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Social media as a potent tool for social change
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Social media as a potent tool for social change


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Analysis of how social Media is being used to create dynamic Social Changes around the World

Analysis of how social Media is being used to create dynamic Social Changes around the World

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Yinka
  • 2. Has no shortage of villains to blame
  • 3. However blames move us nowhere
  • 4. Power of the people is stronger thanpeople in power -Wael Ghomin
  • 5. Great social dynamic changes place us on the world map
  • 6. Most powerful factor in socio-political changes across the globe
  • 7. Social media has given the most marginalised group a voice.
  • 8. A fundamental shift in the way we communicate
  • 9. Offers us most potent tools yet we cry of helplessness
  • 10. Offers opportunity of what we can start alone without permission of others.
  • 11. Offers opportunity for personal transformation and self- empowerment
  • 12. Positive thought into positive action
  • 13. Little resources to move towards right social change we desire
  • 14. Ability to use collective effort in bringing social change.
  • 15. Ory Okolloh
  • 16. Dunn Gaby
  • 17. Wael Ghonim
  • 18. Yinka Olaito
  • 19. Social media used by Egyptian demonstrators brought together individuals who shared commongoals and ideas, but also offered a medium for planning. In the case of Egypt, social media forced thegovernment to take accountability. Transnational social networks made it very difficult for governments to lie and hide from their citizens
  • 20. Social Media Change tools
  • 21. The medium that carries the message shapes and defines the message itself. The instantaneous nature of how social media communicate self-broadcastideas, unlimited by publication deadlines and broadcast news slots, explains inpart the speed at which these revolutionshave unravelled, their almost viral spread across a region. -Peter Beaumont
  • 22. You can live to see the changes youdesire
  • 23. First,break psychological barrier of fear
  • 24. Act according to integrity of heart
  • 25. Acting with integrity is one of themost important differentiators youcan demonstrate in a world full of “it doesn’t matter” thinking and behaviour. - Hannah Samuel.
  • 26. Far from being old-fashioned notions, acting with integrity, building trust and genuinely respecting others are more needed now than ever. Those who do act with integrity attractattention not only because otherswant to be associated with them but because so few people trulyengage in ways that make people feel good about themselves. -Hannah Samuel
  • 27. Are you set or...
  • 28. Your seat is guaranteed
  • 29. Website: www.yinkaolaito.comE-mail: yinka@yinkaolaito.comTwitter: @pathfindernigFacebook: Yinka OlaitoSkype :YinkaolaitoTel: 234-7029778785 /
  • 30. Cover gun: Tony Nwawodoh