Newswpapers Strategy "how newspapers can get what they deserve, the best"


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my scope on how newspapers can face 2012

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Newswpapers Strategy "how newspapers can get what they deserve, the best"

  1. 1. ...newspaperswhat is going on, how to get what they deserve, the best George P. Achillias media strategist
  2. 2. ... situation• people NOT in mood to pay as they did• people in MOOD to pay for content• internet makes newspapers look slow and unresponsive• print loses share in advertising pie
  3. 3. ...audience• people aged 15-24 just ignore newspapers• 15-26 spent more than 2h online every day• people below 40ties, buy less than 5 times a year a newspaper
  4. 4. ... media and press• people don’t use media, they consume• people live with content• content fully customized on personal expectations
  5. 5. ... media and press• people familiar with content payments• fast news are for free, but best news are under subscription• content management apps arise
  6. 6. ... the internet• we live in internet• we don’t get online, we are online• media get interactive• real life’s actions cycle web life and vice versa
  7. 7. ... the outcome• advert funds move from old to new media, or to media covering people’s needs
  8. 8. ... what hurts people stop buying newspapers for the content they have, but for the offers they made
  9. 9. ... audience newspapers can’t build creative communities audience turns its back to press,newspapers look and feel the two “o” OLD AND ODD
  10. 10. ... but, some good newspeople buy newspapers... still mature/ old a good audience newspaper, a search for newspaper with good opinion is always newspaper desired
  11. 11. ... but, at the end of theday revenues go to other pockets, not to newspapers
  12. 12. ... how to fix itthe truth,... NOBODY knows for sure the reality, ... EVERYONE wants to find out the truth
  13. 13. ... how• in UK, more than 85% of newspapers belong to less than 10 groups• in Germany, Alex Springer Group owns more than 40% of published titles• in Italy, 4 large press groups• in Poland, two major press players ( more than 12 titles)
  14. 14. ... cut costs
  15. 15. ... get closer• create content pools• have things to share• decrease costs• not that much overlapping
  16. 16. people read what we say... we have madethe path to drive them to do so
  17. 17. ... or create contentpeople wait to read
  18. 18. in CA, USA more and more titles are offered, focused on really specificcontent communities demand building a community worths ten times more than having an audience
  19. 19. ... because you can buy an audience,you can’t buya community
  20. 20. create something worth forwarding and then starta discussion about it you become reference point, an influencer
  21. 21. make thedifferenceoffercontentdo it withpassion
  22. 22. ... how
  23. 23. ... share• content• comments• real time news
  24. 24. ... create• audience• communities• small specialized groups
  25. 25. ... explore• invest on new technologies• reconfigure the content production• adjust flows to web, not to publish• web has to feed print version, NOT vice versa
  26. 26. ... expect• NOT revenues only from channel• get tabled, the right way ( not just an app)• to make mistakes, try to avoid costly ones!
  27. 27. ... allow• people to create stuff, content for you and then reward them• make people demand to pay for the content only you can create• teach them how to be peaky
  28. 28. blogs andsocialnetworksare NOTjournalistsare contentcontributors
  29. 29. ... get social• feed twitter, put your headlines there• be the pool of content, social media needs to share• create online events, readers love them
  30. 30. ... use• all things allow you to share content, ALL• be front line runner, offer content in special forms• tools• CREATE content
  31. 31. make readers, be your editors turn on the volume on what they have to say let the community to drive content demands
  32. 32. make yourcommunityBRANDED
  33. 33. make it easier to post it/faster to be readied set up mechanism to sell content faster/ easier for community to get access to it
  34. 34. ... offer niche things• like content• be specific• address teams• focused on ready made communities
  35. 35. ... the way todo so
  36. 36. make thingspeople collaborativecreatives workfloweditors avoid oxymoronphotographers situationsworkparallel
  37. 37. never beLINEAR,everythingcan be drivenboth ways,from editorsto readers
  38. 38. no sealedstages no holy procedures being open to listen and react 24/7
  39. 39. use and findout solutions,use experienceand not thatmuchtechnology
  40. 40. ... inside a newspaper• systems/ methods to release writers and editors from technical complexities• focus on creating, not implementing• three clicks process to post, to publish
  41. 41. ... at the end of the daymedia can’t exist without newspapers,newspapers have to find out how to prove orto do it even stronger that they are morenecessary to people and have many things tooffer than only the ability to “kill a fly” or to“wrap fish”
  42. 42. thank youthank youall photos are from flickr and tumblrfor more get in contact withGeorge P.