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Living objects network performance_management_v2

  1. 1. Strictly confidential - ©LivingObjectsLivingObjectsCompany – Vision – software solutions2013
  2. 2. LivingObjectsA spin off from SFRLivingObjects software suite has been firstdeveloped from 2006 to provide SFR networkmanagement teams with a platform moreefficient than on the shelf products (e.g.Metrica, Mycom,etc..)More efficient stands for better performance,better user interface, more flexibleLivingObjects as a company was created in 2009to develop a generic product from SFR solution .SFR account 20 million of subscribers in FranceCompanySoftwareToday LivingObjects suite is used daily byhundreds of SFR technicians for managing itsmobile (2G, 3G, 4G) and fixed networks (DSL,FTTH, NetFlow)-SFR Mobilen etwork : 18 000 radio sites,60 000 2G, 3G and 4G cells-SFR DSL network : 25000 Network Elements(Dslam, routers)Network
  3. 3. Strictly confidential - ©LivingObjects 3Positioning Network Performance Software editorLegal SAS with a capital 200 000 € - private ownedStaff 35 employeesLocalisation Toulouse, FranceBusiness Domains Telecom network providers : Mobile : 2G/3G/LTE Fixed : DSL, FTTH, NetFlowDifferentiationDatamining algorithms for performance degradation detection, user interface powerful andeasily configurable, tool using 15 years of network management experienceCompany SkillsEngineering and management of mobile and fixed telecom networksData mining techniquesReal time data collectionWeb and Ipad programingReferencesSFR, Cable and Wireless, Synerail (French GSM-R), Astrium service (EADS), Tchad and GabonRegulators …PartnershipsEquipments suppliers : Cisco, ALU, NSNR&D : CNRS, French public research laboratory (datamining)Identity
  4. 4. Strictly confidential - ©LivingObjects 4LivingObjects platform is providing networkservice providers with a set of tools to help themoptimize and improve quality of service of theirfixed and mobile networks based extensively onthe use of network performance KPIs andnetwork configuration data.With in depth knowledge of networkhardware and daily operating tasksWith datamining and statistical expertiseWith a strong focus on user-friendlyinterfaces and tool performancesPositioning of the companyLivingObjects platform Platform conception
  5. 5. Strictly confidential - ©LivingObjects 5• Easy rollout (web browser),• User configurable screens, graphs, formulas,reports, etc.Data presentationFunctional architectureData processing• On demand or batch (calculation, filtering,detection, etc..)• Batch calculations are highly user configurableData collection• Multiple suppliers• Multiple type of interfaces, format• Flexible administration
  6. 6. Strictly confidential - ©LivingObjects 6The Web PlatformUnified workspace for daily recuring tasksl
  7. 7. Strictly confidential - ©LivingObjects 7LO PlatformA unified workspace for the daily operating tasks• Unique collector for OSS KPI and MIBS KPI, mobile and fixed networks, and reference database• Unified end user environment for fixed and mobile technology• Integrated, dedicated modules for specific issues
  8. 8. Strictly confidential - ©LivingObjectsData CollectionMillions of data to be collected and processed inreal time. Example :• Access Network collection (CPE) : around 2TB /Day / 12 000 CPE• Transit routers netflow storage (11 CRS) :around 92 Go/day/ 130 interfacesCollection PerformanceEasy access to dataThe Datawarehouse containing the collecteddata is used by many applications and thusmust support an heavy load without anyperformance degradation.Data RetentionAccurate investigation need sufficient retentiontime (depending of the granularity, 3 weeks to5 years).Scalable collectionThe collector must adapt to rapidly evolvingenvironnements (roll out, new release, swap,..).Minimized impact on deviceperformanceData exchange with network equipement (MIBs)has to be made in order to minimize impact onthe running tasks
