries. MDIOs are formed to disseminate information and facilitate communication among Rotaract clubs in the participating districts. Rotaract MDIOs are excellent vehicles for communicating program updates, local and international news, and event bulletins, and for uniting Rotaractors from different clubs and districts within a particular region. MDIOs frequently offer Rotaractors information in the form of publications, Internet services, and direct links with RI staff. Over the last 10 years, Rotaract MDIOs have been a driving force in enhancing communication & promoting Rotaract awareness & growth in many regions of the world. Currently the following MDIOs are listed on Rotary’s Website: ACCT (America, Canada, Caribbean), AIRAC (Agencia Informativa Rotaractiana Andina Centro), AIRAUP (Agencia Informativa Rotaractiana Argentina, Uruguaya, and Para- guaya), CRN (Contactorgaan Rotaract Nederland), DANIO (Rotaract Danmark), ERIC (European Rotaract Information Centre), ROTARACT FRANCE (Coordination Nationale Rotaract France), KORO (Korean Rotaractor Organization), NRMIO (Nigerian Rotaract Multidistrict Information Organization) , ROTARACT NORGE (Norwegian Rotaract), OMIR (Organização Multidistral de Informções de Rotaract Clubs do Brazil), PILIPINAS ROTARACT (Philippines Rotaract Multidistrict Information Organization), RDK (German MDIO Rotaract Deutschland Komitee), REM (Agencia Informa- tiva Rotaract en México), RGBI (Rotaract in Great Britain and Ireland ), SEARIC (Southeast Asia Rotaract Information Center ), TURK (Türkiye Ulusal Rotaract Komitesi ). So do you think your region could benefit from an MDIO? If so get in touch with Rotary International (rotaract@rotary.org) to find out how you can do this or click here for a link to these MDIOs.
  • Issue 4 Page 7 2010-11 Rotary International Theme Announced After taking the stage to the tune of "California, Here I The timing of the theme announcement, which took Come," Rotary International President-elect Ray place in the evening, was a break in tradition from Klinginsmith announced the 2010-11 RI theme, past assemblies and a reflection of Klinginsmith's Building Communities -- Bridging Continents, during willingness to embrace change. He encouraged the opening plenary session of the 2010 International district governors-elect to re-examine traditional Assembly . procedures that were no longer best practices and to begin new traditions where appropriate. Klinginsmith said he arrived at the theme after reviewing RI themes of years past. He noticed that He also paid homage to Rotarians of the past who only a few spoke to non-Rotarians. helped raise Rotary to a place of prominence on the world stage. He urged district governors-elect to meet "As a result, I decided to search for a briefly stated the past RI presidents and other former officers in theme that would fulfil two objectives: the first to attendance to deepen their connection to Rotary's explain Rotary to non-Rotarians, and the second to past. validate our work for Rotarians," he said. "The words I have selected to describe Rotary's current mission District Governors-Elect also got their first glimpse of and to highlight our achievements are what we do the 2010-11 presidential emphases during the best: Building Communities -- Bridging second plenary session of the 2010 International Continents. " Assembly. Polio eradication and outreach to youth and young adults top RI President-Elect Ray The president-elect described how his 50 years of Klinginsmith's "to-do" list. Also featured are the Future Rotary experience have contributed to his focus on Vision Plan's six areas of focus: communities at home and abroad. For example, as a • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar, he studied • Disease prevention and treatment for a year in South Africa, becoming the first student • Water and sanitation from his small town of Unionville, Missouri, USA, to • Maternal and child health study abroad. • Basic education and literacy • Economic and community development
  • Page 8 Rotaract Newswire Submit your Data to Rotary International by 1st May Did you know that your club needs to report its current Is your club info up to date? contact information to Rotary International (RI) every One hint is that if your club year? Having up-to-date contact information ensures has not received any that your club receives important communications from communications from RI Rotary International. this Rotary year that may mean they do not have your The Worldwide Rotaract Directory only prints contact club's correct contact info. information for Rotaract clubs if it has been reported in the last two Rotary years. In this year's Rotaract Submit your club's contact directory only 2,603 clubs (1,235 less than last year!) information by clicking out of 8,002 have reported contact information for here. 2008-09 or 2009-10 and therefore included it in the directory. That means 5,399 Rotaract clubs are either **Tip: The club contact person does not have to be listed as “no officer details” or with last years contacts! the club president. It can be the Rotarian advisor, the communication director, or whoever the club prefers. Submit your data by 1st May 2010! To ensure your club is listed in The Worldwide Rotaract Directory for 2010-11 you MUST submit your data to RI by 1st May 2010. Please put this date in your diary now! From Rotaract to Rotary Although it is over 35 years since I joined Rotary, it was due to having been a Rotaractor that went towards making it possible. Rotary’s growth is only enabled by the recruitment of ‘suitably qualified people’, and there are surely no more suitably qualified than past Rotaractors. All Rotaractors, I hope, aspire to continue their service to communities, both locally and internationally, that they have enjoyed and should, as soon as they reach the upper age limit for Rotaract, seek membership in Rotary. I am positive that Rotary will open their arms to you. It can often be difficult to make that transition from Rotaract to Rotary, so one way to make it easier is to ensure you have good contact with your chosen Rotary Club throughout your time in Rotaract. Visit the Club regularly if you can and help out with their events. Try to get an open invitation to attend from a friendly member, and then when the time comes to apply to join, everyone is used to you being there. Once you’ve joined a Rotary Club it is sometimes difficult to integrate, particularly if your Rotary Club has a higher than average age, but remember that every Rotarian is equal. Bear in mind that older Rotarians sometimes lack the enthusiasm and vigour of new, younger members. (That might be worth thinking about when you select a club) but also that everyone is part of the organisation for the same reason...to support our local and international communities. That is the one common goal everyone shares. Try and get to know every member, by sitting with different people each week. You may already know some, if not all of the members, but it is often up to a new member to integrate themselves. Get involved with projects whenever you can. It is worth remembering that Rotary projects cover diverse things, and it is not necessary to participate in every project, there may be some that don’t appeal to you, and if that is the case, don’t worry. I hope that all Rotaractors join Rotary when the time comes. Written by: Rotarian Martin Bridge, RI Rotaract Committee Member