Getting Started in Low-Cost, No-Cost Social Media Marketing by Wade Kwon
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Getting Started in Low-Cost, No-Cost Social Media Marketing by Wade Kwon



Getting Started in Low-Cost, No-Cost Social Media Marketing

Getting Started in Low-Cost, No-Cost Social Media Marketing
by Wade Kwon
March 27, 2009



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Getting Started in Low-Cost, No-Cost Social Media Marketing by Wade Kwon Getting Started in Low-Cost, No-Cost Social Media Marketing by Wade Kwon Presentation Transcript

  • Getting started in low-cost, no-cost social media marketing Wade Kwon News Pirate
  • Conversation starters
    • Who's on Facebook?
    • Who's texting more than emailing?
    • What's the name of that Chinese restaurant down the street?
  • Conversation killers
    • Who wants to buy this watch?
    • I bet I could tune up your car for less than $50.
    • Do you like this shirt? Let me tell you how to get one just like it.
  • Social media = fun
    • You don't log on saying, "Gee, I wonder what someone can sell me today ...”
    • I log on to find out:
      • What's going on with my friends
      • Funny pictures they've uploaded
      • What's going on in the "world" = Birmingham, pop culture, politics, friends' workday
  • Do you even need social media?
  • Important questions
    • What is our marketing goal?
    • What is our motive?
      • To join the conversation, or to control it?
    • Do we have resources to use social media?
      • low cost
      • but time investment
      • no one tells you about the "puppy investment”
  • Important questions
    • How will we test our message?
      • Experiment?
      • Are we willing to fail publicly?
    • How will we measure results?
  • By the numbers
    • 150 million on Facebook
      • bigger than Russia = 9th largest country
    • 112 million blogs tracked by Technorati
      • Bigger than Mexico = 11th largest country
      • Audience = about 5 times as much
  • By the numbers
    • 35 million on LinkedIn
      • California = biggest state
    • 7 million on Twitter
      • Virginia
  • Blogs What are they?
  • Let’s take a quick tour.
  • Pros
    • You can host it, full control.
      • Hosting elsewhere - no traffic bump, no integration.
    • You can tout your expertise, your friendliness, your goods.
    • Google loves blogs.
      • Ex.: Lipstick Birmingham
  • Cons
    • Maintenance - have regular content.
    • Maintenance - pay close attention to your readers.
      • Birmingham News breaking news
    • You have to drive traffic.
    • Time intensive.
  • First steps
    • Game plan
      • who's blogging, what topics, how much time, who's the reader.
    • Blog interactively.
      • You're not selling product. You're building conversation.
    • Be patient.
      • It takes months to be "noticed" by Google.
  • LinkedIn What is it?
  • Let’s take a quick tour.
  • Pros
    • Very professional. No fooling around here.
    • Richer demographics:
      • Nearly 60% of users = $93,000+ incomes
      • Poll: 28% executives = $104,000 avg. inc.
      • Poll: 30% consultants = $93,000 avg. inc.
  • Cons
    • People see it as specific tool.
      • Not for sharing personal stuff.
    • Severe limitations in customization.
      • Facebook: build apps, create fan pages.
      • Blogs: do just about anything.
      • LinkedIn: recommend people, ask questions, create/join groups.
  • First steps
    • Beef up your personal profile.
    • Network with others related to you:
      • by profession
      • by geography
    • Trumpet what you need:
      • new engineer, new vendor, advice on sales pitch.
  • Facebook What is it?
  • Let’s take a quick tour.
  • Pros
    • The game in town.
      • 150 million users.
    • Can instantly build audience among friends.
    • Flexible: can engage in several ways.
      • Pages. Groups. Apps. Targeted ads.
  • Cons
    • You're still playing by Facebook's rules.
      • Re-designs. Pages.
    • New design = lost in the shuffle?
    • Time intensive.
    • Has any business turned it into clear engagement and success?
      • Even Facebook still figuring it all out.
  • First steps
    • Ask your customers.
      • Are they on Facebook?
      • How do they use it?
      • What do they like to see? Dislike?
    • Adopt a Cause.
    • Think like Facebook.
  • Twitter What is it?
  • A demonstration.
  • Let’s take a quick tour.
  • Pros
    • Buzz tool of the moment.
    • Easy to start using, integrate with Web site, computers, phones.
    • Very personal one-to-one and one-to-many conversations.
  • Cons
    • Few users.
    • "I don't get it" factor.
    • Backlash / negative buzz.
  • First steps
    • Tim's rule: Try it on your own.
    • Follow, reTweet, chat, reveal.
    • Be bold.
      • Stand out if you want to make a splash. It's still the Wild West.
  • Before we wrap up …
  • Learn to blog (from me) April 11, 18 Homewood Library
  • In conclusion
    • Do you need social media for marketing?
    • What is your goal?
    • Which tools are best for you and your customers?
  • Thank you!