Eutelsat corporate presentation eng april 2013


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Eutelsat corporate presentation eng april 2013

  1. 1. EUTELSAT COMMUNICATIONS1CorporatePresentationApril 2013
  2. 2. Corporate Presentation - April 2013Eutelsat Communications – at a glanceMore than 30 years of satellite operations30 satellites in orbit, 7 on track for launches by end 2015Prime orbital positions serving Europe, Middle East,Africa, Asia-Pacific and with connectivity to the AmericasStrong mix of Video, Data and Broadband servicesBroadcasting 4,500 TV channels,400 in HD*780 skilled employees from 30 countries€1,222.2 million consolidated revenues to 30 June 2012(+4.6%)**•Situation 31 December 2012** Eutelsat Communications financial year ends June 30
  3. 3. Corporate Presentation - April 2013368.6%VIDEO19.4%12.1%MULTI-USAGEBroadcast and broadband:two pillars of the Information SocietyAs a % of Full year revenuesat 30 June 2012(excluding non recurring and other revenues)Broadcast and broadbandaccounting for almost 90% ofGroup activityGroup backlog of €5.24 billionrepresenting over 4 years ofrevenuesDATA ANDBROADBAND
  4. 4. Corporate Presentation - April 20134Pursuing a far-reaching in-orbit expansion programme
  5. 5. Corporate Presentation - April 2013Growing video customer base4,500 TV channels400 HD channelsAudience of 204 million homes equippedfor Direct-to-Home reception (DTH) orcable5Leading satellite system for broadcasting in Europe,Middle East, Africa
  6. 6. Corporate Presentation - April 2013Over 450 new channels in 12 monthsThe HOT BIRD position, Eutelsat’s leading videoneighbourhood, with 1,102 channelsThree Eutelsat video neighbourhoods with double-digitchannel growth6Replicating strongHOT BIRD model+ 37%+ 37%+ 23%+ 23%+ 5%+ 5%1,10258759172313°EastEuropeMediterranean Basin7°/8° WestNorth AfricaMiddle East16° EastCentral EuropeIndian Ocean islands36° EastRussiaAfricaChannel growth from September 2011 to September 2012
  7. 7. Corporate Presentation - April 2013A key partner of anchor pay-TV platforms7Delivering 40 anchorpay-TV platforms indeveloped and emergingbroadcast markets inEurope, Middle East,AfricaConsolidation of key DTHneighbourhoods withEUTELSAT 7 West A andEUTELSAT 16A10% increase in channels(+381) in 12 months(Situation 30 June 2012)
  8. 8. Corporate Presentation - April 2013A leading satellite platform for HDTV in EuropeEutelsat video neighbourhoods broadcasting 400 HDTVchannels2012: HD representing 8% of satellite TV channelsbroadcasting via Eutelsat2020: HD forecast to represent 20% of satellite TV channelsworldwide** Source Euroconsult8Pay-TVplatformswith HDchannelsPay-TVplatformswith HDchannelsChannelswithInternationalreachChannelswithInternationalreach
  9. 9. Corporate Presentation - April 2013Active in every step of the broadcasting chain9Professional video links Consumer broadcastingVideo contribution forsports, news eventsEditing, play-out Cable, ADSL Direct-to-Home DTT
  10. 10. Corporate Presentation - April 2013Sustained demand for Data and BroadbandData servicesInterconnection of corporate networks,GSM backhaul, Internet trunkingSustained demand in Africa, Central Asia,Middle EastValue-added servicesConsumer and entreprise broadbandMobility:• Broadband services for:– High-speed trains– Maritime– Aviation10
  11. 11. Corporate Presentation - April 2013An established player in data and broadband networks11IP backboneCorporateprivatenetworksBroadband forcommunities,enterprises,consumersMobile servicesfor business jets,shipping, high-speed trains
  12. 12. Corporate Presentation - April 2013Fleet development programme12EUTELSAT 3D3° EEUTELSAT 3B3° EEUTELSAT 9B9° ECoverage Launch period CapacityEurope, Africa Q2 2013 56 Ku-bandEurope, Africa, Middle-East,Central Asia, South AmericaH1 2014 51 Ku, C, KaEurope + four footprintsin Italy, Germany, Greeceand Nordic/Baltic regionsH2 2014 66 Ku-bandHosting the 1st data relayPayload for the EuropeanData Relay SatelliteSystem (EDRS)EUTELSAT 8 West B3° EMiddle East, Africa,South AmericaH1 2015 40 Ku-band, 10 C-bandEUTELSAT 25B25.5° E Middle East, North Africa Q3 2013 23 Ku/Ka-bandsEUTELSAT 36C36° EExpress-AT2140° ERussian Far East H2 2013 8 Ku*Russia, Africa H2 2015 Up to 70 Ku/Ka-bands*Eutelsat transponders
  13. 13. Corporate Presentation - April 2013WashingtonWashingtonRio de JaneiroRio de JaneiroMadeiraMadeiraBeijingBeijingGermanyGermanyJohannesburgJohannesburgItalyItalyPolandPolandBeneluxBeneluxFrance,HQFrance,HQUnitedKingdomUnitedKingdomSingaporeSingaporeNew officeNew officeDubaïDubaïTampaTampaAn International Group780 skilled professionals from 30 countries
  14. 14. Corporate Presentation - April 2013Ownership Structure (situation June 2012)14* Controlled by the Caisse des Dépôts & ConsignationsOthers & Public7.1%59.0%25.6%8.4%China Investment Corporation(CIC)Abertis TelecomFonds Stratégiqued’Investissement*
  15. 15. Corporate Presentation - April 2013In summary, Eutelsat is …15A key infrastructure complementingterrestrial platforms forBroadcastingBroadband servicesTelecommunications30 years of uninterrupted growthExceptionally positioned in-orbitresources to serve high-growth marketopportunities in established andemerging marketsContinued investment to serve clientsand expand satellite-based applications