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  • 1. Driving Sales for Retail
  • 2. Shop In Shop for the new era of Retail. We are experienced, well supported and are on a mission for an extensive global campaign We are dedicated to sourcing a continuous flow of innovative of products with a point of difference in the categories ,Beauty, Health, Fitness, Household Automotive, DIY. TV Advertising is proven with results, It is extremely effective in both branding & product awareness driving sales to store.
  • 3.
    • Shop In Shop Global core business activity involves the distribution of consumer products on a worldwide basis.
    • Infomercials and short form adverts differentiate Shop In Shop‘s from other suppliers.
    • Shop N Shop Global has already developed a portfolio of its own branded products ideal for retail.
    • Shop N Shop Global, business model, is very simple as it is based on utilising its existing international “Distribution Network”
    • Shop In Shop Global focus involves working with its selected distributors in each market to build long term brand value.
    Our Vision
  • 4.
      • Shop In Shop Global utilise a strong creative team to produce short form and long form adverts.
      • Shop In Shop Global develop new product concepts and refresh products that have proven long term universal appeal.
      • High quality infomercials or two minute “TV spots” are a critical component to Shop In Shop Global roll out.
      • Shop In Shop Global have an existing portfolio of products licensed to customers predominantly in the USA , Europe, South America and Australasia.
  • 5.
    • Shop In Shop Global will
    • Develop and design products for the DRTV industry and retail channels
    • Develop and design products that require minimal regulatory approvals
    • Develop TV adverts and point of sale material
    • Assist with strategic marketing campaigns & product promotions
    • Support our distributors to build real brand value
    • Shop In Shop Global its distributors are partners to ensure long term viable business opportunities
    Key Strategies
  • 6. What’s on offer…
    • Innovative Products
    • A unique & high profile products driving Retail sales
    • Dedicated Support Team
    • A Dedicated Management Team with 30+ years
    • industry experience and knowledge
    • TV Advertising Material
    • Provide strong shows to support sales
  • 7. Working Together
    • Shop In Shop Global has a commitment to work together to ensure the success of:
    • Product Development
    • Continued Brand Awareness
    • Staff & ability to provide product knowledge
    • Standout Point Of Sale
    • Constant Promotions Product lines
    • Quality packaging
    • Competitive pricing
  • 8.
    • Retailers KPI’ How We Help Retailers.
    • Merchandising units (PDQ)
    • Return on floor space, sales and gross margin
    • Percentage sell through vs. stock on hand (SOH)
    • No need for shelf space or planogramm
    • PDQ’s tell the story and sell the product
    • Eye catching and something new for retailers
    • Attracts the push, sale and impulse purchase
    • Ideal for promotions lines and bulk sales
  • 9. Shop In Shop Global will create product and brand opportunities. By creating market awareness via TV campaigns and strong in store merchandising we will drive foot traffic to the retailers. We are dedicated to provide our clients continued support and ensure mutual success. Wealth creation and long term equity value! Thankyou ! Conclusion