  9. 9. Strictly confidential - ©LivingObjects 9Solution for data collectionNetMinerMulti-vendors, Multi-protocols : FTP, SFTP, http, SNMP, Telnet, TL1, csv,xml, sql, Netflow, Q3 …One connection per collection (and not oneconnection per check like most tools)A robust and efficient architecture100 000 2G/3G per collection node20 000 IP device per collection node (pull)3 millions flows per seconds (max)Scalable protocols collectionBased on plugins, the collection node easesthe implementation of new protocols orvendor new features.Quick & Easy access to dataUsing the suite divided by 3 the calculationtime: quicker investigationMinimized impact on NE performance
  10. 10. Strictly confidential - ©LivingObjectsPerformance analysisMain Concepts CellCenter – IpTomizer104 types « quantity, ratio, expert, out-of-range)Clusters• User customizable clusters• Geographical/technical responsability area• New sites are automatically included in theclustersRaw Kpis / Formulas• User customizable formulas• Easy data mining• Quick implementation for return onexperience
  11. 11. Strictly confidential - ©LivingObjects11• The same user friendly editor can be usedby end users to build templates or reports• Instant access to network elements /geographical / technical healthcheck photoReports / Templates• To log all actions decided or performed oneach cell.• Can be linked to the operators’s troubleticket DB, Workorder DB, Parameters DB, …Events - Collaborative toolPerformance analysisMain Concepts CellCenter – IpTomizer
  12. 12. Strictly confidential - ©LivingObjects 12The tool administrator can build clusters,formulas, templates or reports, network elementcheck which can then be shared by every userThe tool administrator can define the rights foreach user : allowed modules,technical/gorgraphical access to data,create/read functions,..CustomisationEnd users can also define theirs own objects(clusters, formulas, templates or reports) for theirown use. End users can define their personnalhome pageOne to one dashboardPerformance analysisMain Concepts CellCenter – IpTomizer
  13. 13. Strictly confidential - ©LivingObjects• This tool uses the IPFIX/Netflow collected data(FNF, PA, NBAR2) to produce detailed informationabout the corporate client’s bandwidth usage.• We are closely working with Cisco developmentteams on this subject to help them test their newNetflow features of their future IOS releases.NetFlow AnalyserVisibility and ControlIPFIX/Netflow analyser
  14. 14. Strictly confidential - ©LivingObjects 14NetFlow AnalyserAVC value proposition• Incremental revenue on service and up-sellbandwidth : Visibility accelerates the decision tomigrate to the cloud.• Differentiated IP VPN service in the market.• Customer retention through servicerelevance/stickiness.• Operational efficiencies : Reduced MTTR for SPcustomer care team.Service provider Entreprise• Day to day productivity : Business/leisureusage, COS policy on business critical application.• Efficient capacity planning : Use of bandwidthby applications.• End to end tool for troubleshooting : Proactivemanagement of outsourced IT infrastructure(App., WAN)• Synthetic view on usage KPI : Business/Leisure, appperformance, Bandwidth• Customization : App, group, area, alendar, IP user• Graph, Top, table, Report, Snapshot, Alerting,TopologyUser Interface
  15. 15. Strictly confidential - ©LivingObjects 15• Configurable Home page• Tables, graphs, maps, Network key figures• Visualize several Kpis, several areas, severaltasks• Travel in time and space thanks to drill-downscapabilities• Analysis : Trends, Comparison, regression,forecast, average and median values…• Email datasIpad application - iLOFeaturesTechnical Architecture• Access to network data through a securedproprietary protocol using HTTPS• Enhanced security : Authorization by equipmentand by• Can work in connected or non-connected modes• Periodic automatic synchronization
  16. 16. Strictly confidential - ©LivingObjects 16LivingObjectsContact : Sylvain Dupuis – COOsylvain.dupuis@livingobjects.comBâtiment Socrate – 23 boulevard Victor-Hugo31770 Colomiers – Francewww.livingobjects.comBertrand Le Marec David Maisonneuve Paul CorbelCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERbertrand.lemarec@livingobjects.comTel : +33 : +33 6 22 63 55 69CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICERdavid.maisonneuve@livingobjects.comTel : +33 : +33 6 09 51 16 55CHAIRMAN OF THE SUPERVISORYBOARDPaul.corbel@livingobjects.comTel : +33 LivingObjects