Tv guide site improvement


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how you can boost a tv guide site

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Tv guide site improvement

  1. 1. a tv guide site to take off or... the steps to bring money making day, closer george p. achillias
  2. 2. ... situation now... a site with ahuge name,just waiting totake off
  3. 3. ... competition• focused on gossips• or high tech things• catchy sports• playful
  4. 4. ... greek market
  5. 5. ... audience
  6. 6. ... vision... make it one stopplace foreverythingabout andaroundGreek TV
  7. 7. depyText “gossips” newsrecommends watch suggests
  8. 8. people come people gobut not asmany as siteneeds/ deserves/wants/ wishes
  9. 9. why??
  10. 10. branded but notenough
  11. 11. we need somethingwith more energy
  12. 12. ... we needsomethingto make money... ... and good money
  13. 13. ways... make people COME make people STAY make people SHARE
  14. 14. we need a flowreaders/visitors have to find everythingeasy...
  15. 15. to blow upstatic things
  16. 16. ... creating a storypeople need a story a story to be shared, expanded, spread, modified by usersusers/readersto be content makers
  17. 17. ... ... the concept communitybuzz presence
  18. 18. ... ... how to do it a fancy easy to navigate site attractive content rich media user generated content
  19. 19. ... content easy to share/ spread/ comment making uploading content, a piece of cake process start “chatting” with visitors/readers
  20. 20. ... howmaking peoplebelieve that theyown golema.grstart triggeringpeople leavingcommentsget rid ofperspective ofclosed doors
  21. 21. content easy toshare it, contentmake people talkabout it... makethem want tospread it
  22. 22. ... catchy thingsset up 10 golema’s questionsasked to everyone create a chart with people answered the questions
  23. 23. ... content the most important... content can everyone have.... opinion, few!... use “named” editorsto express OPINION
  24. 24. ... audience start being with audience not only addressing audience make people talk for things you do/ you write shout, spread, listen!
  25. 25. ... social use to give to huge audience access to what drives you fwd, PASSION create a twitter account to chat, share, talk with people follow stream, trend create trends
  26. 26. onewaythingsare nota goodthing
  27. 27. ... social tease audience give audience “sexy” news ( sexy has nothing to do with flesh, at least not only...) make golema stories be everywhere
  28. 28. ... at the end of the daywe need somethingfaster and fancier
  29. 29. everything has to do with a story... ... how you say the story ... how you make the story flies ... how people start talking about your story... how you make this storypart of audience ... how this story belongs to everyone
  30. 30. thank youthank youall photos are from flickr and tumblrfor more get in contact withGeorge P.